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Next Week, On Gossip Girl

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It's FINALLY happening, and it's better than we could have ever imagined!

But will it last?!

That's right, after five seasons of the writers coupling pretty much every character together except for these two, Dan and Blair have FINALLY become a couple this year on Gossip Girl, and apparently, in next week's episode, our favorite two-some will be announcing their new-found love with a coming out party, of sorts!

Ch-ch-check out a brand new clip Salon of the Dead, airing Monday (above)!

SERIOUSLY, we know that they are fictional characters - but could they BE ANY MORE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!

Chuck WHO?! Dair all the way!!!!!

What do U think?! With whom should Blair end up!

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27 comments to “Next Week, On Gossip Girl…”

  1. za says – reply to this


    i disagree .. the whole dair hookup is a total bore .. i was hoping for more witty banter between them .. but there is absolutely no chemistry between them .. everything about them is a bore !!!! im more interested in what serena is gonna do as gossip girl and who is chucks real mom !!!!

  2. stefanie says – reply to this


    I'm sorry I can't see blair and dan as a couple, they hated each other for how long? And now they love each other. I do prefer her and chuck

  3. 3

    Does anyone still watch this shit?

  4. cc says – reply to this


    Eww. Eww. Ewwww!
    We want Chuck and Blair!

  5. Nadine says – reply to this


    will start watching again when CHAIR is back. Chuck and Blair 4ever. Dan is soooo boring and ugly!

  6. maga says – reply to this


    I´m from argentina, and i wanna see CHAIR!!!!

  7. M says – reply to this


    I'm glad the writers are not putting Chuck and Blair together. It sends a message to younger girls who watch the show that abusive relationships are okay, if the man says he has changed and loves her. Dan is intellectual and can actual have an adult and healthy relationship with her, unlike Chuck.

  8. ms. c. says – reply to this


    Dan and Blair are amazing together. I just started watching this season bc of them. Once they started heating up I couldn't wait for YT uploads anymore. I had to watch live.

  9. whitney says – reply to this


    I think in real life, high strung women normally end up with more laid back guys, so Blair and Dan actually is a realistic pairing. I also like that they became friends reluctantly before developing feelings for each other in a romantic way. I love them together!!

  10. 10

    Ugh this whole hookup is boring and they have absolutely no chemistry. I didn't even record last night's episode because I'm so bored with it. Someone let me know when they break up.

  11. CC says – reply to this


    Has anyone noticed the the viewings dropped (almost 300,000 less views in America) the second Dan/Blair relationship came into view? The episode with the lowest viewings in the show's history was the episode in which Dan and Blair "consumate their relationship" (Episode 18 "Con Heir").

    The world knows Chuck and Blair are meant to be together!

    Chuck and Blair.

  12. 12

    are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? i have REFUSED to watch the show since they decided to make this the feature story line. they are SO TERRIBLE together! CHAIR ALL THE WAY

  13. 13

    Eww eww eww, they dull, boring, and have no chemistry. I cringe watching them. It's like if she was making out with her brother. Chuck all the way.

  14. lola says – reply to this


    DAIR all the wayyy

  15. MariaPompeo says – reply to this


    people who like CHAIR are sadomasochists

  16. pooh says – reply to this


    ew. ew. ew. ew. ew.
    DAN AND BLAIR NEED TO STOP. it is disgusting and unacceptable. it is so hard to watch them. i do not think it is cute at all. i absolutely LOVE Blair. she is by far my favorite character in this show but in the past few episodes i've gotten really annoyed of her and her choice not to choose chuck. CLEARLY they are perfect for each other. yeah, i like dan as well but he really needs to cut his hair, the long curly hair thing is not happening for me. i do like the fact that a guy like dan (being from Brooklyn and Blair being "upper class" status) but they just need to not date. PLEASE STOP.

  17. AB says – reply to this


    I hate this Dair thing . I just can't see GG anymore because of dan and blair. Blair should be with Chuck together. GG is losing viewers because of Dair .

    CAIR forever <3

  18. 18

    I'm sorry..it's a horrible pairing and I've stopped watching Gossip Girl since this happened. I'm so sick of the back and forth with Chuck/Blair thing. It's almost as bad as the Rachel/Ross thing. Are we going to have to wait until the Series Finale to see them together again. We don't watch this show to see what is probably a "realistic and healthy" couple. We love Chair because it's the forbidden, something you know is wrong but you love it anyway. Thanks GG for making this show officially a snore-fest with Blair and Dan together…LAME..LAME..LAME

  19. 19

    Interesting to see how everybody HATES this dair pairing…but I'm with Perez on this one. I think it's absolutely PERFECT!

  20. 20

    EW. Of course perez, the epitome of the beta male, loves dan and blair. WORST COUPLE EVER. Blair better get back together with Chuck, because her little thing with the donut is ruining her and the show.

  21. Jenny says – reply to this


    Dair The best of GG!!!

  22. courtney says – reply to this


    chuck and blair forever<3 dair is gay and sucks they have no passion no spark as blair and chuck would say no fireworks!!!!!

  23. Steph says – reply to this


    I agree!! Dan is not right for Blair. Her and Chuck are meant to be together and the show is dragging out their relationship. Honestly, they need to move past this and Blair and Chuck can search for his mom, TOGETHER! I think it's going to be some crazy twist; perhaps Lily? She was there that night at the hospital. Just a hunch….I also want to see more of Serena as gossip girl which was a twist that I think a lot of people saw coming, but were still excited for in the end. Honestly though, this DAIR thing is getting old and I'm done with this. If CHAIR doesn't happen by the end of the season, I am quitting on gossip girl. it's honestly getting a bit ridiculous.

  24. Chair the perfect pair says – reply to this


    Dan and Blair, Blair and Dan - is Shit. I cant stand seeing them together. Besides, if not this Jenny thing Chuck and Queen B. would be married already for 2.5 years. And if they were would she suddenly say ; Hey Darling you dont have my heart anymore.
    Chair forever

  25. Kelly says – reply to this


    no, i hate dont like dair at all, i only wait every episode for just a tiny bit of chair to keep me going.

  26. Sasha says – reply to this


    Bring back Chuck&Blair!!!! GG is rubbish with Dair as a couple!!!

  27. meredith says – reply to this


    whoa whoa whoa….say NO to Dair!!!