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We had forgotten that Rob Kardashian is a St. Patrick's Day baby! Thank goodness he and his family didn't! Because it looks as though he had a pretty RA… Read more…

51 comments to “Check Out Robert Kardashian's 25th Birthday Bash!”

  1. 1

    Wow, surrounded by all those trampy looking women, Mama Kris really does look like a pimp. Or should I say Madam. And just when I thought Kim's ass couldn't get any bigger……

  2. 2

    WOW did kim get bigger butt implants???????????

  3. 3

    Why are those talentless skanks taking pictures on his birthday? Dumb hoes can never stop making anything about them.

  4. 4

    DAMN THAT ASS IS HUGE!!!…and her daughters is getting BIGGER AND BIGGER!..Isnt this 15 minutes about OVER!!!

  5. 5

    I think Kim is beautiful, but I really don't like the way she "sells" herself for ANYTHING and apparently does anything to get more attention…..and I'm no fan of her plastic surgery addiction either…

  6. 6

    He has tattoos. Now he is cool. WTF is Mommy doing there?

  7. 7

    Obviously I'm not the only one who noticed her 'enhanced' butt. Its so obvious that its fake. I honestly always thought it was real for a while there. But, looking at this pic, you can tell she gets injections in it or something. Theres a pic of her on the beach a few weeks ago with her 'I'm not gay' gay friend Jonathan Cheban and I realized it then. I've seen girls with large bums and they just don't look like that. That one is as fake as her face. Sorry but its so unnatural and gross. Before it looked good, now it just looks so flabby and nasty. Ugh. I wonder what she will look like in 10 years…..Hopefully she lays off the fillers and injections and whatever else it is she is doing.

  8. 8

    Kim is totally stealing Rob's fame on his special day, MOVE AWAY KIM!

    Kris is such a fat lesbian, pimpin around these prostitutes

  9. 9

    Either Kris Jenner or Robert hired to hoes to sell their fame for $$

  10. 10

    either Kris Jenner orRobert hired those hoes to sell their fame for $

  11. 11

    Wow wtf her ass is deformed.

  12. 12

    why is Kim the center of Rob's day

  13. 13

    Just what every 25 year old wants at his birthday party, his mommie and his little sisters. Poor Rob.

  14. 14

    I don't care how much the media & Kim try to convince us that her curves are gorgeous … her ass looks totally deformed & it's waaay to big & out of proportion to the rest of her body.

  15. 15

    Some things about this family's situation is very unclear and unstable, Kris is never seen in public with Bruce much, their worlds are so different, Kris always wins over Bruce, Kim is like 30 and not even married, Kourtney hasn't arranged a marriage with Scott, are Bruce and Kris divorcing because their morals are values don't compare, I'm so sick of this family, richest sluts in the world yet they have no skills, will they ever leave the media? they are living a lie

  16. 16

    why does Rob have his family with him, not not he doesn't love them but he is 25 and wants to live his life independently probably with all his friends, this family always clings together wherever they go, such as vacations, and the sisters do a lot of their photo shoots together

  17. 17

    the media convinces us that a fat armenian with a huge butt wearing skin tight dresses, long hair extensions, airbrushed in orange concealer is what everyone wants to be

  18. 18

    I think she's hiding another cake in her ass.

  19. 19

    Kim Kardashian's ass is as natural and normal as the ass on that skank married to Ice T the sell-out. Huge asses aren't attractive. Nor is capitalizing on your daughter's sex tape the way Kris Jenner has. She has taken pimping to a whole new level.

  20. 20

    Haha, looks like they treated him to a room full of call girls for his birthday, classy :D

  21. 21

    and this is newsworthy because…?

  22. ed69 says – reply to this


    he is 25?? shit i know people who are 40 and look better than that….

  23. 23

    That butt has a life of its own!!!

  24. 24

    why is this trash still around they are nasty and low , he is a very nasty mddle east man i bet his is hairy as fuck ewww nasty family

  25. 25

    these people make me sick

  26. @v@ says – reply to this


    Rob (and maybe Bruce) are decent. Kim and her mom are posing like it's their birthday.

  27. 27

    Kim's big ASS and MaMa's big mouth….It's ALL about them…

  28. 28

    I can't wait until the Kardashians are irrelevant.

  29. 29

    The cake should have been bigger to offset Kim's ginormous butt.

  30. 30

    Re: @v@ – I like Rob, and I think Bruce is decent, but not the brightest bulb to tolerate Kris J's greedy agenda regarding her (and their) children!

  31. 31

    Her a** defies steatopygia; what is she packing in her pants pray tell?

  32. 32

    I thought it was the Jersey Shore cast for a minute there…….

  33. 33

    That is ONE HUGE ASS on Kim; I thought her diet pill made everyone who takes them look like Porno Stars, Oh, that's right, KIM IS A PORNO STAR!

  34. 34

    Poor Rob, all his sister get laid by men with ten-thick-inches and he 's got a skinny 4 - inch peen….

  35. 35

    what's with kim's ass? since they were all in one room someone should have locked the door and burned the nest.

  36. 36

    kim's ass is obviously photoshopped. it just looks unreal. and why is rob with his mom and sister, because he gets a free vegas birthday out of it. no one gives a shit about him alone, he has to bring the whole fam for anyone to care. it's not that hard to figure out people.

  37. 37

    Thanks to money Kim has a pretty face but that ass of hers is disgusting. You would think with all her money she would do something about it. Her sister Kourtney has a better body…even Khloe takes the cake. Lol

  38. 38

    Now I know rob is the birthday boy but dam Kim's ass is like taking over the photo in a good way ..omg I just said that bout Kim but wait I had 2 drinks lol

  39. 39

    looks like kim took her date packed in her suitcase ass who the hell is robert burn the goddam nest sheeeeeeeeeittt and hurry

  40. 40

    oh right i remember rob the dirty dancer i guess kim is getting old..

  41. Rossi says – reply to this


    Would someone just throw these mules into a gunny sack and toss them into the nearest creek?! Who buys their crap? The venerable Sears went out of business just moments after agreeing to shill their garbage line of clothes. Everything they touch goes to hell. Get them out of here.

  42. 42

    Could Kim pad that ass of hers anymore? I guess Chris was right when he said that she put padding in it. Not a good way to change her image.

  43. 43

    Did Kim fall victim to the cement butt injections that were going around?! She's leaning forward because if she stands up straight she'll fall backwards. So sad, she actually thinks this looks good. Kim, stop getting butt fillers dummy!

  44. 44

    Her ass looks like she has a pillow shoved in her ass. I can't believe could possibly think that is real. If it is real then she is a baboon.

  45. 45

    Kims butt looks SO huge here! Its noooot cute

  46. KHL says – reply to this


    Rob oh rob, you cant even have a birthday party without Kim getting all the spotlight. Did your mother ship is a load of girls for you or dont you have any male friends. Kim turn the lights on the next time you get dressed, because that dress your wearing makes your ass look fat not sexy, and that dress makes you look like a porn star or is that the look you are going for lately.

  47. 47

    Kim's ass is looking bigger than ever. Looks like she's been eating her feelings since her breakup.

  48. 48

    Re: @v@ – AMEN V!

  49. 49

    Isn't anyone concerned that Kylie is not old enough to be in a NIGTHCLUB!

  50. 50

    it's not just the size but there is a huge dent in the center of her butt… maybe it's just a panty line but it looks weird

  51. 51

    I don't understand why everyone thinks her ass is fake. She has a gorgeous body. Its like having curves is something to be ashamed about. I find it rather insulting because I have a similar body shape, and I know many girls who are very curvy as well-if you saw us non-famous people walking down the street with a body like hers, would you think we were fake? I'm sick of all this skinny is sexy bull-its not attractive, nor is it realistic or healthy. Women are born to be curvaceous, and to all the girls who feel the same way as I do, don't buy into this nonsense.