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Christina Aguilera Makes It Personal With Justin Timberlake's Buddy & Adam Levine's Protégée On The Voice

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We weren't expecting this!!!

Last night on The Voice super hot ex-Mousketeer, Tony Lucca, got some tough love from his fellow ex-Mousketeer, Christina Aguilera.

Ch-ch-check it out in the video (above)

The Genie In The Bottle originally referred to Lucca's rendition of Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes as "good," but her criticism soon took a harsh tone as she described Lucca as "one-dimensional."

She goes on to say:

"Obviously we get a lot of support. You've got me and your old Mouseketeer buddies behind you. And Justin in particular. I hope this is really a contest about the voice. I think there are just better voices on the show, rather than a celebrity sway kind of thing."

We were a little confused why Christina dropped Justin Timberlake's name.

Until we saw a post from Justin where he tweets:

"Tony Lucca @ Luccadoes performs LIVE tonight on #The Voice Tune in and vote for my boy!!! #realtalent"

We don't doubt Christina was sincere with her remarks, but they did seem a bit harsh considering Lucca's wife and son were in the audience watching their dad's performance live.

Lucca's mentor, Adam Levine, backed Lucca up, obviously. Could this be the beginning of a feud between Adam and Christina? Or even better, Justin and Christina?

We certainly hope so! For entertainment's sake!

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32 comments to “Christina Aguilera Makes It Personal With Justin Timberlake's Buddy & Adam Levine's Protégée On The Voice

  1. 1

    She's absolutely right but should have kept her whore mouth shut.

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. tom says – reply to this


    One of my all time favorite songs. I actually liked his version but he is not the most dynamic performer.

  5. 5

    ok really this girl is a judge? she might be able to sing, i'll give her that.. but when was the last time she put out an album that was good?

  6. Rob says – reply to this


    If she shut her mouth then whats her purpose in that show? The Voice is a singing competition, they JUDGE the contestant base on their performance. Duh?

  7. 7

    I actually liked his version of the song. Christina should have kept her mouth shut. The comments were unnecessary. Who knows what kind of personal feud/issues she may have felt towards Tony all those years ago growing up. Could be rearing its ugly head. Also I noticed for the majority of the singers, if the coaches were not the mentor of the singer performing, they gave them a bad review. In particular Christina's reviews were harsher for all the contestants over the other judges. She is just trying to stop the competition for her own singers.

  8. 8

    Christina has turned so bitchy I don't even like her music anymore. I used to love her before she went off the rails. What she said to that guy on national TV was rude and mean. Totally uncalled for. I thought he was just excited to have been a part of the MMC days. Since he has that in his background what's he suppsed to do? Pretend it never happened? Whn you look at where she is sitting with all her success and whenre this Tony Lucca guy is sitting, still trying out for talent shows, I think it was pretty nasty for her to do that. If she wasn't impressed there are a lot of other ways she could have said it.

  9. Dale says – reply to this


    she was right.

  10. 10


  11. mayfither says – reply to this


    If she was a good judge she woulda been judging American Idol or Xfactor not a "oh cool this is working lets copy it" show.

  12. cecifire says – reply to this


    it's not like tony ASKED for the celeb endorsement. low blow on her part. she's just jelly.

  13. 13

    Xtina was being honest. I think she was right in a way. I hope people vote purely base on voice and not because of celebrity sway!

  14. Sass says – reply to this


    Call Christina whatever you want but one thing for sure is that she is an honest person. A lot people associate being honest and opinionated especially coming from a woman as being bitchy. She is right. There is nothing special about Tony. Yes its her opinion and she is entitled to have one. This show is about "the voice" and there are many people on the show that are far better than Tony. Having Justin out there promoting his friend is not fair for the rest of the people on the show that don't have a wide knowing celebrity backing them up. So if being honest about it makes her a bitch then so be it. Wake up and smell the coffee folks!

  15. 15

    In her bitch way XXXtina was right on the money. That performance by Tony was mediocre at best. Good karaoke.

  16. Reverpass says – reply to this


    If being honest means being bitchy, I would love everyone to be as bitchy as Xtina. She's an amazing singer/performer, and whether you like it or not, she's one of the judges, and she has the right to speak her mind about any contestant, if she feels he's one-dimensional, she's just stating the way she sees him, and how she feels him, is that wrong? Come on! If she's too nice, it's because she's nice, if she's too honest, she's a bitch, give the girl a break!

  17. onehorsetown says – reply to this


    There's another singer in the competition, Jermaine Paul, who is Alicia Keyes' backup singer. The Voice showed a little snippet of Alicia wishing him well. They haven't showed anything about Tony's celeb buddies…why is everybody upset about Tony, but not Jermaine? Same thing. There was also the contestant who used to be the guitarist on Carson Daly's show and he endorsed him, and the other contestant is a Broadway actor, most recently appearing in "American Idiot." YOU CAN'T HELP WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE!
    Unless you know Tony, most probably don't know his Hollywood connections. He was asked to be in NSYNC when they started; he decided not to, because he's not interested in that type of music. He clearly has talent.
    He also dated Keri Russell for many years, so he's no stranger to Hollywood and all that goes along with it. He's had songs on soundtracks and he's been touring for years.
    The Mickey Mouse Club included him, Xtina, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Ryan Gosling. Once again, YOU CAN'T HELP WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE!!!

  18. Angela says – reply to this


    the point is to be constructive not vicous. she has the right to opinion but digging at someone's throat isn't helpful it's just bitchy and rude. Tony did a good job, great…no the song isn't suppose to be a blow you out of the room song, it's subtle, it's soft, it's sexy. He accomplished that! Tony brings up his past no differently than the others do. Difference for him is to him the music was about the art, not the dollars. He now has a family to take care of so now he wants to branch back out there and see if he can get a contract. We love Juliette Simms (she's had 4 records already), we like Erin Martin ( dad is a big wig on CeeLo's recording companies team), Tony Vincent is a former broadway actor, Chris Mann sings in the opera and Jermaine Paul was back up for Alicia Keys (hell she even called the show), one had Perez Hilton show up. Tony was good, not great but he got ALL my votes!!!

  19. Rob says – reply to this


    If Tony Lucca don't accept criticism from the judges then he won't improve. Call Christina Aguilera whatever you want she's being honest with her opinion. And its unfair to other contestants that he is asking HELP from celebrities.

  20. Angela says – reply to this


    You must have the in with the celebrity crowd to "know" he asked for celebrity favors. I saw nothing where he asked Justin Timberlake to say anything. We didn't see Justin calling him on the show (as we did Alicia Keys). And it's not constructive comments, it's degrading. There was NOTHING given to him in her comments that would be something to grow from. That's when it's bitchy. Please I'm a female myself in a male dominated field, I know a thing or two about a woman voicing her opinion and being called a bitch. I call it like I see it here!

  21. 21

    Christina is a bitch and has been since the early 2000's. The amount of celebrities she's pissed off with her nasty attitude is laughable… Eminem, Mariah, Beyonce, Pink, Westlife, Avril, Charlotte Church, Vin Disel, just to name a few off the top of my head. On top of that, she sounds AWFUL. Her lovely voice is drowned out by all that growling, oversinging and screaming. Ugh.

  22. 22

    Shouldn't she stuffing her piehole with a piazza and washing it down with a case of beer. Bloated drunk shouldn't talk smack about the guys singing skills seeing how she destroys a song with her screetching like a banshee each and every time.

  23. clazzy says – reply to this


    Miss Priss just blew HER 1 DIMENSIONAL chance to win! #UGLYSKANK

  24. Reverpass says – reply to this


    Re: HereIamGuys – Obviously you know nothing about Xtina growling, oversinging and screaming??? Seriously? Do you know who were her biggest influence? Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone…have you ever listened to them? Have you ever listened their style? If not, I strongly recommend you to do so, and you'll find out a little bit more about Xtina's so-called growling, even Xtina herself talked about how difficult it was at the beginning of her career to try to sound a little bit more serious than a "pop princess", that's why she decided to drop her first record label as she was being sold as a bubblegum pop sensation.

  25. 25

    I can't stand the fact that, not once, has she ever looked anyone in the eye when she talks to them. It's annoying.

  26. 26

    I agree with her to a point, I think it's always great to give constructive criticism, but sometimes being too honest can be a little to much. The one thing I can appreciate and which is why I love Christina, is that she's has always been very vocal and honest about her opinions that can sometimes be misconstrued as being a "bitch". I think he did a good job, but I also thought that he could've of done better and she's right, there are other people on the show that is 10x better. I agree w/ her also on celebrity vote sway, take for an example Raelynn .. I'm sure it's part of the "country pack" at the ACM that kept her around.

  27. 27

    Re: HereIamGuys – hmm..the last time i checked, she did a song w/ Eminem. The only reason why Pink dislike Christina is because she was jealous that Linda Perry gave her more attention (yes, it's true go look at Pink's Behind the Music). Mariah Carey, because ppl kept comparing her to her and obviously we know how Mariah is. Avril..b/c she didn't say hi? that's real mature. I can go one, the point is ..it's always SOMEONE feuding with Christina and it's because of jealousy!

  28. xtinaguilera says – reply to this


    Well, she is right actually.. I mean, it's a show about the voice, and he already became more popular because of Justin Timberlake and Christina..

  29. 29

    it was totally wrong of Justin to tweet his followers to go vote for Tony even before he performed. it would be a different scenario if he tweeted after and praised his performance. And she is compleltely right about his singing, its been the same since his blind audition and battle round. If Justin is such a great friend then maybe he can sign Tony to his label. Anyone remember Justin Beiber tweeting his fans to vote for Javier last season. I have even more respect for Christina for being honest.

  30. jamie22 says – reply to this


    She is paid to give her opinion. Vicious? Are you kidding me? She didn't do what Simon Cowell does and say "that was bloody awful, that was the worst thing I've ever heard". She gave an HONEST critique of his performance. This woman can't do anything without being viciously attacked. The funny thing is, the attackers say 20 times more disgusting, nasty things towards Christina than Christina has ever said.
    So her saying she thinks there are stronger singers, that his performance was one dimensional and that she hopes the show is still about The Voice and not about a contestant having former celebrity, calls for her being called a bitch, fat, worthless, whore, etc.
    Get off your high horses. You're allowed to spout off your opinions whenever, but Xtina does it in a CIVILIZED manner and she's horrible? Please.

  31. NightWolf says – reply to this


    Re: jamie22 – There is nothing civilized about what she did. I think the "one dimensional" comment was unfounded, and I completely disagree, however, the vicious part everyone is talking about, is the comment about celebrity support. It was junior high drama, and she acted like a child. There was nothing constructive about it. So please… FALL off your high horse so that maybe you bump your head and knock some sense into yourself.

  32. 32

    Diss XTina all you want, but she WAS *HONEST*… sorry, the guy is no doubt a good singer, but the performance wasn't something that I could barely even keep my attention on. It's funny, too. All the people calling her fat/ugly/whatever…. I'm sure all of you are fatter and uglier than her x 10 at least. (I'm 5'6 and 102 lbs., so I don't have any reason to call anyone fat and ugly, even if I DO dislike them…I'd rather focus on the facets of their personality…). Not to mention she has one of the most amazing voices IN THE WORLD, which is not disputed by many AT ALL, and millions upon millions of dollars… just stfu already, haters. ;)