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Chatting With… Taylor Momsen!

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With Taylor Momsen, what you see is what you get!

She really is a badass rock chick, and her music truly is badass!!!

We LOVE love LOVE The Pretty Reckless and we recently got the chance to sit down with the former Gossip Girl star to talk music and, of course, if she would return to The CW show for an episode or two this season if they asked.

Her answers - as always - may surprise you!

Read some highlights from our chat with Taylor… after the jump!

Watch our interview with Momsen in full (above)!

And stay tuned tomorrow for a special "Live & Exclusive" acoustic performance!!!


Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez joined by Taylor Momsen. It was a year ago to the month that I saw you last at South by Southwest. A lot has happened since then.

Taylor: Yes.

Perez: Lets talk about the right here, right now. You have a new EP out.

Taylor: Yes, that's correct. It's called, "Hit Me Like a Man".

Perez: Which I don't know about that title. What's that about, what does that title mean?

Taylor: You know we always like to title things after songs, so "Light Me Up" the record, you know "Hit Me Like a Man" is like the song on the –

Perez: But it's not like — you don't really want somebody to hit you like a man?

Taylor: [Watch above.]

Perez: Is part of what you do — like when you — you're a real artist and part of that art is that — things that cross your mind like do I, you want to titillate and get people a little riled up a little bit?

Taylor: Well it's all rock and roll, why not. I mean, songs are just basically vignettes of life though too. it's an idea of a very succinct, you know small piece of something. So I think that's a piece of something. It's a piece of life.

Perez: Well I think by now you really have convinced people that it's real, you really are this rock chick, which kind of surprised many at first. But where did that come from originally? Like did your mom listen to that, and is that how you picked it up?

Taylor: My dad. My dad —

Perez: Your dad.

Taylor: — has a massive record collection. So I grew up listening to vinyl, you know all the classics, Beatles, Zeppelin, Who, Pink Floyd, you know AC/DC, Soundgarden, Nirvana. So I just, I kind of grew up with it, and it just stuck.

Perez: And while you were in the process of developing your own sound, you did do other kinds of music. I'm surprised none of that has leaked, has it?

Taylor: Its been leaked, and I've done my best to get it down. So –

Perez: I want to hear some of that.

Taylor: Well you write a lot of bad songs before you write good ones. So you know.

Perez: That's very true. That is very true. Well not only do you write a lot of bad songs, but to get to the really, really good ones, you also have to write some that are just okay.

Taylor: Okay, yes. Exactly, exactly.

Perez: What actually is the songwriting process for you?

Taylor: I mean, every song is written so differently that there isn't a direct process writing means, but it starts with an idea whether that be a riff, or a melody, or a lyric, or a concept; whatever it is. But it starts with an idea, and then it goes from there. So I mean, every song is kind of done so differently that it's hard to describe.

Perez: And at this time you just write just with your band, right?

Taylor: Yeah, yeah.

Perez: Have you started writing for the next record yet?

Taylor: [Watch above.]

Perez: And you've been pretty much touring non stop for a while now.

Taylor: Non stop. And then we jump on with Manson for a month after that, and then we go straight into the studio to start recording the second record. So –

Perez: That Marilyn Manson might try to corrupt you, be careful.

Taylor: We, we just played with him in Australia actually, sound wave. And I didn't get to meet Manson, but we did meet the rest of the band. They're all awesome, awesome guys. So it should be fun.

Perez: Are you a fan of his music?

Taylor: Yeah.

Perez: What's your favorite song?

Taylor: Favorite song, I don't know. "The Golden Age of Grotesque" is one of my favorite Manson records like definitely.

Perez: I don't know, that's like a deep album cut. Have you met at this point Courtney Love?

Taylor: [Watch above.]

Perez: Now, we've been chatting for a while, and I haven't asked you about acting, which is probably a good thing. A lot of people must be asking less and less about it. No more acting for the near future?

Taylor: [Watch above.]

Perez: If "Gossip Girl" did ask you to come back for maybe like one episode, would you do that for the coming season, next season?

Taylor: [Watch above.]

Perez: What's been the most rewarding thing about doing the music, and this whole experience for you?

Taylor: Finishing the record was the first thing. When it was actually done it was you know, that's one of — I was so excited. But then, you know writing any type of song — anytime you finish something that's like the best feeling in the world. And then what comes after that is playing it live, and then from, translating from playing it live to having the fans sing every word to every song back to you is just the most incredible feeling in the world.

Perez: Well I think we covered everything. I don't know. Do you have anything else?

Taylor: I don't know. Tour, we're on tour so come see us.

Perez: I know. And how much longer do you — how much longer is the headlining tour going on for?

Taylor: It's like two and a half months, and then we go straight into Manson.

Perez: It's a pretty long headlining tour, so go to the Prettyreckless.com to check out where they're going to be at, and see them, and buy the live EP from London. I actually, I should show you my — I spent my money, and I bought it.

Taylor: Why thank you. I thoroughly appreciate it.

Perez: I didn't illegally download it.

Taylor: No illegally downloading, that's awesome.

Perez: No. I actually, I really love supporting music, and I think it's really important to do that.

Taylor: And it's hard with the Internet nowadays. So, thank you.

Perez: I know, so I bought that on iTunes, and you should too. Bye.

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19 comments to “Chatting With… Taylor Momsen!”

  1. 1

    Love her, but that Lawn Mower in the back was driving me crazy. Haha

  2. 2

    Ahhh counting down the minutes till the pretty Reckless plays in calgary on tuesday! Loveee her!

  3. 3

    Stupid fake poser can't sing for **** fake wannabe. I can't stand this girl. You're a teen ACTRESS. No one is buying your manufactured "rocker" image. GTFO

  4. 4

    "Well I think we covered everything. I don't know. Do you have anything else?" Yeah so professional..you're the next Barbara Walters NOT!! lol…At least you sit like an 80 year old woman, Ill give you that

  5. 5

    I can't believe how hypocrite you are!!! You remember when you used to make fun of her and call her names????

  6. 6

    Re: Widadita – There is no bigger hypocrite than Mario Loosevagina..surely you all know that by now? The funny thing is, he either doesn't know he is doing it or forgets that we remember….either way it's pretty sickening.

  7. 7

    Worst interviewer ever. Awkward and irrelevant.

  8. 8

    Good grief! Why didn't you ask her if she's seen all the horrible crap you've written about her? …….While she was still a minor. Pathetic!

  9. 9

    Momsen is a misguided teen who needs her ass kicked, she is not "badass." She's about as deep as the average paper cut and a million times more trite. Her version of "edgy" went out decades ago, and she doesn't have enough of "it" to make it cool again. She needs to hang it up. As for you, Mario, you've done nothing but make fun of her for years, and you are the worst "interviewer" ever. No matter how often you try this schtick it never gets better. You are a pathetic twat who will forever be a wannabe. And bag your face. You're too fug for visual.

  10. 10

    Perez has an horrible voice

  11. 11

    I was kind of warming up to Taylor,but the fact she even acknowledges your existance put an end to that.

  12. 12

    Perez is so self absorbed. Notice how the camer is on him for most of the interview. Even when Taylor is responding, the camera is on perez and the back of Taylor's head. Honestly, I don't even care about her but when is the highlight of a celebrity interview not on the celebrity and on the interviewer? Wide shots, close ups, black and white, it's mostly on him and not her. Ugh, I can't stand looking at him. Way too much over-exposure, Perez. He's trying to become a bigger celebrity than the real celebrities. Sad.

  13. 13

    This girl is nothing more than an embarrassment. First of all, her music blows and is the most cliche crap ever. Second of all her voice sounds like a bag of dying cats, and like she is trying to mimick Cherie Currie.

    More so than that, she the fakest biggest try hard poser I have EVER come across. Absolutely NO ONE takes her seriously other than her 13 year old fan base. She thinks people are stupid and can't see through her MANUFACTURED "I'm so rock" act. She tries SO HARD it is embarrassing to watch.

    She has to constantly flash, take off her clothes and act like a hooker because no one pays attention to her music. The only thing she EVER makes headlines for, is for what slutty thing she did on stage. No one ever says "hey check out this aweome band's music" it's always "teen gossip girl star takes off her top and humps her mic stand". Taylor, the more you blatantly try to come off as a "rebel" the more of a poser you look like. EVERYONE bashes you when you're up to your try hard antics. You're not a rocker, you're not a rebel, and you have no musical talent. You wouldn't even be a singer had you not been an actress on a hit tv show SO CUT THE ACT. Taking off your clothes and humping a mic stand hasn't been "rebellious" or "cool" since 1987. You're NOT SHOCKING YOU'RE JUST TRYING TOO HARD!!

  14. 14

    She trues too hard. Very contrived, which is a shame because she is talented.

  15. 15

    Re: Everything popular is wrong.

    What planet are you on? She has zero talent.

    She can't play guitar and just stands there holding it, her voice is atrocious. She is all around talentless.

  16. 16

    I love her voice and I really like The Pretty Reckless's songs.

  17. 17

    hello beautiful! look, it took so long to go through this that i forgot what I was going to say! so, yeah taylor!?!

  18. 18

    Re: ritamiller – If you dont like her why do you spend so much time going out of your way to slate her, do you honestly think that she cares you think shes a fake or a poser no, shes busy focusing on her music, & also just because her style changed at a certain point doesnt make her manufactured, shes a teenager & she is trying to find her style and what she wants to do in life, so since she is a teenager she will constantly changing, also she has more talent than you probably do, guess thats why she is the lead singer of a band and has starred in a hit tv show, if you dont like what you see then dont waste your time looking at it.

  19. 19

    Re: missnothingxx

    You idiot. lol Her "talent" got her a record deal? Her record deal was HANDED to her because she was an actress. Leighton Meester got a record deal from Gossip Girl too, so did Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and every other talentless teen who was on a tv show. She doesn't have musical "talent" honey. She's in a rent a and. She was handed her image, handed her band of professional musicians, and is a complete puppet. Her "band" is as authentic as a manufactured boyband.

    So little girl (and yes I know you're a little girl because ALL Momsen fans are stupid teeny bopper girls) don't tell me what to do. Get your facts straight while you're at it.