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Will.I.Am. Slams Simon Cowell For His Lack Of Commitment To His Musical Acts

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Is Simon Cowell letting down his musical acts??

Will.i.am thinks so!

The new judge on the UK's version The Voice slammed the music mogul literally just hours before his show went head-to-head with Simon's Britain's Got Talent.

Will claims that he thinks Cher Lloyd, who came in fourth place on X Factor in 2010, hasn't quite reached her potential, and it's all because he thinks Simon doesn't devote enough time with his musical acts.

The Black Eyed Peas star said:

"I love Cher Lloyd. She should have been the biggest star in the world. She should have had the coolest freaking music. It's like they put them out, juice them, juice them, juice them, and give people something to watch on TV. Then, who is making sure she has the right material? That is wrong.

I told every person on my team that I am going to try my hardest to see their career is jumpstarted or revitalized regardless of whether they win or not."

It's really awesome of Will.i.am to look out for his pal and with her album debuting in the U.S. next month, we are always supportive of the idea that people who we love and think are talented deserve to rise to the top of the charts.

With that girl's talent though, we have a feeling her voice will speak for itself though.

What do U think of Will's comments? Do U agree? Should Simon give his musical acts more attention??

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17 comments to “Will.I.Am. Slams Simon Cowell For His Lack Of Commitment To His Musical Acts”

  1. 1

    This is absolutely dead on. Just look at Jai McDowall. Oh you don't remember him? Gee, wonder why that might be SIMON? But that's ok. I remember him and so do many of his fans. Simon Cowell be damned.

  2. 2

    How do other celebrities manage to provide some sort of stability and normal upbringing for their children? Several names of celebrities come to mind and I never see their children involved in media frenzies constantly. Do these children go to school? My condolences again to Grandma and Grandpa Pitt. This must be so painful for them.

  3. 3

    imo, her voice is pretty annoying and nasally

  4. 4

    This is the reason that sane/normal people don't have SIX children. But even if these two, uneducated, low class, people had ONE child, they would raise that child with a similar lack of values. Angie's a drug addict without morals. Did anyone actually think that she'd be a great mother?

  5. 5

    Cherly Loyde is not popular because she is not appealing to the general public. She sucks!

  6. 6

    Simon Cowell only has two hands. He's discovered a lot of artists and gives them a start that many struggling musicians could only dream of, but he can't hold their hands and walk them through their careers. They have to stand on their own.

  7. 7

    One direction is all over the place in the states right. Ow so I bet they wouldn't agree with this statement

  8. 8

    Becuase Leona Lewis and One Direction clearly haven't done well. Simons shows gave acts a platform to make a name for themselves if they can't back that up it's their own fault.
    Leona got a few hits in America and One Direction have made history, which Perez did not even comment on, even if he doesn't like the band it is still a fact that they were they first British band to have their debut album debut at no1.

  9. 9

    "WILLIAM" is a fucking dumbass, first of all. Plus, Simon does plenty. He finds people with talent, gives them a push into the spotlight, and if they're good enough they will succeed on their own. If not, they don't deserve it. I mean, look at Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis, and ONE DIRECTION. I mean, they've done fine without Simon hovering over them.
    Cher Lloyd honestly sucks. I mean, she only made it as far as she did because Simon took pity and kept voting to keep her around, so if she's struggling, it's for a reason. People don't like her. Her US "debut" is going to bomb, unlike One Direction because they are actually good and fun (and who have said that Simon still keeps in touch and supports them, making this whole article stupid).

  10. 10

    lol. "Will.I.Am" and "musical" in the same sentence. Now that's funny.

  11. 11

    Will.I.Am annoys me at times, but he is right. Simon loves to take credit for musicians fame but he really isn't involved with most of them.

  12. 12

    No. the reason cher lloyd's career didn't take off is because she's not very good at what she does and has a bad attitude. people over the age of 13 plain don't like her.

  13. 13

    Cher Loyd made great talent competition but noone cares about her outside of it. Her voice sucks. WillIAM is right though.

  14. 14

    Everybody knows that the reason Cher Lloyds career is struggling is because like Jedward she used an unoriginal show format to become someone she isnt. Sure she has an adorable singing voice but her attitude was ALL wrong and for something as dangerous as rap or hiphop youi need to have something called credibility which can ONLY be garnerede through homework and hardwork from a very young age and built up with years of practise. Cher was seriously bigged up and all she could really offer was karaoke and for urban styles of music thats just nowhere near good enough esp when creativity, self expression and individuality are everything in those sorts of music.

  15. 15

    As for ! Direction, the ONLY reason they had a US no.1 album was because their debut album was released during a dry sales week for music in the states and if thats anything to go by, even flop act JLS who bombed in the states under L.A.Reid sold more copies of their debut album in the states than 1 Direction in their first week sales of 277,000 compared to 1 Directions 146,000. In fact 1D have sold more copies in the UK than they have in the States - fact! 1 Direction arent as popular in the states as people seem to think they are in fact, they not long ago performed to a 3,000 strong rnt-a-crowd in New York which shows you just how desperate Columbia and SyCo are at hyping the boys up!

  16. 16

    Simon Cowell is so 2000's. The guy is certified double platinum has-been. on other news the Queen of England is asked to join the X factor USA judges… the show is still headed for failure…

  17. 17

    Re: antonio12 – Well stated Antonio12. For those of you suggesting an artist requires 'hand holding' that is ridiculous. But you do not throw an artist into a studio, produce a badly engineered album where the background music completely drowns out and overwhelms the artist and release it with no advertising or promotion. Which is exactly what was done to Jai McDowell among others under contract with Simon Cowell. Bottom line is Simon signed them and did nothing for them. At all. When they don't make him millions of effort free dollars he drops them.