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Airlines May Loosen Ban On Electronics In Flight!

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Airplane Interior

“At this time, please turn off all portable electronics” may SOON be a phrase of the past!!

Looks like the government is taking baby steps in getting airlines to allow passengers to use their favorite electronic gadgets for the WHOLE flight…even during takeoffs AND landings!

About time!!!

The Federal Aviation Administration is currently in talks to see if they can find out practical (and safe) ways to test the use of devices like tablets, e-readers and music players during critical flight moments.

The tricky part? Not all electronic devices have the same amount of power, making testing difficult. Also, with technology quickly changing, different generations of devices would EACH have to be tested and approved.

…that makes for a LOT of devices!

Another possible problem is the fact that a full plane of people ALL using their devices at the same time is much different than just one person using one, obviously!!

And don’t get your hopes up about using your cellphone on board…surprisingly, the ban from using your cellphone on flights ISN’T directly linked to safety concerns. Instead, the Federal Communications Commission is more worried that your phone in the air could interfere with phones on the ground!

In regards to the other electronic devices, an FAA statement says:

"No changes will be made until we are certain they will not impact safety and security."

Fair enough…we’d much rather our flights be safe than crashing because of a Kindle! LOLz.

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6 comments to “Airlines May Loosen Ban On Electronics In Flight!”

  1. 1

    In case of an aborted take-off it is very dangerous to have e-readers, i-pads and phones flying around. Im a flight attendant and once one of my colleagues was hit by a book during an aborted take-off (bird strike) She had to go to the hospital.

  2. 2

    myth busters debunkd this shiz!

  3. 3

    are people really that incapable of going 20 minutes without their kindles and iphones? i don't see why this is an issue that needs fixing

  4. 4

    I mean you seriously can't wait fifteen minutes to check your devices? If thats the case, then get a freaking life.

  5. 5

    It's completely unnecessary to use electronic devices the entire flight. People can last 20 minutes without being connected to some sort of technology.

  6. 6

    what do you mean about time?!
    People are so fing addicted to their stupid phones. You can afford to put them down for a flight. 8 hours or more without your phone will not kill you. In fact, it may do you some good.
    Honestly, what the hell is wrong with people?