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Kanye Spends The Night With Kim K After Confessing His Love!

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Kim Kardashian Kanye Couple


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are TOGETHER! Like…dating! Like … in a relationship … again?! What?!?

Reportedly, Kimmy and Kanye (or shall we say, Kimye?) have JUST rekindled their romance!

Last night, the pair were spotted in NYC, hitting up the movies to see The Hunger Games. From what we're hearing. ‘Ye’s been trying long and hard to get a piece of that Kardashian for a while now. Kanye even mentions her in his new single, Theraflu. And by "mentions, we mean he spills he fell in LOVE with her!!

Well, shiz. We don't even know what to say!!!

Congratz to the new lovebirds…again?? Let's see if you guys can make it work this time around!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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55 comments to “Kanye Spends The Night With Kim K After Confessing His Love!”

  1. 1

    These two should be together…

  2. 2

    Two of the BIGGEST egomaniacs ever…I can't wait to see how this turns out!!

  3. 3

    I'm surprised. How can there be room for 2 massive egos in one relationship? Usually these huge egos choose someone who will stroke their egos, not someone who will compete for attention.

  4. 4

    What, all the other $2.00 sluts were busy ?

  5. 5

    Re: Pumpkin John – lol! yup. two attention-seeking famewhores. kanye is becoming a little biatch with all these ladies. seems like his dumb flings with dumb girls is the centre of his fame these days. rap about better shit kanye. the love shit is getting olllldddd.

  6. 6

    Two narcassitic fame whores doing whatever they can to stay in the spotlight. He probably just wants a chance to piss on her like Ray J.

  7. 7

    Oh my God! two famewhores uniting for the greatest famewhore known to man. One that thinks he is the greatest rapper ever, and one that has banged every rapper ever. At least theyll get a discount filling their Valtrex together.

  8. 8

    I cant stand him or his ugly ass face!!! Theyre perfect for each other

  9. 9

    Match made in loser heaven. Both completely untalented greedy little douchelords.

  10. 10


  11. MaryMM says – reply to this


    really Perez?!?! Out of all ppl you believe this??? What a "coincidence" that shes seen with Kanye the day his song was released!!! Publicity stunt much?!?! shes such a fraud..at least kanye keeps it real!

  12. MaryMM says – reply to this


    lol @ gypsy1020 .. Valtrex discount! haha!

  13. 13

    Just GROSS!

  14. 14

    Is he dark enough for her?

  15. 15

    I kinda like seeing Kim with Chocolate men lol. No light skinned, no half black men like Kris Humphries. Just deep dark chocolate. lol

  16. 16

    What a great pair they make! I wish them well.

  17. 17

    She slept with her bodyguard on her OWN reality show. Her ho-ish antics should surprise no one.

  18. 18

    LOL So much for her staying single for a while huh Perez? She doesn't know how to be single

  19. magna says – reply to this


    amber rose is too good for him anyways…

  20. 20

    Re: magna – I was really surprised at how sweet she comes off in interviews. Its true u cant judge a book by its cover.

  21. 21

    two people that are all bout themselves and are selfish. kim is a slut she played humpries for kanye you could notice shes the kinda girl who creeps around men who have girlfriends and dont care she deserve the peta flour in her face teach you some manners girl dont wear fur idiot kanye making that song makes him more fucking annoying and asshole he thinks jay is a god and master and hes his puppet please kanye get real girl not a hoe kris humpries was right all along shes something

  22. 22

    shes nothing but a dam hoe she said in interview she has diferent soulmates she slept with this kanye i bet you while married i kris wold never divorce this dummy until she pays me money that tramp!!!!!

  23. stickrat says – reply to this


    which one is a bigger fame whore. no fan of kanye's, but at least he has a marginal bit of talent. kim is completely useless unless there isn't a urinal nearby.

  24. 24

    I bet they rented a suite with lots of mirrors where they could continuously check themselves out to make sure they were "looking good" lol…Best of Luck with the Hook Up!

  25. 25

    Re: stickrat – love the urinal thing …. too funny !

  26. 26

    their egos would certainly overcrowd a room, their talent would leave it vacant.
    this broad has absolutely no shame, but then again what $2 whore does ?

  27. 27

    Re: gypsy1020 – LMAO at the valtrex comment

  28. 28

    this grown ass woman have no dignity,morals, respect o i forgot her father defended a man of murder and her mom slept with a man while married to her father robert now you know how she became two parents with no shame…

  29. 29

    i rather stay 100 percent with kris than ugly kanye west

  30. Queen says – reply to this


    OMMMMMGGG!!!!!!!!!!! AMBER ROSE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31

    ….reality show coming sooon……these 2 could make the whole world love em if they make sex tape and give all proceeds to the starving kids around the world,…

  32. Caley Marie says – reply to this


    its a PUBLICITY stunt…nothing more. Fame is all these two care about. GROSS. When will the media realize that nobody cares about either one anymore???

  33. 33

    He's a major douche-bag and she is a nothing but a fat whore - they are perfect for each other!

  34. 34

    Both ego maniacs = perfect for each other.

  35. peter johnson says – reply to this


    What a real whore this woman is.
    it is unbelievable. I feel really bad for all the guys that had been in a relationship.

  36. peter johnson says – reply to this


    Re: it-is-what-it-is
    that is soo true mn
    both are real slags
    Kanye = King Slag
    Kim= Queen Slag

  37. 37

    Amazing the amount of haters on this site. They make a GORGEOUS couple. She's smart and beautiful. Wish I could look like that. He's super cool. I met him at a restaurant once and we had an amazing 5 min conversation. He's super deep. I wish them the best! Get it girl!!! Keep doing your thing and don't pay attention to the blatant JEALOUSY. The haters— grow up/get a life. Find something useful to do with your time.

  38. Gonzo says – reply to this


    They are perfect together. He's a douche and she's a douchette (and loves black cock).

  39. 39

    Who hasn't spent the night with KK, or Kanye? Question here would be who has more sex tapes out there floating around?

  40. 40

    They both have no talent.
    Sorry but its true.
    They are trash.

  41. 41

    This is a publicity stunt. Do you really think that two people who have every trait of narcissistic PD could ever genuinly fall for someone, and especially each other? And do you really think that Kim knows how to handle someone who not only share those traits, but also seems to be autistic, as in Asperger's syndrome? I doubt it.

  42. Qbee says – reply to this


    Just because you put on expensive clothing and jewelry doesnt make you a classy person, Trash is Trash no matter what it wears or what TV show your on! Kim K is disgusting, shallow and greedy….apparently the only parent who could have taught her any morals is gone now….how terribly sad her life is.

  43. TomyC says – reply to this


    That famewhore, douche-bag, ego maniac is dating with…Kim Kardashian?

  44. Kristina says – reply to this


    It bothers me that his name starts with "K"

  45. 45

    I can't wait to see this on E!'s TV show THE REAL WHORES of HOLLYWOOD BLVD.

  46. 46

    Amber Rose 1, Kim Slutdashian 0

  47. 47

    Re: shhhhh – lol are you okay?

  48. KardashiansOnline says – reply to this


    Kimmie <3 Kanye!

  49. 49

    all i can think of is stds and visiting the clinic together a match made in hell countdown to implosion of man woman diva 3 2 1

    disgusting i feel sick just looking at this icky poo poo

  50. 50

    Re: shhhhh – super deep in 5 mins god u are so shallow and see thru pr person again … noone is jelous of these sluts get that thru ur heads its not jelousy its hatred of two rats in a drain pipe copulating to make more rats wanting more cheese .. gross

  51. Baby says – reply to this


    Kim claims to be a hopeless romantic, hopeless romantic my ass! bitch you a hoe! i bet her and quagmire, I mean kanye wont last 72 days! Tranny looking bitch!

  52. gumball 3000 says – reply to this


    Wonderful web site. Plenty of useful information here. I'm sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks on your effort!

  53. 53

    Kanye's teeth always enter a room first.

  54. 54

    Biggest whore and biggest douche in America.. they are perfect for each other.. now if only she will go the way of kanye and become a fucking nobody that he deserves to be.. Both annoying as hell and people need to stop supporting this no good hoe.. she is a terrible person just like this dipshit..

  55. 55

    SHe looks like michael jackson in that picture with kayne