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Wow! What a week in tabs! First, let's start off on a serious note: the country is ablaze in uproar and discussion over the terrible killing of the young… Read more…

19 comments to “What The Tabs Are Talking About!”

  1. 1

    I cant believe they put this little fucking hoodlum on the cover of a magazine. This killing saved lives, the kid was a career criminal at 14.

  2. 2

    That "kid" attacked that man. He is NOT the little boy in the pictures they keep posting. He attack that man, broke his nose and slammed his head in the gound. He got shot and he deserved it.

  3. 3

    I cannot believe you guys are allowed to speak. A young man's life was taken regardless of what is coming out in the news now, show respect! No one deserves to die! Are you honestly saying a broken nose is worth killing over? MVPnis: "a career criminal" you are pathetic! Cherrybling: Remember the saying about those who live in glass houses. We should learn from all tragedies not fuel them with hate! Get at me @chiplafrance

  4. 4

    Why isnt his mug shot on the cover and not a photo from 5 years ago?

  5. 5

    Re: ChipLaFrance

    They only thing fueling this "tragedy" is the press. Using that kiddie photo is all the proof you need.

  6. 6

    When are they going to stop using a photo of him as a child. Perez obviously has taken the time to read all the facts about this story, I am disappointed in People magizine.

  7. 7

    Re: Cherrybling – That man was stalking that kid. If some weirdo twice my age and twice my size starts following me i would do something about it too. Zimmerman instigated the whole drama by following and harrassing the kid. If he had of left it alone nothing would have happened, no broken nose, no shooting. So what you're basically saying is armed people like Zimmerman should be allowed to harrass and follow people, and if the person being followed takes exception then you're allowed to kill them.
    Re: MVPnis – You obviously get your false information from Glenn Beck and the other Fox News jackasses, the kid wasn't a criminal let alone a career criminal you dumbshit, Glenn Beck suggested that he was simply because Trayvon had been suspended from school once. Only in America is the kid carrying the Skittles considered the criminal before the man carrying the gun.

  8. 8

    Re: MVPnis – You are despicable, the carrer criminal was his ASSASSIN, know the facts, and hope that karma catch younin a softer way. Younare a disgrave to humanity, check your facts you miserable soul and judgement, and enjoy hell.

  9. 9

    Re: Cherrybling – There is a 911 call from a neighbor that shows Trayvon screammimg for help. The pshycho was used to call Police for anything black, and also what was a buy with multiple mugshots doing with a gun in hand late night? You would talk different if it had ben your child. Shame on you!

  10. 10

    [Re: perezfknsux – Not to mention that Zimmerman has multiple mugshots and a neighboor ha s a 911 call and yiu can clearly hear Trayvo sceaming for help! Quit the racist shit, this is above that! justice for Trayvon and let's have the law set a good example!

  11. 11

    black men slaughter EACH OTHER on a daily basis….. ChicagObamaLand…Philly (city of "brotherly" love ), D.C. , Atlanta, Houston….. it goes on every day. Where is the outrage there? I suppose it is acceptable to them to kill each other. Not to even mention the wholesale genocide/slaughter in African nations….. Let's get some perspective on this, and how about spike lee, al sharpton, jesse jackson, and king barry obama SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  12. 12

    He was 17, not 10. Why will they not use a current picture of him anywhere?

  13. 13

    Re: perezfknsux – So big shot you were there? Stop fueling the government with non sense and fear. The picture shown is total bullshizzzzzz put a current photo of him out there if you dare. Oh and how does a phone call SHOW as in seeing that it was the kid and not Mr. Zimmerman with his head bashed into the ground. Everyone needs to stop the crap and wait for the truth instead of making up your own story. Grow up and realize the puke you spit out your mouth especially when commenting on something that you only know by what you hear and what YOU WANT TO SEE.

  14. 14

    Re: Norman Bates – A 911 call that showed.. i mean you could actually see through the phone call wow i want one. You are such a dumbshit 10-1 it was Zimmerman in the back ground calling for help while this so called little poor poor men black kid with skittles was smashing his head in the ground.

  15. 15

    Re: runkaterun – because they (the government, sharpton and the like don't want you too see the truth. Hello… it is not a issue of racism of mexican and black or white and black or asian and mexican or anything it has to do with the government trying to keep uncivil rest and keep the hate so WE as a people will not unite and keep this country our own, there are those out there who want the UN to succeed in taking over. You think your life sucks now just let the UN take our country you ain't seen nothing.

  16. 16

    OH HELL NO. First off, he IS A KID. That crazy ass man was stalking that little boy. THE 911 operator!!!! THE FUCKING 911 OPERATOR TOLD THAT MAN TO LEAVE HIM ALONE AND NOT FOLLOW HIM. What ever that kid did in the past is irrelevant. We're talking about a situation that happended at that moment in time. What did that little boy do? What did he do to deserve to die?! Being black and wearing a hoodie? He had no weapons, if he did attack that man, he could have beat him up and then run and go call the cops. He did not have to murder him. Self defence my ass. And for your fucking informatiom. WHITE MEN KILL EACH OTHER EVERY DAY TOO!!!!!! Check your community news papers if you get it there and see what I'm talking about. What do you think all these white people are dying from every day, natural causes? Please. Wake up honey, this isn't lala land. Re: MVPnisRe: Cherrybling – You Two !!@@##$#$$^^&&*(( better catch up on the news and look at all the info b4 you spew shit like that ever again. Do you think America (black, white, Asian, Hispanic…) would be this outraged if it were THAT SIMPLE? REALLY?! You better put down the bong and pick a up F@#$%^& newspaper.

  17. 17

    On a lighter note (before I was greeted by these two cum stains, my main focus was on Jennie Garth). Everytime I see Jen, I want to hug her. What could she possibly do to have him not want to work on their marraige? She's the sweetest person I know. I hope he misses her desperately and comes back to her. I love you Kelly Taylor.

  18. 18

    Anyone with half a brain could easily tell that 1. Martin was racially profiled 2. Zimmerman is mentally unstable 3. Stand Your Ground applied to Martin NOT Zimmerman — the minute Zimmerman disobeyed police orders and set out to pursue and provoke Martin, he lost all protection under SYG. 4. Zimmerman is the one with a record (he's the thug, NOT Trayvon). 5. The Sanford PD was derelict in duty, and all involved should be fired, pronto. 6. Zimmerman, his POS papi judge dad, his brother, are liars, as evidenced by the video of him bloodless, entering the police station.

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