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Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Caught In A Bar Fight!!

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Selena And Justin Bar Fight

In the past few days, Selena Gomez has been frolicking around Florida with Vanessa Hudgens while filming Spring Breakers and where is the Biebs, you might ask?

Right by his girl's side!

Sounds romantic, right? Yeah. Not so much.

Looks like the two lovebirds were caught in a couples quarrel Sunday after a group outing to a Chuck E. Cheese sports bar with Selena’s co-star!

A witness to the underage drink-fest said:

"Justin stormed out of the bar and Selena chased him to the car. His security team drove them down the street to an alley where they had a private conversation. They then returned to the restaurant and upon leaving they all seem like they had a little too much to drink even though they aren't old enough to drink."

…Maybe it was Red Bull? LOLz.

While Selena’s co-star, Ashley Benson, was also at the bar with her boyfriend Ryan Good, both are of legal drinking age. Justin and Selena, however, are not!!

Kids these days!

Ashley and Ryan's night went seemingly more smoothly…as Ryan was seen leaving the club topless! Ha!

Wild night, you two??

We hope Biebs and Selena were able to sober up and sort things out!

[Image via Niell J. Schutzer/Ramey Pix.]

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22 comments to “Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Caught In A Bar Fight!!”

  1. 1

    First of all, Selena and Justin shouldn't be drinking, they are understand. Second of all, whoever gave them the alcohol, if they were drinking, is an idiot. If caught, they could go to jail and the resturant could loose its license. Just because they're celebs doesn't mean that they should get special treatment, especially if they're under the drinking age. This is why we have the problems we do with celeb kids. They think they can get away with anything because of who they are!

  2. 2

    Sounds like Beiber is well on his way to becoming an entitled ass. I wonder how he will handle it when his career craters? Maybe his mother will realize that letting her kid become famous at such a young age was not a good idea.

  3. 3

    Cant stand either of them esp Bieber, but what a great message to send to their fans. Hopefully none of them will go out and drink if they can because I am sure they dont have hired drivers like them.

  4. 4

    @magan2009, Do you mean under age rather than understand? Also the bar won't LOSE their license. Are you trying to tell me you never drank before 21? They are doing what we all have done we just didn't have scumbag pap's following us around with cameras.

  5. 5

    maby they were not drinking because paprazi always bullshit and if it were then I think that as always, they start cute but always end up in jail just look after Lindsy lohan look how she started and see how she is ending, she lost all her fans. And justin bieber or has lied because he said he did not just drink, drugs and smoking and selena gomez that is not her style I'm sure it's a lie because they will be sure not to drink

  6. 6

    so,all you gonna say is "ok you guys, just sober up " but if the subject were miley cyrus you'd be all like OMG she's so young and shit , You sir , are a hypocrite
    and who cares if the princesses were drinking anyway?

  7. 7

    Emm…yea I won't believe this until I see it in either video or pictures or something because the whole "witness" "source close to the star" come on it's been shown to be bogus! They are under the drinking age and I don't think the bar will risk loosing its license because Justin Bieber walked in like really? It's Florida enough stars have set foot there for it not to be a "roll the red carpet and let's forget the law for a teen who sounds like a 12 year old girl"

  8. 8

    If this was Miley Cyrus you and the rest of the world would be on her case but because it's selena and Justin it makes it okay???? Keep the rules fair for everyone, you too Perez!

  9. 9

    Yeah but the Biebs is Canadian and most of the provinces have legal drinking ages of 18. Maybe he just forgot where he was. LOL

  10. 10

    ..GO BEEBS GO !!

  11. 11

    That happened last weekend. Saturday night when he was in Fla visiting her. There were pix of them coming out of the restaurant with paps swarming the place and they didn't look wasted or even buzzed. I think the paps just made a big deal out of it.

  12. 12

    The legal drinking age in most provinces in Canada, including Ontario where Justin Bieber grew up, is 19. Just because you are in an establishment that serves alcohol doesn't mean you are drinking. Why do commenters need to leap so quickly to be judgemental and critical? He had an argument with his girlfriend, that doesn't mean he was drunk.

  13. 13

    Stop spreading lies Perez! I read the real story of what happened according to the bar owner, not a bunch of dumb paps. The owner said that Justin and Selena left the bar cause a bunch of paps came out of nowhere and started taking pictures of them inside the bar.He said that no one was drinking except Justins grandparents. There was no Jelena fight. Stop making shit up!

  14. 14

    Please.. As if "normal" teenagers their age doesn't drink or fight with their boyfriend/girlfriend.. Besides he's 18 and she's 19. The drinking age in the U.S is kind of idiotic. You can get a drivers license at the age of 16, join the army and risk your life at the age of 17 with your parents permission, in some states you can have sex at the age of 16, BUT having a beer.. that you can't do until your 21.. It works fine in my country, at the age of 18 we can buy beer, wine and those kind of drinks, and at the age of 20 we can buy alcohol. Still many pubs and nightclubs have the age limit of at least 21 or 23 years old..

  15. 15

    To be fair, Justin and Selena are both old enough to drink in some of Canada's provinces. In some places in Canada you only have to be 18.

  16. 16

    It's true that if this was a story about Miley the tone would have been totally different. Just like when Justin & Selena spent Justin's 17th B Day in a hotel room together, if that had been ANY female teen star it would have been MAJOR slut scandal.

  17. 17

    Don't believe everything you read people….

  18. 18

    Re: samanthayh – to be fair they weren't in canada

  19. 19



  20. 20

    Lol to all to say in canada it is 18 well that is just 1 place in canada u need ID and he can not drink in canada only Qubece has the rule of 18 selena can drink everywhere in canada.
    Selena and justin r still datting

  21. 21

    what was he thinking getting in a fight. well it looks like he gets the girl though. what the hell i dont get u justin

  22. 22

    Re: Biebers #1 Fan – they weren't with Bieber's grandparents? they were on a double date with Ashley Benson and Ryan Good