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EXCLUSIVE! Gossip Girl's EP Joshua Safran Answers Our Questions: DAIR, The Identity Of Chuck's Mother, And Kristen Bell Making A Cameo!


Our fellow Gossip Girl fans, get your eyes over here! We've got some juicy deets to spill about our favorite show about Manhattan's elite — and you are NOT going to want to miss what we found out!!

We got the chance to chat with executive producer Joshua Safran about the show and what is coming down the road for all our UES faves. Since we had his undivided attention, we couldn't help but ask some very crucial questions: What's coming up with DAIR? Is Serena really going to be the new Gossip Girl? What IS the connection between Elizabeth Hurley and Chuck's mother? And for heaven's sake, will Kristen Bell EVER make a cameo?!

We got answers to these questions — and so many, many more — so CLICK THE JUMP to read our EXCLUSIVE convo with the man behind it all!

Ok, so … It's the end of the series. You're down to the wire. You have no choice, the network has started the final countdown on the Upper East Side. Which is it gonna be at the end game: DAIR or CHAIR?

It's not the end of the series yet, so I'm not going to answer that one! Nice try, though! (I can admit, however, that Blair's decision will be very clear by the end of this season).

Are there plans to ever have Kristen Bell make an appearance on the show before the series comes to an end? Possibly the last shot of the last episode where she watches Serena and Blair from a distance and snaps a picture with iPhone and the click is the last thing we hear of the UES?
Kristen is the voice of Gossip Girl, but we don't feel she is *actual* Gossip Girl. So no, Kristen won't appear on the show, as much as we love her.

Diana Payne (Liz Hurly) is coming back … is she's Chuck's mother or what?

Her return will definitely answer the question of who Chuck's mother is. I can say that much.

Speaking of mothers, does Dorota ever want to have that baby?!

Dorota will have had the baby by the time Monday's episode airs.

In the preview for your next episode, we saw Dan and Blair finding loooove in an elevator. How much more of that can we expect to see in the coming episodes?

Well, it won't be in an elevator, but these last run of episodes definitely turn up the heat. Especially the finale…

Can Serena really bring herself to be the new Gossip Girl … or has she actually been Gossip Girl all along?!

That is the struggle of Monday's episode for Serena. And as to who has been Gossip Girl all along, well, let's just say that is something we aren't playing around with. They'll be a surprising end to that storyline this season…

Can we expect the royal Grimaldi family to make a reappearance on the show anytime soon? Louis? Beatrice?
There will be no Grimaldis appearing the rest of this season. That isn't to say we won't seem them again in the future — I, for one, love Beatrice — but there are no plans to at this time.

We're assuming that Georgina is gone for a bit, now that she is leaving her GG post to Serena. Will she be back? Wait, we didn't ask that right. What we mean to say is … PLEASE BRING BACK GEORGINA SPARKS!!!!
Oh, she'll be back. And this season, too.

Will we ever get some of the original favorites back on the show: Eric, Jenny or Vanessa?

We'd love to get them back. Stay tuned…

Which team are you on: Team Ivy or Team Charlie?

Who says they're separate teams? Oh wait, did I just give away something…?

Which guest star (Hilary Duff, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, Kevin Zegers, Cyrus's horrible artsfartsy son) did you enjoy the most, want to bring back if possible?  
We'd love to round up as many of our former guest stars as we can for next year if it's our final season. I, for one, would love to see what Damien's doing now…

Can you confirm or deny that the next season will be GG's final and be a half season in the vein of One Tree Hill?

We can't confirm or deny at this time.

Can you tease one of the biggest developments that is coming in the final episodes of this season?

Who Diana Payne is, and what she's been doing in New York all the time, will be answered. And the answer goes back a very long time… and has even been on Gossip Girl before…

Last question: Where does Blair keep all of her old headbands and will she ever have a fire sale so we can buy one? (This is a serious question)

I will ask Eric Daman (Show Stylist) what he plans to do with them and get back to you.

And with that, we will be stationing ourself in front of the mailbox, waiting for our present from Blair Waldorf! LOL!

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5 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Gossip Girl's EP Joshua Safran Answers Our Questions: DAIR, The Identity Of Chuck's Mother, And Kristen Bell Making A Cameo!”

  1. Uruha says – reply to this


    I HATE how titlating these writers are! I'm dying here!! *brain implodes*

  2. 2

    I dropped this series after the 2nd season and now that I learned that Kristen Bell won't be appearing ever as a guest, there's no point in going back to it again. (but btw, I really like your suggestion on how she would appear if she were Gossip Girl.)

  3. 3

    Dair ftw! I have no idea what to think when it comes to what's going to happen in the finale. Tricky!

  4. Kaitlin says – reply to this


    Okay, so Dan needs to go run off to brooklyn and Chuck needs to get back with Blair. Kbye

  5. Kaitlin says – reply to this


    just watch season 4 episode 8! once you see chuck and blair's chemistry you'll definitely be on the Chair wagon! btw I'm aware of my GG obsession, sorry not sorry?