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Kim Kardashian IS Pressing Charges Against The PETA Flour Bomber!

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Kim K pressign charges

Jon Hamm and Jason Statham can say what they want about Kim Kardashian, as long as they don't toss flour all over her. Kim has decided she isn't going to let her latest attack from a critic go unpunished.

Kim was considering pressing charges at the event when talking to the press after a PETA activist flour-bombed her, but her camp has made a decision and absolutely WILL be contacting the police to handle this matter.

As we shared earlier, she didn't pursue the purpertrator on Thursday night because she didn't want to distract herself from the charity event, but now she has revealed she'll be taking legal action. She wants to send a message that people are entitled to their opinion, but should NEVER resort to violence.

We totally agree because that was just uncalled for. If you don't like Kim, don't watch her show or buy her products, but there is no need to physically assault her, even if it is with something as harmless as flour.

Do U think Kim is taking the proper course of action?

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175 comments to “Kim Kardashian IS Pressing Charges Against The PETA Flour Bomber!”

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  1. 101

    Perez nobody will ever accuse you of being consistent, hypocrite yes, consistent no!
    Whether it be spray paint, glitter, flour or whatever the looney-tunes think up next, it is assault! And just to rile you looney-tunes up, fur, leather and eating meat is legal, so go blow!
    Just remember my food shits on yours! Bacon forever!

  2. lihg says – reply to this


    I think that Kim should learn how to take a non-violent 'assault' with some grace and poise, have a little dignity woman. Stop wearing innocent animals. Get a life! Everyone is so sick of your complete lack of intelligence. Seriously, you need more money girl? You already get so much money that you don't deserve at all. I wish they poured pig's blood on you. I hope this continues and youll take your dumbass out of the limelight, cause long knows you are over due for a reality check. Go get some education.

  3. 103

    Re: smithygirl – Remember that when that bacon you love so much clogs your arteries!

  4. 104

    Violence should meet the full force of the law. Kim is correct to press charges against the person who hurled things at her. It is an assault and PETA is wrong to support this type of behavior. Peta lost me as a fan.

  5. 105

    She is a pig and I am willing to bet she paid the girl to flour her so she could get attention. Don't fall for anything these plastic clowns do. Everything is FAKE. It's just the fake plastic clown looking for attention.


  6. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Kim K is a fucking media “`WHORE!!!
    Her ““““““ and her FAT ASS!!

  7. 6one9 says – reply to this


    The flour dropper will get ““““““` trespassing charges ` at most!
    A small fine “perhaps!

  8. mer_ says – reply to this


    ummm ASSULT?? Violence??? it was a bag OF FLOUR holy shit……dumbass.

  9. 109

    I am sure that Perez does not read the comments but I must say that he is truly a hypocrite. When protesters throw glitter on republican presidential canidates that is ok, but when someone throws flour on KK it is violence! I do not agree with either act but I think if it is ok with for the gays then why not the animal activists. I think it is so funny that Perez is only ok with "violence" if it is for a cause he agrees with, haha.

  10. 110

    YES AND I HATE HER hate hate hate her

    i hate the woman but as i wrote on here throwing stuff at people is unacceptable what if it was fucking acide or something u dont

    im a nobody im not famous for nutting but if u throw shit at me dam right ill nail ur ass to the legal wall for once in her life shes doing the right thing

    yes i enjoyed seeing flour all over her but thats not the point

    glitter swantorum no good
    water cruise no good
    her flour no good

    u dont throw nothing at noone or u go to jail simple…

    theres truckloads of hatred for kims brand but that dont mean u can throw stuff on her

  11. 111

    i love kim k and i do think that the flour bombing was uncalled for and totally pointless and stupid. but really?! her taking charges is just as stupid and pointless.

  12. 112

    She shouldn't wear fur and if she does she deserves what she got.

  13. 113

    OMG these girls are still relevant?! #1; She was there to sell perfume, making money is ALL these people care about #2; for ONCE stick to something. you say "i do", give it a try. if you say its not a big deal, stay with what you say… #3 ITS FLOUR NOT ANTHRAX, RELAX EVERYONE.

  14. 114

    Re: KarrieBelle – Everyone has to die of something, right?

  15. 115

    Kim can be annoying. But, throwing something on someone is a concern. Her point is what if next time something is in the flour or someone not right decide to do something to upstage the flour. She should stay low for a while. Let this blow over.

  16. 116

    Of course she should press charges! Animals cannot defend themselves, therefore you should skin them and wear then to show how you are at the top of the food chain! Money can buy you the privilege of showing what it looks like to be on top. To have power over things! Dead carcases on your shoulders. HOT!

  17. 117

    No, she is not taking the right course of action.
    She's making a fool out of herself even more - flour is not violence, it's not even an assault unless you're a celiac

  18. 118

    Re: TheFemmeFatale – Fuck you bitch!! Animals can't help themselves. They can't tell you they are hurting or stop by the drive through for food. Shut your mouth dumbass!

  19. 119

    meh, not a fan of PETA….seem like a bunch of crazies.

  20. 120

    Most people have already mentioned the obvious, but this is the most hypocritical thing I've read on here, and that's saying a lot. I even created a stupid account to comment on this. How is it not assault to glitter bomb people with beliefs you don't like, but it becomes assault when it's a "celebrity"? Also, if a random person got flour dropped on them by someone else, pressing charges would be laughable. Nobody would even think legal action that as a viable option. And since when is pouring flour on someone "violence"? Why isn't it "violence" when it's glitter? Both are more or less harmless substances. Wasn't she there to promote her new perfume? Why is she so worried about "distracting from the charity"? It would likely go unnoticed by the public and everyone else under the rest of those celebrity events if it weren't for something like this, so if she actually gave a shit about charity then she should be happy any attention is going to this. She takes herself way too seriously and it truly goes to show how selfish she is.

  21. 121

    And vain^.

  22. 122

    well perez, you are such a kardashian suck but at least you allowed comments this time. Let this hag press charges, the woman who dumped the flour is a hero to millions. Does the Kardashians get it yet..we are sick of them and the drama that the flour could hve be toxic is a lie..the man escorting kim out had no problem putting his hand on her back. Had I been there, I would have not touched her till she was tested. To the lady who threw the flour…flour power

  23. 123

    resort to violence? Flouring somebody is about as far from violent as you can get. Idiot.

  24. 124

    Hypocritical demon. She needs to take a trip to see where her "adorabley cute outfits" actually come from.

  25. 125

    so glitter bombing is ok but flour bombing is jail worthy? you are the biggest hypocrite of all time

  26. 126

    Are you sure it was flour and not cottage cheese exploding from her rhino butt?

  27. 127

    1. This was clearly staged.
    2. Throwing flour isn't violence, its a prank.

  28. 128

    Re: crissybarrows – Oh really, they can't talk? Wow, I was under the impression the animals could talk…. Oh wait, it's you that's the moron. When the fuck did I say that I like hurting animals? My point is that PETA is fanatic. My point is that we have to focus on the starving, the poor and all those people around the world that need help. When all those problems are fixed, then yeah, go ahead and use as much money as you want on snoopy. Until then shut the fuck up, inhumane bitch.

  29. 129

    You're all so gullible, this was a staged attack, a PR stunt. KK has managed to keep her name in the press for three days, because she is introducing a new perfume. I'd like to see the police report when this employee, I mean assailant is charged. LOL!

  30. 130

    Funny how dumb some of these Americans can get.She doesn't have to have a chain saw thrown @ her before it becomes assault.it doesn't even have to be harmful substance.any unpermitted contact is assault and violent.this is clearly malicious and she can sue.people need to be taught that they can't just do whatever they like.Because you hate Kim,you come here to say all sorts of pathetic shit.I'm sure you won't like to be flour bombed by someone in a party or yoour office where people know and respect you.idiotic haters.Talk human for once and not like the animals you're trying to protect

  31. 131

    Re: Gay Republican – only if the scumbag hypocrites at PETA get it first, and worse. Each and every single person who supports peta supports the murder of animals. Millions of dollars a year in donations and Ingrid Newkirk STILL insists she has to put down unwanted animals that are viable. She is like a catholic priest who wants easy access to his victims, so he joins the priesthood. Same god damned thing with Ingrid Newkirk. She gets off on the killing of animals and guises herself as their savior so she can indulge her sickest whims and desires. Masterbating to tapes of animals being tortured, getting off knowing she is responsible for the death of puppies. She is not better than a child fucking boy scout leader.

  32. 132

    AMEN!!! I am a card carrying "Kardashian HATER" but in this example, I'm 100% on Kim's side. Those self-absorbed, HYPOCRITICAL, misguided idiots from organizations like PETA (and loose cannons like the douche bag who attacked Kim) should be prosecuted every time they assault someone and/or someone's property.

  33. 133

    Why are you not printing the name of the perp? This swanky douche needs to be called out publicly for the stupid asshole she really is!

  34. 134

    Wow the leaps you people are taking! I think the "assault" was fake, but even if it was an actual assault, PETA has denied any connection to this woman. Why is everyone assuming that because the flour thrower made a remark regarding the wearing of fur, that she represents PETA?

  35. 135

    I think that wearing fur should be considered a much bigger crime than throwing flour.

    I do not think PETA is really going about it properly, but I think wearing fur is absolutely disgusting and it needs to be brought to public awareness.

    I understand PETA”s need to go after Kim because she is unfortunately a popular figure and could influence young girls on their clothing choices thus promoting the fur industry.
    However, I do not think PETA's approach is the best way to go about their mission. There has gotta be a better way than throwing flour and verbally attacking people. (Even though I could care less about Kim and I'm sure she deserves it anyway.)

  36. 136

    Some one should pour gasoline on her then light a match!

  37. 137

    Its amazing how you all want equality and the shit that is spewed out here of hatred is amazing!!
    Gay Repub: Battery acid to the face: REALLY!!!! She hasnt hurt you or anybody for that matter and want bodily harm is fucking amazing!!! NOBODY has the right to step in someones space and do what ever they want to that person for ANY reason… To find justice makes a lot of you guys will burn in hell!!! You are not good people or non racist. You are what makes this world evil!! You dont like her, dont watch! Go about your business you fucking jealous loosers!!!

  38. 138

    Re: Gay Republican – You are a real piece of shit and hope someone like you gets aids… You are what gives homo's a bad name! Got to be a angry ungly homo that cant even get a woman & still cant get a guy! Angy scumbag!!!!

  39. 139

    Flour is NOTHING compared to being electrocuted, stamped on and skinned alive, and you know it Perez. They do that to dogs too, how can you be supportive of her?! She should be thrown in jail for enabling that. Flour is not violent compared to fur farms.

  40. 140

    This event was to sell perfume and for Kim to promote herself under the guise of charity. How fucking shallow is that? She can't EVER do something without promoting herself. In fact she makes me think this charity isn't legit as she is so fake. I wouldn't trust it.

  41. 141

    Y'all need to stop being little bitches and try and see it from her point of view! You don't even know her dammit so stop judging her what has she ever done to you personally???!!!

  42. 142

    I'm pretty sick of Kim K. BUT I cannot say that I blame her for pressing charges on this stupid immature person who floured her. People have to learn they can't do crap like that & get away with it. On the other hand it might help Kim's image to just take the high road, laugh it off &then go out & help the hundreds of people trying to have George Zimmerman arrested for the shooting & killing of Treyvon Martin. A REALLY great cause that would help send the message that people can't just hurt people & get away with it.

  43. 143

    The woman should have peed on her instead, then she'd be happy, just like the good ole days with Ray J.

  44. Rossi says – reply to this


    Re: Jacktrack – Yours is the best comment yet.

  45. 145

    If she supports the fur industry then she deserved it. Why doesn't she use her power for good? She is rather creepy and supporting PETA would make her less so (to me, anyway).

  46. 146

    I haven't liked her since she staged that "fake" wedding, and I don't think the Groom knew it……………………..I say, get her again with flour.

  47. Uruha says – reply to this


    PETA psychos are fucking embarrassing and moronic.

  48. 148

    I strongly dislike this narcissistic creature. The way she reacted made it look like a staged event, and not something that happened without her knowledge. But, if it was indeed real, then she deserved it. There is nothing to press charges for.

  49. 149

    Re: wowboy33 – You make a good point.

  50. 150

    "We totally agree because that was just uncalled for. If you don't like Kim"

    Perez is officially the most hypocritical dumb ass in the nation. But you peeps already knew that. so its ok to throw something WAY MORE HARMFUL LIKE TINY PIECES OF METAL at an anti gay politician and you praise them for it and make it sound like its no big deal. But if someone uses FLOUR on someone and its not a gay issue you're against it? ROFLMAOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH Perez single handily sets back gays…thats sad

  51. 151

    You never should have said you weren't going to press charges.. period

  52. 152

    With all of the negative attention she's been getting, imagine how refreshing it would have been for her to laugh it off and make a joke out of it, instead of pressing charges - therefore making the flour tosser look undefendable, and Kim would look like the bigger person.

  53. 153

    Yeah, I agree with Kim. She's a laughing stock. Everyone is on the attack. People will treat you how you allow them to treat you. And if she doesn't take action now, it WILL happen again.

  54. 154

    Re: TheFemmeFatale – Is it possible for you to get through one post without sounding like a complete dumb ass? Inhumane is skinning animals for your leather jacket, that you are not giving up, so that would mean YOU are inhumane. You clearly support the inhumane treatment of animals. So, listen when you respond to my post with all your anger and curse words, lets not screw this reply up. This time actually try not to mix up words, facts or sound like a complete idiot. You can do this!!!! Looking forward to my response. Just a little pointer, maybe try a ruff draft or looking up your "facts" before posting them. Hope it helps!!! :) Eagerly awaiting!

  55. 155

    Uhhhh, didn't her gay boyfriend Jonathan Cheben get floured bombed a little while back? I think it was when he was going into their Dash store in NY. He's a moron too.

  56. 156

    I don't like Kim, she's a fake…but NOBODY deserves to be assaulted like that. PERIOD.

  57. 157

    Re: pie107 – i put animals over people anyday. people suck lol

  58. 158


  59. 159

    As much as I can't stand Kim Kardasian. These PEta NAZIS have got to be stopped from assaulting people they disagree with. So if I don't like rap music can I throw a bottle of red gatorade in their face if I hear them playing it? Wear does it end?

  60. 160


  61. 161

    Have you seen the PETA videos of animals being skinned alive? Or brutally bashed to death for their fur? Not buying her products of not watching her show won't stop the fact that she is high profile and supporting an industry that is morally wrong. Support PETA before you support Kim K.

  62. 162

    Re: mskatonic78 – That black kid wasn't exactly innocent…..

  63. 163

    So it's funny and up standing if someone glitter bombs a politician, but it's not ok to flour bomb a celebrity? Don't get me wrong I would glitter bomb the hell out of an anti-gay politician but idk Perez. You can't glorify people for glitter bombing certain individuals but condemn others that chose to flour bomb a celebrity. They're one in the same.

  64. 164

    price of fame honey. I'd be happy to take your paycheck and the flour.

  65. 165

    I am support PETA. I love animals more than anything. I am a vegan. I support gay marriage and equal rights. Yes, the actions PETA did were wrong. Flour Bombs and Glitter Bombs are stupid. BUT, you should not attack Perez. Also, to the people who do not believe in helping animals, you are sick in the head. Literally. You all think HUMAN BEINGS are everything. WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE. So stop saying you hope certain animals will die. That is just cruel. And obviously you are all horrible people if you sit here and say animals should die and insult gay people and everything. ALSO, EVERYONE IS A HYPOCRITE IN SOME WAY. So stop attacking people for it. I guarantee you are one as well.

    It is seriously sickening how some people's minds work…
    I am not a fan of Kim… but having something thrown on you would not be fun. No matter what it is. I think she is going a little too far with this. But, she sorta does have a reason to.

    So all of you stop being hypocrites. And stop saying she should get battery acid thrown in her face. wtf is that!? Real mature.

  66. 166

    Re: The Head Honcho – hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa that was funny rhino but and cottage cheese lololol oh god im dying laughing

  67. 167

    Re: lovebitten99 – why the HELL SHOULD SHE LAUGH IT OFF would u laugh it off if someone done it to u there no way someone going to throw shit at me and get away with it .. these peta freaks are insane and not above the law

  68. 168

    the rhino called he wants his ass back

  69. 169

    i can imagine khloe would of chased her down and beat her ass no way she would get floured and go quietly .. wwahhhh wookie …

  70. 170

    Re: Yenkme – You could not be more off with that "She hasn't hurt anybody for that matter" comment, what do you call skinning animals? You think that's fucking fun? Our culture has evolved, we have invented things like central heating and wool and cotton, nobody needs fur coats anymore, the only purpose they serve is that of vanity, and disgustingly enough, people pay thousands of dollars for a tortured animals skin. And just think, you're helping promote that!

  71. 171

    Perez you were JUST talking about how you think it's ridiculous that the guy who did a similar thing to mitt Romney with confetti & got arrested was unwarranted. So it's ok for someone to confetti bomb Romney and get away with it, but if it's Kim kardashian with flour then she is being "empowering" …. Please. You need to pick a side and support everyone equally.

  72. 172

    Re: rosebud99 – Amen!!!

  73. 173

    Bigots getting glitter bombed; fur hags getting flour bombed — neither gets my sympathy. Normally I don't agree with aggressive behavior, but the reality is it's harmless when compared to animals tortured and killed to accessorize a swimsuit (google image search 'Kim Kardashian fur'). I would understand pressing charges if paint was thrown, not a substance that can be brushed off in seconds. It's the price of fame and it's a way of sending a message without hurting any innocent parties.

  74. 174

    OH, SO IT'S PERFECTLY FINE TO GLITTER BOMB R.S. BUT NOT OK TO FLOUR BOMB KK?????????????????????????????? PEREZ YOURE A HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 175

    Yes, Kim K. SHOULD press charges against the PETA activist who threw flour on her. PETA activist have a right to their opinion but they DO NOT have a right to throw things or cause harm to people who do not agree. Just this year another PETA activist tried to hire a hitman to have a random person killed for wearing fur yet PETA "shelters" kill animals on a regular basis. Also, PETA says your a bad guy if you wear any leather, wool or silk or if you eat any meat or drink milk so nearly all people are potential targets for them

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