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Cuba Gooding Jr. Denies Groping Allegations

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So Cuba Gooding Jr. walks into a bar…


The Oscar Winner has been accused by several women in New Mexico that he groped them. Ewww! We're actually not kidding about that.

Cuba vehemently denies these accusations and even expressed himself yesterday at LAX. He told some camera guy:

"The allegations are bullsh*t!"

Hmm. A celebrity getting frisky with women? This is brand new information!!

This is definitely some he-said-she-said drama!!!

What do U think is the truth???

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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9 comments to “Cuba Gooding Jr. Denies Groping Allegations”

  1. 1

    I believe him…he's not a (real) jock so he has cred lol. Seriously, people like him have to fight off fans wanting stuff like signing their breasts, butts, etc.,. I wasn't there so I don't really know but he's been around long enough and has a good enough track record I hope he is keeping it under control.

  2. 2

    This past Super Bowl he was at the bar that we had a party at and he actually grabbed my ass when I went up to get a picture with him. I don't think that he does it just randomly and I don't think he really does this stuff when he is sober, but he does do it when he is drunk and when people come up to him to say hello for pictures. I thought that it was funny, he was joking around when he did it and it was not like he grabbed my breast… I guess it is not something he should do but I would hate for him to get in serious trouble when he is joking around and not being overtly perverted.

  3. 3

    HES GUILTY…Fucking Pervert.

  4. Trinity Lewis says – reply to this


    Have to back up Alanalana's experience (for the most part)… met Cuba with a group of girlfriends in Malibu at a packed bar. He was pretty drunk, but moved right in on our group and was very grabby and totally inappropriate with us - making all sorts of comments that I won't even write here. We weren't looking for that kind of interaction at all - we were there for a reunion with a friend from college and not even looking to talk to any guys, nor were we in the least bit flirty with him. It was kind of weird and creepy, and yet, at the time we were all laughing about it because it was so dumb. He didn't grab us in any way that would illicity security or police, but he was "handsy."

  5. kay-tee says – reply to this


    so i dated a girl who has friends in film, and when cuba was filming a movie in ottawa in the past 2 years a few of her friends worked on the set (they work in television presently) in any case, the big story from that time was how gropey and creepy he was, and i dont doubt these girls allegations for one second. when i read this comment i just thought 'ya that sounds about right'. he's gross. and he wasnt drunk, he was totally sober while filming he'd lean over and grab. i wasnt there obviously, i dont know if its true. but i dont doubt it.

  6. 6

    I had kinda chalked it up to him being drunk and goofy but I guess he is a extreme repeat offender. Hopefully this will put some sense in him, some girls will just brush it off and others will really get offended, you can't just go around grabbing everyone. It seems like he thinks that it is okay because he is "someone", but that is ridiculous and he needs to re-adjust his way of thinking if that is what this about.

  7. Emily says – reply to this


    I had a similar experience with this creep. We used to see him out in LA a lot and he was always gross and inappropriate, he acted like he could say and do whatever he wanted with girls cuz he was in a movie… One night he hooked up with my hammered friend and when we googled him the next morning we realized he was married with kids, ew!!

  8. Jon says – reply to this


    I work in film in Ottawa Canada where Cuba came to film the movie Sacrifice. Everyone knew that he was an absolute pig. Even his Ottawa handlers found it difficult to be around him. I know of at least one incident where he put his hand up a young girls skirt in a professional setting. I don't think he will be asked back because he was so disgusting.

  9. bonnie says – reply to this


    I don't agree with what he did, , i am interested only in his acting, not his fetishes. maybe if people would stop making alot of noise about his behavior , he might stop looking for attention and grow up and enjoy his family life.