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Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Suspiciously Elegant Summer Home

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Daaang! That shiz is fancy!

It's usual to hear the words "classy" and "Jersey Shore" in the same sentence, but Teresa Giudice's summer house totally almost fits the mold! (The zebra lamp is the #1 deal breaker.)

In the clip (above) the Real Housewife of NJ shows of her beeeeautiful summer pad.

We're not sure Mrs. Giudice should be bragging about her a huge second home while her hubby is being accused of fraud

Just saying!

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14 comments to “Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Suspiciously Elegant Summer Home”

  1. 6one9 says – reply to this


    ~~~ really
    My new house is “way“ better than hers
    and those 4 little girls ““““` are BRATS!!
    That one little girl “ slammed that tot onto the couch
    ratings “ much?

  2. 2

    everything you'd expect from a Hamptons wannabe. and that "dress", if it was any shorter her pubes would be curling around the hem… maybe she just forgot to put her jeans on. and what's with the kardashian wig? did they put out a line of wigs now ???

  3. 3

    I just wonder if Teresa is hoping and praying that Juicy Joe is going to the joint. At least she would be rid of the idiot for awhile. That one Milania needs a good ass whooping. The house looks cheap and trashy just like Teresa. Where oh where do these kind of people get their money from ? I just don't get it.

  4. 4

    that is her new and only house, the " palace" is being put for sale.

    tacky furnitures.

  5. 5

    It def looks nicer than the house on Jersey Shore, but it doesn't look great. No dishwasher?? I know plenty of people that have nicer vacation homes than that & they're not on TV.

  6. 6

    I hope this is a joke right?
    The kitchen is so sad, her furniture sad, her front entrance HAS NO GRASS just brown dirt and that boat, why can't you find a dock to park it there? oh ya, it costs money right?
    I feel so sorry for this lady, she's clearly blind!
    yuck! I would hire Nate Berkus in a heartbeat to remodel tis dump!

  7. 7

    WHO the fuck does she think she is kidding? First off she cant even pronounce Fleur-de-lis
    properly. Second, there is NO WAY that house has 4 bedrooms cuz 4 girls would NEVER sleep on a day bed together. And who in the hell lets their kid climb up on the top of a boat? I hope the govt sees this and takes it away. And the dig about a " naked car wash" was toward's Caroline's son and Melisa Gorga's song in the background, Come on Theresa your NOT fooling anyone.

  8. 8

    OMG. Perez, I kept reading this post to discover your sarcasm but was shocked to discover that you were being serious. The deal breaker was the zebra-print lamp? What about the vehicles parked on the front lawn, er, gravel pit. What about the badly behaved children? The latter is especially lacking in any kind of elegance. It hurts me to look directly at this woman- there is confusion in her eyes. Nobody wants to believe in her fairy tale more than she does. She's barely human.

  9. 9

    Wow those little girls need some discipline. A smack on the butt!

  10. 10

    Tacky house and bratty bratty bratty spoiled undisciplined children nothing to envy.

  11. 11

    Those girls are nasty spoiled brats.. their behavior seems to get worse as they get older.. Boy Theresa and Joe are in for a ride with those kids!!

  12. 12

    She has no taste what so ever. She is too gawdy, my two bedroom apartment looks better than both of her houses put together b/c it is decorated with TASTE. From the looks of it, she has no idea what the meaning of class is. And that Milania is a friggin' bully. I can see it now, Child Protective Servics getting involved when Milania hurts one of her sisters and breaks one of their limbs. That kid needs a serious outlet.

  13. 13

    wth? the little girl just kicked her little sister in the face, and Teresa does nothing? she just shrugs as if it's normal and acceptable. Plus i wouldn't be surprised if her kids, especially that main brat gets in all sorts of shit as soon as she hits her pre-teen years (drugs, sex, alcohol, teen pregnancy, stealing, fights, bullying, boys/men, daddy issues, and spoilt child syndrome)..

  14. 14

    This is a fucking piece of shit I mean WOW. If someone tried to get me to go insie this place, I would be scared. I mean I knw she was poor, but holy shit is this governmen housing or something?