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Perez Reviews: Evita on Broadway - starring Ricky Martin!

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What a treat!!!

Such a special way to end a special day in New York City yesterday!

We took Momma Perez to see Ricky Martin in Evita, playing Broadway for the first since the musical ended its original run in 1983, and both the Puerto Rican superstar and the production did not disappoint!

Like Newsies, Evita is a MUST see!

It has everything we LOVE and want in a Broadway musical - excellent songs (timeless ones by Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber), great singing, great dancing, great acting, big sets, fancy costumes, razzle dazzle and all that jazz!

But this production of Evita has more than just flash! It also has a lot of heart! And the show shines brightly mostly because of its two leads - Ricky as Che and in the title role is Argentinian actress Elena Roger, who not only brings authenticity but also gravitas to her performance.

At first we were a little puzzled by her casting. "She's not tall enough," we thought. "She doesn't posses the movie star looks this part demands," we also told ourselves. But all that soon melted away as Elena transcended and transformed! It was fascinating and thrilling to watch her go from unknown Eva to adored Evita. It was equally thrilling to see her so skillfully sing and dance and act, doing it all with aplomb and class. She wasn't acting. She was BEING!

Such believability!

We would vote for her!!!!

And Ricky, as the everyman narrator, definitely has our vote! It was so beautiful to see his beautiful spirit shine so brightly on the Broadway stage!

His interpretation of Che oozes with charisma, just as he does in real life.

We had never seen him "act" in anything before, and we were pleasantly surprised by how well he did! His singing was excellent. His acting was too. And he even showed off his dance moves!

The only critique we had about Martin's performance was that there were a few moments when the heartthrob went into "Ricky" mode and channeled his inner idol. HOWEVER, that is not a lazy choice on his part. The director told us backstage, when we mentioned that (because we like to be honest), that it was his idea for Martin to do that. To give the audience a little of Ricky along with Che. Because, let's be more frank, it is Martin that is helping Evita do huge box office business.

And it is the great production that will help it continue to flourish!!!!

P.S. We totally geeked out and LOVED that Eva sings You Must Love Me in this production - a song written for the feature film adaptation, starring the Queen Of Pop.

P.P.S. Such a pleasant surprise to run into our old pal Nick Jonas at the show!

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22 comments to “Perez Reviews: Evita on Broadway - starring Ricky Martin!”

  1. PepeX says – reply to this


    LOVE Ricky!!!

    Heard so many great things about EVITA on Broadway!!!

  2. 2

    have to disagree, while a fine production, the two leads are terribly miscast. No comparison to Patti and Mandy.

  3. 3

    What the hell is Ricky Martin doing osing for pics with u? The gay community loves him and you give it a bad name!! No Ricky no!

  4. 4

    Another date night with Momma, pathetic. See you're getting your sexual thrills by feeling up the guys any chance you get

  5. zooby says – reply to this


    What is with that gay pose in the first pic? xD Come on Perez! Huge fan but that's just a no! I'm a girl and I don't even pose like that.

  6. Joe Cool says – reply to this


    I thought you watched General Hospital because Ricky Martin was a cast member for a couple years in the 90's. So we HAVE seen him act before! He was in love with Brenda! The talented Vanessa Marcil!

  7. fwermine says – reply to this


    sorry but the first picture screams… gay, gayer, gayest

  8. 8

    Do you honestly think that people actually give one single fuck about what you think about a show or asong and whether it influences them or not? You are fucking deluded. People hate you and they have good reason too. You are a liar, you are insincere, you are a narcissist, fake, a bully and a hypocrite. You totally and utterly disgust me.

  9. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    To add to your rave review…Michael Cerveris! He's a Tony Award winning Broadway legend (The Who's Tommy, Sweeney Todd, Assassins) and is brilliant as Juan Peron. How could you leave him out? without Juan, Evita has nothing to reach for.

  10. 10

    Saw this show a couple of weeks ago when I was in NYC. It was horrible! Someone needs to tell Ricky that the name of the musical is Evita, not Living Evita Loca!!! He continually does his hand posing and hip swivels like he's doing a concert! Elena is not much better, she sounds like Rita Moreno from the Electric Company screeching out all of her lines! The whole production was lack luster!

  11. Mommyof4 says – reply to this


    Ricky Martin is so cool! I love his concerts!!

  12. Max says – reply to this


    You are such a suck up
    Evita lacked pizazz and you know it

  13. Scrib says – reply to this


    Evita back on Broadway. How 80s. : \

  14. 14

    It's funny that the guy on your left is absolutely disgusted by you and believes that you will burn for eternity. He can't say that because it will bring too much bad publicity. Therefore, he pretends to actually be your friend, just as 99% of your "friends" more than likely do. Also, how do you bare having to look at yourself each day? You are so f***ing ugly. Horse face!

  15. 15

    hahaha It's obvious that those people don't even want to touch you. I wonder how badly you smell….

  16. 16

    Is there anything less valuable and valid than a Perez Hilton review? On earth? As for the talent, pandering to an audience raised on X-Factor and Idol. A pale imitation to the trained, disciplined art of Broadways gone. Ricky Fuckin Martin? Fuck Off.

  17. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Please get a stylist““““““ Mario
    Or some good tips on how to dress!
    This outfit is “““““` horrible

  18. Sarah says – reply to this


    You look great Perez! So fit!

  19. luu says – reply to this


    ARGENTINA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20

    Sorry Perez. Saw Evita on Mar 23rd in NYC. Very disappointing. The female lead shouted instead of singing some of the songs. Ricky Martin played Ricky Martin. Can't come close to Mandy. Those sitting around us agreed that it needs more rehearsals or some recasting. I have seen Evita on Broadway, live in Toronto, and the movie. This production has great scenery and dancing and music but the two leads made it my least favorite production.

  21. danielle says – reply to this


    nick jonas gotten so hot. ;)

  22. troadio says – reply to this