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Dharun Ravi Denies ALL Responsibility For Tyler Clementi's Death In ABC News Interview

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Dharun Ravi has been found guilty for invasion of privacy and bias intimidation in the Tyler Clementi case, in which the gay Rutgers student leaped to his death after discovering Ravi had secretly filmed him being intimate with a man.

We think the jury made the right decision, but in an interview with ABC News, Ravi is saying otherwise. He denies ever bullying his former college roommate, saying:

"He knew that I wasn't trying to intimidate him because he was gay and scare him because he was gay. I think he understood that."

Ugh! That's why he chose to take his own life right? Appalling!

Secretly filming somebody during an intimate moment, whether gay or straight, is NEVER acceptable and can't understand why anyone would do such a thing UNLESS their intention was to cause embarrassment.

Watch Ravi's interview above to see him deny any and all responsibility for his actions as reporter Chris Cuomo asks him point blank questions like, "Do you hate gay people?"

Do U think Ravi deserved the guilty verdict he received?

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63 comments to “Dharun Ravi Denies ALL Responsibility For Tyler Clementi's Death In ABC News Interview”

  1. 1

    The press, and you are included in this, said a lot of things that were not true. If you watched the interview instead of taking the bit from Reuters, you would have learned that he turned on the web cam to show his dorm mate the "weird" guy his roommate let into the room. He didn't turn it on to watch them in the intimate encounter. I followed this case closely and based my opinion on what the press said. It was very unfortunatate what happened to Tyler Clementi. But you should watch the entire interview.

  2. 2

    Ravi's ABC interview was completely self serving. I find it extremely offensive that he would even attempt to answer how Tyler Clementi felt about his actions. This idiot should be the LAST person in the world to speak on behalf of Tyler's feelings. Had he been smart, he would have admitted what he did was simply an immature prank that got out of hand. I don't think he had malicious intent in wanting to hurt Clementi. I think this guy is extremely immature and has always gotten away with his inappropriate actions. Now he's paying the price. 10 years in jail is a bargain for him. Maybe he'd like to trade places with Tyler.

  3. 3

    This is not smart for Dharun Ravi to be speaking publicly before he is sentenced. Who are his lawyers?

  4. 4

    I don't know too much about this case. I just don't understand why anyone would kill themselves, ever.

  5. 5

    God Perez you are such a judgmental c.un.t…i fucing hate you..you don;t know shirt baout this case and are only jumping on it cos of the gay aspect. What about the time you laughed when Britney was going through her breakdown and u incited her to kill herslef? Die horribly in a fire you evil mother fucker

  6. 6

    I think that Ravi did get the sentence he deserves. I also think this sends a bigger message to bullies showing that despite somebody's lifestyle, it's never okay to bully them. If you don't like it, okay, whatever. But don't express it to them, or pick on them, and secretly don't film that - that alone is illegal (at least in my home state). I hope that he feels the guilt eat at him while he's in jail and beyond. RIP Tyler.

  7. 7

    Re: Raysson – Excellent summary - couldn't have said it better myself.

  8. 8

    I don't think it was this guy's fault he committed suicide. I do however think he is a fuckwad for taping any private moments of anyone and then showing them to the public. Shitty move.
    I feel for the man who committed suicide but if that was the reason, why hasn't Kim K, Paris Hilton and other people who have had it done to them dead by their own hand?

    Ravi is a complete shit eater…but not responsible for Tyler's suicide.

  9. 9

    You've done even worse than this guy… haven't you actually posted two gay guys having sex on your site before that were private pictures? Illegally obtained? This guy never even did that.

  10. 10

    he did the interview to influence the judge in his sentencing. He will absolutely appeal, as well. He did not contribute to the tragedy. He did a dumb thing, but is NOT a criminal who should spend TEN years in jail. How about tyler's family and all those secrets that did not come out either.? (His other brother….?) we need to stop pointing fingers and finding blame in others.. Be accountable .

  11. 11

    Couldn't he just have thrown a bag of flour on him?
    Plus, you have always denied responsibility for bullying anyone on your site. You have always claimed it was your alter-ego character Perez Hilton who bullied, that you are a sweet and kind human being in real life. You have posted sex tapes and continue to show naked shots of celebrities, with no remorse or second thought. Look in the mirror before you accuse others for the same actions you commit. You are as guilty as they are, but then you are the biggest hypocrite and phony on the net. And you will continue to get the morons in here who say it's his site, he can do what he wants.

  12. 12

    Have him serve his time, and than have him DEPORTED

  13. 13

    the only people to be blamed for Tyler Clementi's death are his parents. they obviously raised him to hate himself.

  14. 14

    He got 10 years in jail???? WHY? Look if the guy killed himself over a sex video that means he was not mentally stable and had serious issues. This guy is shit for taping, but what happened is not his fault at all.

  15. 15

    Re: Raysson – Totally agree. A very immature prank with horrendous consequences - and now he must pay the price.

  16. 16

    Tyler Clementi's mother did not speak to him after he came out to her and now she is back tracking and said Tyler knew she loved him, I think not. Tyler came to Rutgers a damaged young soul, which had absolutely nothing to do with Ravi. Ravi is some dumb college freshmen who has a history of trying to appear cool, and did the most sophomoric thing possible. Tyler should have been suspended from school for bringing an older non-student to a dorm setting. Also, so many parents send their mentally unhealthy children to college because they don't want to deal with it, making it dangerous for all.Tyler was unstable and ill-prepared for college life. Ravi should have been expelled from college and given community service for punishment. We go from 0-100 too fast in this country. Lets set boundries step by step so these kids understand right from wrong.Not throw them in jail to set examples. This was not bullying the effects of long time bullying against a gay student, it was an invasion of privacy, offensive to gay and straight alike. Punish yes….Jail no.

  17. 17

    Yes, I remember you telling Britney to kill herself because you were so upset about her lip syncing performance at an awards show. You had no consideration how your words could hurt the individual you attacked. You are a self-serving piece of garbage who I hope someday gets what he deserves for the pain you caused others.

  18. 18

    I feel like this thing just blew out of proportion. There's always two or more sides to a story. I feel like Ravi didn't get a chance to explain, but i guess there's no point in explaining since everyone thinks he's the worst guy on the planet. But everyones making this seem as if Ravi killed Clementi, which he didn't. Clementi chose to kill himself. I hope one day there is marriage equality in the future and gay people should never be treated differently, but just because Tyler killed himself doesn't make Ravi a bad person. Yeah..him wanting to …webcam his roomate is a really weird, but i think it was just karma kicking his butt.

  19. 19

    I love you Perez, but this guys does not deserve what he got! I've seen other people and I've done stupid things as a 18-19 year old that I would never do today. Tyler was gay, and it is sad to say, but he was probably bullied all his life, that's why he became so closed in and quiet. Ravi of course is an as$ for what he did, but he definitely does not deserve 10 years in prison. Even the prosecution saw that by offering his the deal, and his lawyer is a complete idiot for not accepting it…. RIP Tyler

  20. 20

    The simple question: If his roommate had been straight, would he have done the same thing? Of course not.

    I felt a little sorry for him initially when he got that jail sentence. I thought it was the loss of another life. Now I can see that it is more than justified, and if anything, he should have gotten more time. Cold hearted SOB!

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Hey, much of the bullying we see these days is American on American. I don't agree with that, but if you are lucky enough to be given a chance to be in this country YOU DON'T PULL A STUPID STUNT as that JERK Dharun did. When I was in college, I remember young ladies bringing their older boyfriends into the dorm rooms. If that is something that shouldn't be done, it needs to be stated. Who cares if he is going to jail. He obviously believes he should be there. Hell, I am straight and would hate to think that someone taped me and had everyone watching it! It may have been too much for Tyler to take, no matter what that fuc$er said he told Tyler. Someone is going to rip his a$$ in jail!

  23. 23

    Nobody is asking the right questions: Is he a Muslim? That answer alone will shape his belief system regarding his attitude toward gays. Remember, there are no Muslim organizations or mosques that even tolerate gays and lesbians, here is the U.S. or anywhere else in the world. Most publicly call for thier death and actually carry it out when they can.

  24. 24

    he should've showed more emotion and not been so stoic and claiming he knew how tyler felt. if i was the judge, i'd throw the book at him (literally and figuratively) for his arrogance alone

  25. 25

    This creepy looking ugly Indian comes off as 100% gay to me.
    His parents probably taught him how to eat with his hand instead of utensils but they clearly didnt teach him how to tell the truth and take responsibility for your actions.
    The idiot parents wasted their $$ on this bitches school and then on his defense Lawyers.
    Now they can visit his ugly ass in prison, and then hopefully they deport him back to that cesspool India.

    Get it right, you idiot misinformed retard. Ugly Indian lied and claimed that he wanted to protect his items from the "older" and "weird" friend of Tylers.
    That was a lie and luckily stupid ignorant idiots like you weren't on the jury who would have believed it. He was convicted because the jury saw through his shitty incompetent lawyers lies.

  26. 26

    Re: Bonosbeachgirl – So then how did he find out he was video taped?

  27. 27

    I hope this is a lesson to all you assholes out there… Don't fuck around! I hope he burns in hell!

  28. 28

    Re: mangomadness
    Ravi DID get a chance to explain: He explained everything to the Detectives in a several hour interview where he denied, lied and minimized. Only admitted his guilt and as much truth as he had to ONLY when the Detectives would catch him lying and point it out.

    He got ANOTHER chance to explain everything and ANYTHING he wanted to explain during the trial. BUT he chose NOT to take the stand. Why? Because he's a lying manipulative creepy weirdo who would have been torn apart by the prosecutor.

    And if you and others here who have commented that "He didn't make Tyler kill himself" were paying the fuck attention then you'd have know that the creepy Indian wasn't on trial for causing or making Tyler to kill himself.
    He was on trial and convicted of a number of heinous offenses. Learn the facts before you make stupid comments

  29. 29

    He was just outing the kid. That's the same thing you use to do Mario. They should give him a medal for helping controll the AIDS epidemic.

  30. LoriC says – reply to this


    This guy is a piece of SHIT. I hope he's anally plugged daily in prison. Watched the entire trial and he is HEARTLESS.

  31. 31

    the extent of bullying is out of control and I commend the actions of the Prosecutors for taking this to the fullest extent. This guy did to the victim what most abusers do to their victims (wives/gf), the intimidate, they insinuate and scare one to the point you are so off balance and so fearful that sometimes death would be better than living with the fear of what is to come. This talented boy could not live in that fear. He was bullied and the guy who did it will some day do it to his wife. 10 years is not enough.

  32. 32

    He's at fault to a certain extent but I do not think he's guilty or caused Tyler to jump off a freaking bridge…NO! Dharun was just a stupid college boy taking a prank too far but I don't think he maliciously intended for it to go far. If you want to put people in jail, then why not start with Tyler's parents?! Where the hell were they when Tyler needed them the most??? The poor guy didn't have a good relationship with them after coming out. Sounds like they weren't too supportive of his coming out as a gay man, which is stupid. It's your kid and you should always be on their side no matter what. Now, they're crying in front of the cameras but I don't buy their fake shitty tears. Tyler was just a depressed lost soul with no one to turn to and this Dharun guy probably was the last nail on the coffin but I can't hold him accountable of everything…that's just stupid. I saw the interview and they're just using this guy to send a message but I don't think he's guilty.

  33. 33

    The webcam used in the "crime" belonged to Molly Wei. She also activated the webcam in the second taping.
    Ravi did not receive competent legal advice, Wei did. Wei entered a pre-trial intervention program, was given 300 hours of community service, counseling, and agreed to testify against Ravi. She's one smart cookie, no one knows her name.
    Ravi's an idiot. He either received terrible legal advice, or is a fool. To stand trial was idiocy! Even if he was found not guilty, the world would know his name!

  34. 34

    Molly Wei was in it too with Dharum and is a sneaky bitch if you as me. She made a "deal" with prosecutors to testify against Dharum on trial. Why not hold her in court too? She was pretty sneaky and smart to take it. Why isn't she getting all the bad attention too if she was as much in it? This case is just making an example of one person when there was many involved. Let's clean the table and send them all to jail too? Tyler was depressed and suicidal on his last days and it was only a matter of time before he committed suicide. The real picture here is we should accept people for who they are whether it's your child, brother, sister, cousin, family member, or friend and be there for them. The law that was used against Dharun was intended for KKK folks who maliciously have an intent to kill you.

  35. 35

    I watched it and I was originally happy this guy would get jail time for what he did, but after watching this, I think he should definitely get probation and maybe 60 days in a county jail, not years in a prison. I think there were a lot of things going on in Tyler's life, including just coming out of the closet to his family. What this kid did, could have been just a little piece of what was going on in Tyler's life and I think their wanting to blame someone, so he is the person who will take responsibility for it all. It's sad because that means nothing was learned except for how to play the blame game. He is not a bully, he is not someone who harassed this kid day in, day out. He is someone who was in college and did something immature, that is all.

  36. 36

    This creep and the girl are guilty . A prank! Invading someone else's privacy is not a joke it is a crime. She got off lucky but i hope both of them spend the rest of their lives knowing that their actions caused a fine young man to kill himself. Unfortunately sociopaths like these two don't have a conscience and will go through life thinking they did nothing wrong. The fact that continue to deny their culpability tells me all I need to know about both of them and using the excuse that they were young and didn't know better doesn't wash.

  37. 37

    Perez, is this anything like showing pics of celebrities when their phones are hacked? Hmmmm….

  38. 38

    Perez, You allow links to people who were filmed, photographed w/o their knowledge all the time. If Heather Morris kills herself now because last week you had a link to her hacked nude phone pics, are you to blame? Should you go to jail? You willingly posted private information of a sexual nature, exactly the same as Dharun Ravi. Check yourself before you go judging others.

  39. 39

    Re: ladani – Exactly!

  40. 40

    why dont you watch the whole interview and then maybe you will see that he didnt film him ….. educate yourself on something before having an opinion about it

  41. 41

    Dharun Ravi makes me sick to my stomach. What a liar. He gets what he deserves

  42. 42

    You're all so right about Perez. What a fake phony fraudulent hypocrite.
    What about Heather Morris? How does he justify posting her naked stolen photos????????
    HOW? And all of the other stolen naked pics he's posted. He'd probably blame them and say that they shouldnt have taken the pics to begin with (which he does say) but that doesn't justify him posting them for $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    He's really just an evil little bitch.

  43. 43

    I'm sorry but throwing this guy in jail is ridiculous. I understand that people shouldn't bully others, but it has gone on forever and it wasn't until recently that teens started committing suicide like crazy. I feel bad that the family and that kid had to deal with the pain, but some people need to toughen up. Do I think it is wrong to bully someone for any reason? Yes! But should we throw bullies in jail? No! Give him tons of community service. Putting non-violent people in jail with very violent men will not help but hurt. He will come out worse than he is now. In the end we are all to blame for our own actions. It is sad, yes. But that boy should've asked for help or talked to someone. Other people have went through much worse and didn't commit suicide. Sometimes it is down to what kind of person you are. Me, there is no amount of torment in the world that would make me kill myself because it is selfish. Seek help, but don't throw a bully in jail to teach him a lesson. Freedom of speech is here for a reason, part of accepting that is accepting that what we hear we don't always like. We have to deal with it in a mature manner.

  44. 44

    Re: misscheriamor – I was just going to say that. Every kid is bullied and some kids are bullied more than others, but not every kid commits suicide because of it. I was targeted by a group of girls through my junior year of high school and not once did I think about taking my own life. This kid had more going on than being bullied and he should not be thrown in jail because of things that were out of his control.

  45. 45

    i honestly think tyler clementi was already going through something in his life…and dharun taping him, was the straw that broke the camels back..college kids do stupid things, lord knows i did..but i think if he knew tylers fragile state or thought filming him would eventually lead to him killing himself, he wouldntve done it.

  46. Rossi says – reply to this


    This kid is a total prick. Anyone with an ounce of decency, introspection, and humanity would be horrified and beg forgiveness for his part in this tragedy. Let him rot in Cell block C where he'll get all the gay sex experience he'll ever care to watch (and participate in!).

  47. 47

    This is getting out of control. Though video taping someone having sex against their will is disgusting, it's no justification to lock this kid away for as long as they are trying to. Mr. Clementi's decision to kill himself was his and his alone. This country simply can not hold a person liable for someone else's suicide because of some immature prank. While this is a great tragedy for many reasons, this is just getting out of hand, and this is coming from a gay person.

  48. Coqi says – reply to this


    Ravi did NOT film him having sex nor post sexually explicit video of the kid on the web. The media has been spinning this case since the news broke. Ravi did NOT out Clementi for he had already outed himself to family and friends before he got to Rutgers. Testimony at trial from people involved said over and over they were wanting to see the "weird" guy he kept bringing over.
    Sorry folks but I've been spied on in my lifetime and it didn't cause me to jump off a bridge.

  49. 49

    I don't think that Clementi committed suicide because of what Ravi did. I think that he had a tough life and had internal turmoil over his sexuality and people's reactions to that. Ravi's stunt may have been the last straw, but no way did this boy throw himself off the GW because his roommate filmed him having sex with another guy. It seems that he was ashamed of being gay, because his reaction to being outed on camera (the suicide) was pretty extreme. Not everyone will kill themselves following a secret filming of an intimate encounter. Ravi was an idiot to do what he did, but he in no way had another to do with the suicide. He should be prosecuted for his stupid prank, not in any connection to the suicide.

  50. 50

    TC was horrible pervie roommate freshman gone crazy . . . b4 the encounters w/Ravi TC was exposing his naked self on web video cam to gay sites from his dorm trolling for dudes . . . TC put himself sexually on web more than Ravi ever put him on . . .

  51. 51

    Re: misscheriamor – He didn't want the community service, remember? He said that would be like admitting he had something against gay people . . .

  52. 52

    Re: Joshuaspop

    your ignorance really shocks me. i just created an account to reply to this.
    first off, his name alone will tell you that he is not Muslim.
    second, what would knowing his religion do? it won't change the facts of the case, the legal system or what he has done.
    third, his opinion would not change necessarily based on this religion, what about the Catholics who are against homosexuality?
    fourth, being Muslim or Jewish or whatever has nothing to do with the actions of this man. it was a poor decision, especially one that Islam would NOT condone

  53. 53

    Dharum had asked the college on numerous occasions to change his room because he felt uncomfortable with who his roommate was bringing back to be intimate with. Rutgers denied his request, and Tyler didn't seem to care that Dharum didn't care for the older men that were in his room. These were not college aged boys Tyler brought to their dorm room, but grown men. I know Dharum was found guilty, he should not have invaded Tyler's privacy, but Tyler's suicide should not be blamed on what Dharud did. People need to take responsibility for there own actions. Stop placing blame on everyone else.

  54. 54

    Re: caw1822 – I agree. If people ask to switch rooms/roommates for a valid reason, and I think this one was, it should be allowed. College students are adults and have the right to make their own decisions, especially when they're paying tens of thousands of dollars to attend the school; the school should not hold things like that from them. Tyler's suicide was in no way directly correlated to Ravi's prank, which was definitely inappropriate but not that harmful. Clementi clearly had other issues beforehand; the video was the last straw IMO.

  55. 55

    You need to watch the interview before making comments like this. Much of what the media said about Ravi was lies. The media portrayed him as a bully because of what he was posting on social media networks, when in reality Clementi was doing the exact same thing; making racial comments about Ravi being 'azn'. As sad as it is that Clementi chose to take his own life, I don't believe that Ravi is the culprit in this situation. Not only is Ravi owning up to being in the wrong, but even when offered a plea bargain that would land him with no jail time and only community service, he denied it. Because Ravi will not make a public statement that he is a bully and homophobic, he is now facing being deported back to India along with 10 years in prison. I think he needs to be commended for standing up for himself and refusing to take the easy way out. Try getting the full story before posting things like this.

  56. 56

    I watched the entire interview, and honestly it clearly seems like Dharun Ravi is a victim, and unfortunately he's being made the poster child example of this tragic death. While suicide is never the answer, Tyler was clearly emotionally unstable there is NO way in hell you're going to tell me that this ONE action sent him over the edge. So why should ONE person suffer? we will never know what pain he was in that drove him to that point however, another young man's life is being lost as he's taking the fall for ALL bullies. Even the head of the cyber bully campaign says that he doesn't think the punishment he's getting is fair and that's it's extreme. I applaud Dharun Ravi him for being so candid and honest and how he too has acknoweledge his actions were stupid and immature, most of all i commend him for saying he would rather go to jail, risk deportation and be accused of something he was not responsible for then take a plea for a lesser punishment. and that PEREZ is integrity and maturity. I agree watch the ENTIRE interview ps I have two gay brothers, and they also agree with me you're a moron perez, what's the difference between bullying and you emasculating celebrities, only difference you get a money stop being a hyprocrite

  57. 57

    Re: Chloe1234 – Perez clearly has no credibility he's hyprocrite, my questions are if tyler clementi's family supported him in much as life as they did in his death would he still be alive? Why would jump and not talk to them? or is it their conscience and by that I mean their GUILTY conscience?

  58. 58

    [re=6036425]Re: Joshuaspop[/re} dharun Ravi is Indian and mostly probably was raised Hindu. If he was muslim, this case would have gotten ZERO play from the media. And if it did get airtime, there would be muslims protesting in the streets, claiming ISLAMOPHOBIA, and they would have burned buildings and shit.

  59. 59

    This trial was a WASTE OF TAX PAYER'S MONEY….

  60. 60

    Re: MyOpinion80 – I agree with you there. Tylers brother is also gay and their mother was counting on Tyler to give her grand babies. Clearly he was a troubled soul. He sent his friend an email and said I came out to my mom and she has been distant ever since. Whatever dysfunction was in that family they will have to live with it. I am tired of Perez and his jibber jabber. I joined just so I could comment on this story. We should all stop reading the site so he doesn't make any money. People, US Weekly and Huffington are more accurate and they don't out people, tell troubled singers to kill themselves or shamelessly self promote

  61. 61

    Re: Jayyyy – if you want to be part of the thread try speaking a little more intelligently.

  62. Myra says – reply to this


    Yes, he deserves the punishment. If I had done something that made someone kill himself, I would be feeling so bad I accept my punishment gracefully. What is 10 years in jail anyway? A person has died, remember that. Think of the seriousness of that.

  63. escaleras says – reply to this


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