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Another DJ BASHES Madonna's 'Molly' Reference

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Madonna molly twit pic

Didn't she already clarify this issue?

After responding to Deadmau5's rant against her for referencing "Molly" on stage at the Ultra Music Festival, which he interpreted as her encouraging ecstasy use, Madonna has ANOTHER critic bashing her for the comment.

Grammy Award-winning DJ Paul van Dyk is calling her Madgesty "stupid" for asking the crowd, "How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?" He explained his opinion in a recent interview by saying:

"Madonna was so stupid to actually call out drug abuse in front of a crowd of 18-year-olds. I don't think she was thinking much. The only thing she was probably thinking was, 'I need to connect with a young crowd,' and she made the biggest mistake of her career."

We're not so sure about that. She's been around for a LONG time and to call this blip of an incident "the biggest mistake of her career" is a little exaggerated in our opinion. We're pretty sure this won't halt the sale of her album OR her concerts. In fact, we'll be SHOCKED if we're still talking about this next week.

Do U think that these DJ's are making this a bigger deal than it actually is or was mentioning Molly really "the biggest mistake" of Madonna's career?

[Image via Madonna/Twitter.]

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58 comments to “Another DJ BASHES Madonna's 'Molly' Reference”

  1. 1

    she knew what she was talking about. She had a convenient cover-up story when the back lash started.

  2. 2

    Re: sunshiningonme

    Honestly who gives a fuck? MDMA is done all the time at dance shows

  3. 3

    Madonna ALWAYS knows what to say, how to say it and when to say it.She may be old but she ain't dumb when it comes to getting attention. That said, she is way too old to play the hip card,it's gotten pathetic. She is a genius at staying in the mainstream media all these years but it's kinda laughable at the same time. Oh yeah, by the way, who is buying her kid's cigs?

  4. 4

    If you didn't explain about Molly, I wouldn't known what she was talking about.

  5. 5

    She knew EXACTLY what she was saying, she's totally trying to cover it up, what a HAS-BEEN (A person, especially one formerly popular or influential, whose popularity or effectiveness has peaked and is now in decline).

  6. 6

    Re: sunshiningonme – I agree!!!! Ultra is infamous for drug use. She knew what she was saying. People use that term ALLLL the time to refer to ecstasy. How convenient of her to pick THAT concert (filled with Ecstacy users and I live in Miami so I know first hand) to say THAT. I'm glad people are calling her out on it. She's getting a little too old to be doing such ridiculous things. However, I doubt this will stop her album sales because frankly, there are still too many ppl who would actually waste their money on that crap.

  7. 7

    Has-Been (A person, especially one formerly popular or influential, whose popularity or effectiveness has peaked and is now in decline)

  8. 8

    Her album is named MDNA, which she claims is short for Madonna. But, it's play off MDMA, the shortened chemical name for Ecstasy.

    Be honest, Madonna. Her lie that it was for her friend's unreleased song is totally bullsh^t. I've lost respect for her (and I really like the song Girls Gone Wild…). She is promoting the use of drugs continually. She's the idiot, not us.

  9. 9

    She's an idiot. To whoever said who gives a fuck mollys done all the time, you're even dumber. I've been to my fair amount of raves all tripping out but a 50 year old woman should realize 16 yr olds are gonna wonder why MDNA is a big deal, google it and think its cool and go thru some shady drug dealer and end up doing too much or getting fake shit and getting hurt. Yeah I may be being dramatic but it'll happen

  10. 10

    I love madonna music, BUT……That was some of the tackiest shit that ole chick has done in a while. Madonna knew what she was saying, now she's trying to cover it up a bit and claim it was something else..it's time to stop making controversy, hanging out like some 50ish old teenager on "x". Find some fucking retirement home and pop you a few geritol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11

    You're fooling yourself if you don't think u can get ecstasy at a dance show… either that or you're oblivious

  12. 12

    Why are you defending her? She was just there and made those comments to proment herself and sell to a different crowd. It's pathetic.

  13. 13

    Re: BAEEAB – its not about mdma. it's about madonna talking about it to make herself look "cool" to a different crowd.

  14. dtm83 says – reply to this


    u know its really annoying perez, that when you like someone, you cant redicule them, but when u dont like them how easily u can rip them a new one. first of all madonna is so ugly she looks like a man, she is disgusting. talented as a singer she was, her halftime performance was horrendous, she looked like a grandma trying to be hip. second of all maybe everyone thinks her explanation and thats why now 2 djs are bashing her.

  15. 15

    Re: Chooch – I agree. She has been genius in staying current and having such a long career, but it is starting to look desperate. As a woman in the same age bracket as her, I find it disheartening that she tries so hard to be young. I would respect her a lot more if she would embrace her age.

  16. 16

    Re: CKJ10210 – wow shut up, what would 16 year olds even be doing at TRANCE/HOUSE/ELECTRO music festival if they didn't know wtf X is? sheesh

  17. 17

    I have been to deadmau5 and Paul Van Dyk shows. If these guys are so concerned for kids drug use, they should really stop touring. I have never seen more 16 year olds rolling. Dance music has and always will have a drug element to it. Im surprised the molly kids who go to these shows haven't backlashed against the deejays. deadmau5' production is basically a drug playground. As for madonna, the statement was pretty desperate to connect with the kids. But the response she gave deadmau5 made her look even more like an idiot, she should have owned it, christ her cd is called MDNA. btw its pretty fucking good

  18. 18

    No Perez, I can gauruntee you that I will no longer be purchasing anything Madonna related. She is a sad excuse for a music artist. Ignorant and vile. You should be ashamed of yourself for not taking this more seriously.

  19. 19

    Paul van Dyk is one of the best musicians out there. I'm glad he kind of called her out on it. As stated before, I wish Madonna would just disappear. Her last decent album was Ray of Light. Just go out with a bow, not by being embarrassed by true musicians that are still creating fantastic music.

  20. 20

    What a surprise Paul Van Dyk has an album coming out LOL

  21. 21

    Its not that serious, you people are all taking things to an extreme. I am 100% positive that no one kid no matter how old they are going to go buy ectasy because Madonna made a Molly comment, I was there. At the moment the crowd went wild, everyone was having a good time. While you are all here bashing and criticizing her for EVERY little thing, she is laughing her way to the bank. # 1 in 40 countries and #1 album in the USA… so much for a has been, c'ya later Haters!!!

  22. 22

    Exagerated is what you do when talking about these limited twits. And she didn't clear it up already, only 2 you and other flamboyant homo's that hang on every word this nasty old whore says.

  23. 23

    Really? You actually buy her excuse that it was referencing a song by a friend she nearly worked with that no one even knows? I mean…if she had that song on her album and sang it right after saying it, I'd buy it but no…she's full of it. Hell, even if it was referencing the song, I'm willing to bet the song is about E. I already wasn't going to buy her album although sadly I doubt this will affect her record sales much.

  24. 24

    She was born in 1958. She is far too old, to pull off the I'm young and hip because I can talk like a 16 year old. Reminds me of pathetic moms of high schoolers trying to be popular still!
    Madonna you are 53 years old, act like it please! Go get your senior discount and AARP card.

  25. 25

    They are acting fake. What are these DJ's actually DOING about the drug problem? Are they even doing anything about it? If they care so much about people doing drugs why don't they have stricter policies about who goes to their concerts?? Why do they both make songs in references to drugs ??? SUCH HYPOCRITICAL IDIOTS.

  26. 26

    And Deadmau5 wasn't invited to the event, and almost all the other DJ's were.

    Deadmau5 is annoying brat, I seriously can't stand him.

    And for the other people talking crap about her saying she is "old " excuse me, but she has sold a lot of copies of her albums.

    THE POINT IS : These DJ's need to practice what they preach. They do drugs themselves, and for them to jump on her about saying this is extremely hypocritical.

  27. 27

    As for this Paul Van Dyke dude, he needs to take a chill pill too, this isn't the first time Madonna has said something provacative. Making a big deal about what she said is just a stupid way to try to get attention from the media. Get a life seriously, both Paul & Deadmau5.

    Deadmau5 was talking crap about Madonna because he is jealous as heck that she opened up for ANOTHER DJ named Avicii at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

  28. 28

    I can't stand Deadmau5, he was talking about Madonna before saying that she shouldn't have said that or whatever, when HE is the one that actaully DOES drugs, he did drugs on his LIVE webcam online for the world to see. I also know people who have went back stage to his shows and have done blow with him.

  29. 29

    I made an account on here just to comment on this particular story.

    Honestly WHO is complaining about this????? The two DJ's that wouldn't even have any fans or careers if it wasn't for that pill-poppin crowd. It's so dang annoying when you hear HYPOCRITS talking smack out of pure jealousy.

  30. 30

    Not the biggest mistake of her career by any means. She's a dumb twat either way.

  31. 31

    If she were a man no one would give a shit and call her out on nonsense like this. Funny that these Dj's who have a career based on this drug are calling her out on it. Stupid but funny at the same time.

  32. 32

    Madonna is a dried-up bitch. Not only does she come across as being very cold and arrogant in interviews, but where she once crossed lines and provoked people in interesting and innovative ways, she is now doing so tastelessly. She's a marketing pro, and therefore it's obvious that her album is going to sell. But a 50-something-year-old woman calling her album MDNA and then proceeding to make public reference to drugs in order to "identify" with a younger crowd is pathetic. Paul van Dyk may be blowing things a bit out of proportion by calling it "the biggest mistake of her career," but I can definitely get behind his point - and why was she even AT Ultra in the first place? Grow up, Madonna.

  33. 33

    what is most disappointing out of this is YOU perez. I'm a big fan of your bloq and i defend you alot but cmon now.. how can seriously defend her? I dont want to believe you're the type of writer that only criticizes celebrities you DONT like. you should be the first to put the puzzle pieces together. I'm kinda disappointed in you.

    and for the rest of you… Deadmau5 has made it one of his goals to separate this music from drug use. Is it connected to it? yes? but all music genres are connected (in some way) to something negative, rap to violence, etc. is he happy about it? no… he's promoted an anti-drug campaign for a long time. I think it's great. stop criticizing him for trying to do something positive. what? you want him to stop making music and work at Mcdonalds? Don't be stupid, he makes music that he loves.

  34. 34

    I love that she tried to cover it up, saying she was referencing a song of a DJ or whatever that she "almost" worked with on her album… who them promptly said that his song wasn't about drugs. Way to go, bitch.

  35. 35

    Re: jred0715 – How has he promoted a anti-drug campaign for years? Dude the guy does drugs HIMSELF. He was doing drugs live on the internet for the world to see, what are you even talking about? He is a freaking DJ that makes techno and dubstep music, seriously. Do you even hear what you are saying right now? He is a huge hypocrite, the only reason he said something was because she didn't open up for him at Ultra. Get it ?

  36. sm87 says – reply to this


    Bottom line - these two DJs are famous because the majority of people who go to their shows do these kinda of drugs (yes, alot don't do it, but most of them do. I've been to PLENTY of shows around the world to know this first hand, so please don't try and even argue this this isn't the case). Second of all, they are not even an ounce as relevant or as successful as Madonna is, or ever will be for that matter. They are calling this shit out publicly to get some attention. She made a comment (pointing out the absolute obvious about these types of gigs) and people are being way too fucking sensitive about it. Get over it. It's embarrassing.

  37. 37

    I don't really think that someone that has done meth, and coke (Deadmau5) should have ANY room to open his mouth and talk. Seriously. It's like Oprah giving people dieting advice, and Amy Winehouse giving people advice to stay off drugs. It just doesn't work. I guarentee if Madonna would of opended up for him, or made music with him he wouldn't have said anything about this. But why even say anything? It's Madonna. If you guys say she is old and stuff, and "not cool" then why would anyone imitate her and do Molly as well? The only people that even know what "molly" is , is the people that actually DO Molly and associate around people that do it. An average person wouldn't know what Molly is. So shut up and quit defending Deadmouse . He's the idiot that snitched on a different DJ Rusko because he smoked a little weed back-stage. The guy is a straight up idiot.

  38. sm87 says – reply to this


    Re: classychick87 – aaaaaaammmmennnnnnnn.

  39. 39

    Saying that the Djs should stop touring is stupid. If it isn't the rave/DJ crowd it's the jam band scene. Just because the fans make the decision to do molly doesnt mean that the band/DJ supports it by touring. People are going to do what they want, and it can happen in any music scene. Madonna knew what she was doing, someone made a good point about her album title, MDNA=MDMA. stupid. She is a dried up, annoying, auto tuned, computer generated figment of hollywood imagination. I don't think kids are going to go on a molly frenzy now that Madonna said "molly" but c'mon, she shouldn't have said it point blank. Stop making excuses for ignorance.

  40. 40

    ANYONE WHO BUYS HER EXPLAINATION IS AN IDIOT……PERIOD….yopu probably beleive what the Kardashians tell you too….LOLOLOL….Why would Madonna yell out a reference to a song nobody knows, buy a guy nobody knows…..and it also conveiniently means something else to do with drugs…AND her new MDNA looks a lot like MDMA …yet ANOTHER term for this same drug…………….YEAH RIGHT

  41. 41

    I think these OVER RATED ASS DJ'S need to clean the Miami beach sand from their vaginas.

  42. 42

    Just like Elton & Peirs they had recent projects to promote sure dead mouse whatever his name is had a project if not he's in the music business so he would get known for feuding with the most Famous woman in the planet. Madonna may have her stunts but she has grown up and wouldn't tear somebody down for attention.

  43. 43

    It's not the fact that people already do these kind of drugs; it's the fact that she had to call it out to try to sound so cool (not buying her explanation, either). It's about as annoying as the underage girl at a frat party who has to announce to the rest of world, "I'm DRUNK!"

  44. 44

    I'm sorry, but was there a spike in Ecstasy deaths because Madonna mentioned the word "Molly"? If not, everyone needs to shut the fuck up. Everybody knows Madonna doesn't do or promote drugs and I wouldn't expect her to know what Molly referred to. All of this "political correctness" makes me sick. Meanwhile, Deadmau5 and Paul Van Dyk are getting more press than they ever have by piggy backing off Madonna saying the word "Molly". What a JOKE.

  45. 45

    ditto the dried up hag comments… Maybe she should go out on a high note vs. trying to drag out her career until one day she starts looking like Joan Rivers and acting like a 20 year old. It's not a pretty sight.

  46. 46

    I'm not much of a Madonna fan, but I'm a huge Paul Van Dyk fan. They are right, what she said was pretty stupid. Not calling her stupid, I'm just saying she did a stupid thing. Like Paul Van Dyk said, she just wasn't thinking much when she said it. Now she has been scolded, learned her lesson, and even apologized, so everyone should leave it at that. She put a bad label on their work/art, so it was to be expected that they would defend electronic dance music.

  47. 47

    why doesn't the world freak out when a rapper mentions sizurp? I mean, that shit has killed way more people the molly.

  48. 48

    For fucks sake you Madonna haters need to chill the fuck out. She was being sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor, she always has. Her new album is a play on words for MDMA so clearly there's a little self promo in there. additionally keep in mind I guarantee there was a substancial portion of the crowd that was on X at the event as is the case for all dance related events so this bullshit about protect the children is just that bullshit…parents shouldn't allow their 18 year old kids to go to this type of stuff if they're worried they're still imature to know that drugs are bad for you. Paul and Deadmau5 also know that the publicity is great for them and are using Madonna for that as their names aren't known outside of their subsequent fanbases. Finally we wouldn't say a fucking thing if Kayne West or Timberlake made a reference like this but since we're an ageist and sexist society everyone is whining and complaining about Madonna for being "too old" and "ridiculous" for saying this. It was a poor choice of words but move on. Madonna is a prime example of living a drug-free life and staying on top and in-control of your destiny. Funny when GaGa made comments about Coke nobody said shit.

  49. 49

    Re: jp1988 – RETARD

  50. sm87 says – reply to this


    Re: noellechristine – you're a retard… that comment was absolutely accurate dumb ass

  51. 51

    She deserves this backlash. It was an idiot move.

  52. 52

    Re: jp1988
    Yes, always use the ageist/sexist standby defense. It's about as tired as people calling her old. If I remember correctly, people were attacking GaGa for her admittance of drug and alcohol use, and I wouldn't be surprised if you were one of the very ones. And these DJs trying to get publicicity…as if. Paul was asked for his opinion about it an interview, and he gave it. But the main thing about your weak argument is that people have moved on. . I'm pretty sure people are worried about justice for Trayvon or winning the Mega-Millions than this blimp on a radar story.

  53. 53

    She lets her 15 yer old daughter smoke. Of course she dont care about white teens…now african babies r a different story.

  54. 54

    [re=6039744]Re: mustangbiatch[/re
    YOU are a total idiot. Has been ..she is the top money maker lol her concerts are always sold out and you are a "never will be " lol
    SHe has always been anti drug and always will be.
    Just you anotheryour silly crap looser would come up with

  55. 55

    I don't think it was inappropriate for that crowd, it's not like it was a school assembly people. The ones who knew what that meant prob had a little laugh and the ones who didn't probably thought she was kind of weird. It's funny bc these DJ's are bringing even more attention to ecstacy than she did with her question. E-tards are these guys target audience so it's no wonder they're bringing attention to this subculture and ironically acting self righteous while they reap in the benefits.

  56. 56

    i wouldnt have a clue whT MOLLY is but 18 yr olds must of known and that means she knew what she was doing and yes highly inappropriate shes gone too far drugs kill and anphetamines are addictive despite what they say and cause major brain damage ..shes so set on becoming someone that shes going to extreme and stupid levels

  57. 57

    I think they're on point. Madonna is in her 50's and is trying to fit in with the EDM community so she releases an album with a more 'techno feel' (quoted by you) and calls it MDNA, releases a song called "Have you seen molly" which basically asking if you seen my M. So no I don't think they're taking it too seriously I think they are correct. Madonna has a teenage daughter and she's setting this kind of example? "Oh but it's to promote her album." Bullshit, Madonna should act her age and since she's such a "role model" she should fucking act like it .. and please Madonna stay the hell away from raves! We don't need you in our community, thanks. =]

  58. 58

    paul van what?didn't he go on tour opening for one of her tours…hes just mad she didn't work with him on this album which btw is banging>>>please molly/mdma is everywhere specially at ultra…i think it was superb the way she called everyone out and they loved it…if you don't want your kids doing drugs, then spend more time with them and raise them in ordern not to use it…don't blame that shit on someone else…ignorants!!!