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First Look At Alien Twilight The Host!!

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The vampire-wolfy-human girl love triangle is old news.

The next big thing from Stephanie Meyer? Girl-boy-alien brain invader!! Ah, a love story as old as time.

After the sun finally set on the world of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer attempted to write a more "adult" fantasy (well science fiction) called The Host, but instead of blood suckers and furry man-beasts it's psychic alien invaders and futuristic human-alian hybrids.

Well, the film version of The Host has recently started production and is already garnering some buzz.

Promotional images for the next fantasy-book-turned-film-franchise dropped this week on the film's official Facebook page - coincidentally(?) the same week as the opening of Hunger Games - and actual trailers are supposed to debut Thursday.

While the poster is pretty blah (It looks like the opening credits to the Twilight Zone!) the actual film does sound like it has potential.

Hanna's Saoirse Ronan is set to play the lead character of Melanie Stryder and Andrew Niccol of Truman Show/Gattaca fame has written the screenplay and is set to direct!!

The film is scheduled to release sometime in 2013.

Ooo, intriguing!!

Plus, it's high time a good sci-fi flick was released - the current fairy tale trend is getting tired.

Are U excited for the next Twilight The Host?

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4 comments to “First Look At Alien Twilight The Host!!”

  1. 1

    STEPHENIE Meyer?

  2. 2

    SPELL CHECK!!! EDIT!!! dumbass

  3. 3

    I tried reading this book and couldnt get through more than 3 chapters. Did it make sense to ANYONE?!

  4. 4

    I liked the host. It starts off really slow and confusing but once you get into it, it starts to get good. I am excited =)