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J.Lo's Dance Again Music Video Has Arrived!! Watch HERE!!!

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And it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

J.Lo and Pitbull should be proud of themselves. This is definitely one of her best — if not THE best — videos of her career.

So much sparkle! So much sweat! So much sex!

And if U didn't believe in her and Casper Smart's love before, this'll definitely shut U up, LOL!!

Check out Dance Again (above)!!

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25 comments to “J.Lo's Dance Again Music Video Has Arrived!! Watch HERE!!!”

  1. 1

    O M F G . . . This is soooo HOT and FIERCE! LOVE it!!! This woman is SEX ON A STICK!!! btw great chemistry between these two… amazing dancebreak, great energy, AWESOME song! #JLOSLAYEDMYSOUL

  2. 2

    They are dancing in a video…..how the **** does this show love??? Seriously, get a life

  3. 3

    Is this the "Private" & "For Personal Use" stolen Jlo & Casper ORGY video from their bedroom safe?

  4. 4

    It's called "lust" not "love".

  5. 5

    Love it!

  6. jpez says – reply to this


    Finally Jlo shows the world the hoe she is.How pathetic she is trying to pretend she's 20.
    I'm with Maggie this is not love it's lust and will end when she stops giving him money

  7. 7

    I'm all for her doing her thing and having her career, but when I see her grinding on her real bf, all I can think about is her kids. Maybe she should tone down the teenage behavior and compose herself. But sex sells, I guess, thought I find her more pathetic than sexy.

  8. 8

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!! She is a GREAT entertainer!

  9. 9

    This reminds me of My Prerogative. And we all know how that ended. This is going to be awkward once she dumps his ass. But this is the best video I've seen from her. very sexy.

  10. 10

    You would think that she would learn from her Ben days when she had him in her Jenny from the block video, but of course she didn't. She's TOO old NOT to learn from her past mistakes. And with a back up dancer??!! Remember Criss Judd??!!

  11. 11

    I understand sex appeal sells, but this is just plain tacky. She can't sing so she relying on her looks so much. Plus, this further shows that she is going through a midlife crisis because she's overexposing herself through her "sexy" clothes and dating a much younger guy. Sure, older men do that too, but Jlo's reputation paints her in a negative way when it comes to relationships.

  12. 12

    dont like her song , jlo is a sick whore she just cant be alone she has to have dick at all times , the guy is a loser and he is just using her for her money .

  13. 13

    Looked pretty tacky and cheap, just shot with a great camera. The song would've been 3000X better without Pitbull. His verse at the end was so tacky. I would have rather heard the beat play during the breakdown.

  14. 14

    She still has yet to shoot a video better than "Waiting For Tonight."

  15. Gary says – reply to this


    ANNNNDDDDDD, what is this boyfriend # 325?? WHORE ! Close your legs and get a good therapist to find out why you think you ALWAYS have to have a man !!!

  16. Monique says – reply to this


    Yes she looks hot, but also pathetic with her boy toy. Bad choreography. He's goofy looking.

  17. 17

    Loved it…great chemistry between the two. Keep on having fun Jennifer. Life is short and every day count!

  18. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Kat wants men's seman all over her, J-lo is into orgies by the looks of this video….why is music now a days so effing disgusting, perverted and tasteless….this generation is being destroyed with useless crap….Perez all you promote is disgusting perverted garbage, you seriously have no class or taste

  19. 1princesa says – reply to this


    LOVE!?!? these two are not in love! Fuck off Perez, u can't honestly be that daft! We all know she pays him $10K per week for a fuck..
    Is she that desperate that she needs to fuck another back up dancer? A little wanker kid back up dancer that probably got his dick wet 4 the 1st time by fuck this ol' ho. Grow up 'jLO'
    LOW because you have no moral standards or respect, you picked a perfect slang name for yourself. NOW CLOSE YOUR LEGS & MOUTH YOU WHORE & LOOK AFTER YOUR KIDS,

  20. 1princesa says – reply to this


    what a pathetic old slut.. move over madonna..

  21. Mrs. Stone says – reply to this


    Top 40 music has to stop being about sex and then the real artist will come out with the top of the line voices and real talents. The Corporations feed us this crap. Real music is abou

  22. 22

    Ugh!here we go again with another J-HO story.yeah.I said J-HO!this woman needs to dump Casper Smart,go away and take care of those kids that she has with Marc Anthony. and like @1princesa said,she's a punta ass vieja.she's gettin too old.so quit actin like you're in your twenties.you dirty ass vieja.

  23. 23

    OMG You people are such HYPOCRITES AND HATERS!!! Having the AUDACITY to call Jennifer a slut, a whore etc. while she had 6 (SIX), and i repeat !!6!!, relationships in 20 fucking years!!!!
    In everyday life people ALL around us, probably friends of yours, our neighbours, our loved ones and even ourselves, FUCK AROUND constantly with many more people in a month's time than JlO in 20 YEARS!!! But nobody says anything because we are not famous… we call it "searching for the one" and plain "dating"…
    Not to mention Hollywood… almost EVERY celebrity changes sexual partners constantly, especially famous men fuck around ALL THE TIME and everyone is jealous of their sex life without calling them names for it… Sexism and hypocricy in all their glory!
    Jennifer on the other hand not only had 6 relationships in 20 years for crying out loud but married 3 of them! Is this that makes her a slut??!! Being a hopeless romantic and trying to make a relationship official qualifies her as a whore??!! Or the fact that she doesn't care about age difference and decides to have fun in her life as anyone would?! She loses this right because she is famous??!!
    Again it's sad to see that people curse and call other people names (famous or not) without thinking… i guess hiding behind a keyboard is easy when you are a sad hater….

  24. Alyssa Charles says – reply to this


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  25. sexy says – reply to this


    Pan86beat, you nailed it!!!