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Kim Kardashian On Getting Over "The Hump"

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Get it?? Getting over "The Hump?" Kris Humpries?? Ah, never mind!!!

Kim Kardashian opened up yesterday during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about her unsuccessful marriage to mediacore professional basketball player - Kris Humphries.

Here's what Kim said:

"I'm a person, when I'm in love, you can't tell me anything. And you gotta go through it yourself. So, I did what I believed in doing, and sometimes you don't want to hear what your family has to say…"

Later Kim admits:

"…Maybe I should have listened to them. But, I wouldn't have been who I am today had I not gone through that."

So true, Kim!!! Towards the end of this thoughtful interview, Kim said:

"I showed my life and the reality of my life and it might not be pretty all the time, but it's who I am and I learned so much from it."

Sounds like she’s really matured since her divorce.  

You go girl!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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42 comments to “Kim Kardashian On Getting Over "The Hump"”

  1. 1

    This is her publicist telling her what to say. If you think she has matured, you are deluding yourself. There is no reality in her life when the cameras are on.

  2. 2

    STFU Kim no one gives a shit.

  3. 3

    I This , I that …… its just me myself and I and all my millions of dollars.
    a selfish talentless whore - that's what she is .

  4. 4

    Nothing but drivel…

  5. 5

    That poor dress is going to explode! Has this chick ever had a salad?

  6. wtf28 says – reply to this


    Another way to spin her self-absorbed, superficial, no talent "reality". Who really gives a fck already? Next!

  7. 7

    Kim Kardashian is just media-whore scuz. She's irrelevant on every level. She has nothing to offer but to contribute to the decline of American values and culture. And Jay Leno and The View sucking up to these Kardashian losers reflects back on them as the junk-media-desperate shows they are.

  8. 8

    Biggest ugly fat butt in hollywood.

  9. 9

    Getting over the Hump..talk about a double entendre,it's her favorite thing to do,she'll never get over it !

  10. 10

    Why would anyone watch the karTRASHian's, expensive trash…yes Kim, every one is jealous.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    I have a feeling the slut is so desperate for attention, that there will soon be a suicde attempt, I hope at that point, she will be committed

  13. 13

    Bet she still likes to get pissed on and ride those nasty black dicks!

  14. 14

    mediacore spellcheck asswipe

  15. 15

    you are as delusional as she is putz

  16. 16

    Re: MR Pete – "that there will soon be a suicde attempt," if we're lucky she'll be successful. but of course she'll call the media, then not take a pill or scratch her wrists until the cops are knocking at the door.

  17. 17


  18. Rossi says – reply to this


    Yeah, you go girl!! You go straight to hell and let Satan fuck you up the ass, just like he did to Mommy to produce you.

  19. 19

    "Get the Look" below the picture of the ugliest, fattest, sluttiest hoe this side of the Mississippi - no thanks!! .. and the 'Hump' MUST refer to the 'hump' on her behind bc not even an ugly camel looks like a donkey's ass!! haha

  20. 20

    Seriously can she stop with that stupid kissy face! Every other picture you see of her is that!

  21. 21

    Re: lizaflower – I know, I was just about to comment on how annoying that is.

  22. 22

    Ya right, she never gave two shits about humphries, all she cares about is her money! She's so self-centered it's pathetic!

  23. 23

    Narcissistic bitch. Get over yourself.

  24. 24

    I would love to learn from my mi$take$ like Kim and get paid for it. Most of us have to pay for our mistakes but she gets millions of dollars for a fake wedding…and keeps the huge diamond ring. Yet she wonders why nobody respects her but I gotta give it to her, she's getting paid.

  25. 25

    Ewwww. No way she's ""sizzlin". Yuck! She seriously needs to go away. The more she's in front of the cameras, the more people are hating her. It's not that the people are jeoulous, they're just tired of them appearing everywhere. The Kartrashianas are like dealing w/the crazy neighbor that no one can stand in the neighborhood.

  26. 26

    Oh pleasethe same tramp she ws when she married the CH. SHe used him to make millions, kept the ring and the gifts and trashed him along wioth the whore mother and sisters. Yeah she is changed all righht LOL she is just a bigger liar than she was before people found out what she and her family really are I cannot even look at her photos because of the huge nasty ass she is always showing offGo get some more work done on your face and while you are at it have em take 25 pounds of fat out of your ass.

  27. 27

    Perez, I hope she is paying you the big bucks for all the butt kissing you do. Barf.

  28. 28

    um, yeah, you go girl. somewhere.

  29. 29

    28 comments so far - all negative…lolz
    nobody likes you K.Kardashian , your not a good role , not really a good example.

  30. 30

    This is why she is worse than TRASH! She is a liar….She doesn't show any reality, her show has writers and they edited in convos between people that never happened by not showing faces, then faked scenes. How is that her showing "her life". She said she lost money on her wedding and then in court papers she said wedding "earnings " were in a bank account. Why doesn't anyone call her on this crap?

  31. 31

    what ever obce a bitch always a bitch

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Honey, you can wear a white dress to a TV interview to present yourself as this whoresome, uh I mean wholesome human, but pure trash leaks from your pores and you reek of disgust! What you represent was brought into the light by a porn film you made with Ray J or CORRECTION: it was made with “someone who you were very much in love with and what you did on your private time, was your guys’ private time….” Hahahaha!! You fake skank whore…with your fake skank wedding! The only HUMP you need to get over is that disgusting ass of yours…..OH! And if that flour thrown on you on the red carpet wasn’t a publicity stunt created by your PIMP MOMMY KRIS JENNER, then that chick that did it is AMERICA’S LATEST AND GREATEST HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live that girl who threw flour on Kim KarTRASHian on the red carpet!!!! Even more so because it was caught on camera for our enjoyment!! And yes, you go girl….GO FARRRRRRR AWAY cause you’re an ugly, nasty slut!


  34. 34

    why do you undeservingly praise Kim and you thoroughly diss Kris?

  35. Rossi says – reply to this


    The whore just got flour bombed. What a horrible way to contaminate flour.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    gosh, if there's someone who needs to go away - it's you guys who's commenting. i mean, seriously? why would you sit and read, and then comment about someone you don't even like? i don't like lady gaga, i can't stand rihanna and so on, but you don't see me commenting about how much i hate 'em and blah blah BLAH. go and get yourself a fucking pony and move on with your lives.

  38. 38

    she is 'the hump' i cant wait for krish to bring out the truth and her to eat shit

  39. 39

    as much as i HATE KIM and dont get me wrong i hate this bitch but

    i dont agree with throwing things on people as it could be like something bad and thats unacceptable . funny as it is same as the glitter incident u dont throw things on people .. the person throwing should be charged

  40. 40

    It sounds like she's doing damage control from what Jon Hamm ( Love Him) said. How many times is she going to explain this devorice, and marriage thing.It's like that's the only thing she's rehersed.

  41. 41

    My eyes might be getting bad but more and more Ms. Kim is looking to me like that girl on J. Shore? Yes? Snookie right?

  42. 42

    yea she matured in 4 months hahahahaha