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Lindsay Lohan's Hit-And-Run Accuser May Be Wanted For All Sorts Of Insurance Fraud

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Lilo insurance fraud

We have to admit, this hit-and-run nonsense is looking less and less like Lindsay Lohan's fault and more and more like someone is trying to take advantage of her!

To recap, a hookah lounge manager named Thaer Kamal alleged that he was hit by LiLo's Porsche last week while she was leaving the Sayer's Club, but his story is getting fishier as more details and eye witnesses come forward.

First he claimed he was fine, but after learning it was Ms. Lohan behind the wheel of the vehicle, he decided that the car struck his knee a little too hard and that he had trouble walking. Most recently, a woman has come forward to admit that there was never any contact between Lindsay's car and this man's body.

NOW sources are saying that both he and Lindsay are refusing to cooperate with investigators by not agreeing to an interview. That alone is pretty weird. If we got hit by someone who proceeded to peel off, we'd be pretty peeved and want to give the cops all the details they need to prosecute the dastardly driver.

Here is where things get inneresting and the tide really turns in Lindsay's favor. An insurance company investigator called Lindsay's insurance peeps up and believes that this Kamal guy is the same guy who is being investigated for 6 - 8 cases of insurance fraud!

Apparently he has a history of staging car accidents and filling fraudulent claims. He may be using a different alias too because the man the insurance company is after is named Amr.


Well, it's obvious he's trying to cash in because he's hired a lawyer who has already reached out to LiLo with a settlement demand. If this guy really WASN'T hit by her car, we hope she told the lawyer where he can stick his demands.

Either way, this couldn't have come at a worse time because Lindsay's final probation hearing is scheduled for next week and this trouble does NOT look good. We're crossing our fingers that this mess gets figured out sooner than later.

Good luck, gurl!

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11 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Hit-And-Run Accuser May Be Wanted For All Sorts Of Insurance Fraud”

  1. 1

    LOOK at her fucking HANDS. drugs and alcohol age you quickly

  2. 2

    Lindsay has nothing to be worried about, this Thaer guy dosen't have a leg to stand on, he has no real evidence to back up his claim that Lindsay "hit" him, and since neither Lindsay nor Thaer are talking to the cops, as far as they're concerned, it's an open and shut case, so Lindsay isn't going to get a violation of probation over this.

  3. 3

    Her hair is perfect. Perfect perfect color and a natural look. If she manages to stay away from slutty clothes & partying, this young lady can still make it and big.

  4. j.no says – reply to this


    Yeah, If an insurance company is in the midst of an ongoing investigation for fraud they are not going to come out and speak about someone who isn't confirmed as a suspect and risk having the findings tossed out.

    Also, he's hired Mark Geragos. He wouldn't have accepted the case without medical evidence to back it up. It's a bit hard to fake an x-ray or an MRI. This should get a lot more interesting in the next 3-4 weeks.

  5. 5

    Re: j.no – Also, he's hired Mark Geragos." good point, marks taking it probably on a contingency bases. for you morons out there, that means he does not get paid unless/until he wins the case. he isn't going to spend his time and money on a case unless he is fairly confident he'll make some bucks doing so.

  6. 6

    Re: j.no – That's not necessarily true, many attorney's are all too happy to try and sue people without much in the way of proof, this guy is obviously lying through his teeth, he has NO evidence to back up his claims, it's all smoke and mirrors.

  7. 7

    Re: raypearson – Some attorney's will take on any case regardless of how little evidence there is to back up any claims, this Mark guy dosen't sound like he has any clue as to what he's gotten into, this case is most likely going to be dropped in a matter of days.

  8. 8

    Why would this guy think there is some big money in this? This a person who is alledgedly up to her neck in debt, couldn't pay for her shrink etc. Websites say she hasn't had a real job in years. Wouldn't the hit and run type dudes go after someone who actually has some money to sue for. This Lindsay is all flash no cash, he's wasting his time.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    My only question is this. Why did LL get out of the drivers seat of the already running car and get into the passenger seat and the passenger got into the drivers seat ? And why would an employee of that skank even do that ? If there would of been an incident and charges were brought up that person could go to jail for her ? What a bunch of crap. I would tell her to go to hell and get out and call a cab. There is no respect there if she wants her employees to do that for her. What a selfish bitch.

  11. 11

    Yet another looking for 15 mins of fame ! Go Get Em Lindsay !