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Snooki Overcame Bullying And So Can U!!!

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Dealing with some jah-rAAma!?!

Well guess what!! We've got GREAT news for U!!

If SnOOki can overcome all that bullshiz, it should be super easy for U to do it too!!

Srsly though… she says if some miserable loser is steppin' all over your self-esteem, they are not even worth UR time.

She explains:

As a freshman, I was bullied so much by the older girls. What I went through in high school made me who I am today: I'm very strong. Whoever talks about me, I'm like 'Yeah, whatever.'

Do not live your life trying to please everyone else so they like you. Just please yourself and if people doesn't like you and they make fun of you, that's their own problem.


We're so glad she doesn't let the real haters get to her. Gurl is obviously doin' something right. And it's not like she ever hurts anyone else in the midst of all her fun. Well, there was that one time she accidentally bumped into a cop's car… but nobody got hurt… !!

And we really hope U know UR better than bullying too. If U ever need to talk to someone in case the bullying has become too much to bear, then CALL THIS NUMBER —–> 1-800-273-8255!!

Seriously, it's so worth it. They can help U sososo much. Srsly.

How do U combat bullying??

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5 comments to “Snooki Overcame Bullying And So Can U!!!”

  1. 1

    coming from a girl who
    1)made a fool of herself by getting drunk and screwed by whoever/whatever titillated her smooshed brains during her toxic episodes
    2) looses (or pretends to) her memory whenever she's faced with the consequences of her behaving

    I would say "No thanks Snooks".
    I think ThinLine should seriously reconsider who they want to speak publicly for them, expecially regarding these serious matters

  2. 2

    Seriously: she made tons of money out of a well publicized reality show. She's everywhere. But that doesn't mean she's a role model, not the way she behaves: what if someone who was bullied thought "Let's do it like Snooki: let's get drunk! Let's get wasted, so tomorrow I won't remember anything of this shit that's happening to me".
    You'd be facing an even more serious alcohol addiction problem amongst teens in the States, and all the things that come with it: car accidents etc.
    Please: do not recycle her as a role model, thank you!

  3. 3

    This alcoholic, stupid whore troll is not and should never be a role model. She is a symbol of so much that's wrong with us today, and I am dead sick of the mediocre and the shallow fame seekers being rewarded with money and attention. Having been bullied is as trendy as the gay is these days; we've all been through it at one point or another, and weeding the weak out of the gene pool ensures the survival of the race. It's too bad that the Snookis and the Marios of the world didn't end up out of our hair because they're worthless parasites.

  4. 4

    Re: La Garse – I don't agree with the "survival of the race" theory: gays and teens ARE exposed to bullying, life threatening and worse. The situation gets so bad that they decide to commit suicide . This is a desperate solution that doesn't have the means to exist in the year 2012. Not in a civilized country.

  5. 5

    Kind of hyopcritical since snookie and all the rest of the girls on the show constantly support the boys by calling girls grenades and grenade launchers. What ever happened to nice Vinny who would dance with "Anyone who is fat or ugly" because it was fun. Now he's too cool to even do anything….and seriously…snookie and dina would be made fun of by these boys if they didn't know them. Stop being a hypocrite snookie! And it's REALLY funny that all the guys are cool with boyfriends of the girls, but the girls are nasty to the ones the boys bring home… yeah