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Governor Scott Walker Is Pretty Much The Worst Governor

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Scott Walker Is Horrible

You may remember Governor Scott Walker from last May, when he tried to kill a bill that would let same-sex couples be recognized as next of kin for hospital visitation rights.

Yeah, that nice guy.

Well, he's still been busy!

What has been up to? Glad you asked! On Good Friday, he signed some things into law, including: a repeal of workers’ rights to sue, a bill mandating only abstinence-only sex education, a law that places new state limits on abortion.

How did this guy even get his job?? These are basically anti-women, anti-worker, and even anti-children bills that are now law!

And he did it late in the evening on Good Friday, no less, knowing nobody would really be around to notice or object or make a fuss.

That's exactly what people should do, though, regardless of if they've already been signed: speak up, and speak out!

Talk about the worst Governor ever, basically! Shame! You deserve better, Wisconsin!

[Image via AP Images.]

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58 comments to “Governor Scott Walker Is Pretty Much The Worst Governor”

  1. 1

    I'm sure my old high school alone could prove that abstinence only sex education does not work.

  2. Brainiac says – reply to this


    This man is living proof that the brainwashing Christian/Political agenda is working.
    The one initiated decades ago. Y'know, when Hitler failed.

    Totalitarian countries, here we come!
    (Build safe houses for your daughters, and start practising your salutes.)

  3. Brainiac says – reply to this


    Re: Sick_girl
    Nice! First laugh of the day, Sick girl, thanks.
    (p.s. love the avatar)

  4. ONIT says – reply to this


    I always thought the US are all about innovation and future-orientation, not about recreating mediaeval times? That only leads to fundamentalism and terrorism as we should know by now. Just look at all the Islam terrorism (9/11) and the Christian terrorism (Norway 2011).

  5. 5

    He's my hero.

  6. 6

    Imagine that. A Governor that actually does his job.

  7. Megen says – reply to this


    He is in the process of being recalled. He also stripped away the rights of Union Workers last winter, which is what prompted the recall.

  8. fid says – reply to this


    Ah America…land of the..free? Hah, that is such a funny statement now. Couldn't be further from the truth. Good luck you guys.

  9. Sunny says – reply to this


    His laws have nothing to do with innovation. He is bringing back good family values. Wish there were more like him!

  10. 10

    What your writing about the laws he passed, sound very unfair,but since it is YOU writing about it, I take it with a grain of sand
    You have a habit of only reporting on about half of what really happens
    Perfect example, your shock of a bill being passed on Good Friday, well how about a bill passed Late on Christmas Eve, you know the night people want to be home with family
    Plus the Christmas Eve Bill was not popular, over 67% of all Americans were against Obamacare
    But it got passed anyway

  11. WIGal says – reply to this


    Wow ok first of don't talk crap about saying how WI deserves a better governor when you're not even from here and don't know what is going on at all. He is the greatest thing to happen to WI and I can speak on this first hand because I live here! He has helped out so much with our economy that no other governor would ever do. Sure I don't agree with his views on gay rights but come on he has done so much good for our state its unbelievable! Do you know how much money he has saved this state and how much other good he has done?!?! O that's right you don't because you don't know crap about WI politics, only what you here from the liberal news stations that only talk about what they "think" he has done wrong. So unless you live here and experience the good change going on, you can't talk about how we deserve better. You have no clue so shut up!!!!!!!!

  12. 12

    typical republican….who is anti-anything.

  13. REAL_Wi_Gal says – reply to this


    Unlike Sunny and WIGal, I can tell you that EVERYTHING he is doing for our state is wrong, shady, disgusting, anti-public workers, anti-teachers, anti-women and anti-jobs. He's a disgrace, and over a million people signed his recall petition. Good riddance, douchebag.

  14. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    if being against abortion is anti-women, then being for abortion is anti-children!!! and dont say that when it's in the womb it's not a child, because it is! it's infuriating that a single cell inside a woman isn't considered life, but if some nerdy scientist found a single living cell on some distant planet you'd all be screaming that life was found on another planet…..the world has become so effing warped in the head it's pathetic…no morals left whatsoever

  15. Pro-Choice Pro-Women says – reply to this


    Re: CanadianMommy – It is uneducated people like you that have gotten USA to this point. As someone who has recently completed her graduate studies in molecular medicine I can tell you right now that the the the mass of cells you refer to as a child is not alive. Something that can't survive on its own without the host (mother in this case) is not viable and it is because of the progress made by scientists and medical personnel that people can even say that the fetus is a baby at 22 weeks. Next time you get a bacterial or a fungal infection I hope you won't consider taking any medication as you willl be killing live things.

  16. Gurr says – reply to this


    Gov. Walked has a track record of lies that have followed him to his current position. He is shady- period. It does not matter where one candidate stands in regards to their politics and beliefs, if the people vote them in. But late night sessions to force out the votes of the other political party members who were equally voted into government positions, signing in bills because he knows he is about to be recalled, talking trash about unions because they choose to stand up for themselves- firefighters, teachers, police workers…. this is wrong. It is not so much what the man stands for as they way that he personally has handled his position in office that outrages the many of Wisconsinites who do raise their voices in anger. He will always have supporters, but more so, as long as he continues these antics- he will also have a lot of people willing to fight tooth-and-nail to get his butt out of office.

  17. recallwalker says – reply to this


    Re: WIGal – you're right he only reported half of it because Walker actually signed the laws on thursday and didn't announce the signing until friday. I can't wait to recall him in June!

  18. recallwalker says – reply to this


    Re: WIGal – I am from wisconsin, walker is an awful governor who loves taking people's freedoms away. abstinence only education? revoking equal pay rights? are you kidding me? looking forward to the recall in June.

  19. 19

    WI teachers are not required to teach "Only Abstinence" they are required to teach abstinence as the only 100% way to prevent pregnancy and STI's last I checked that was true… As for the limits on abortion- it just requires a woman to be seen by a doctor in person before getting an abortion- since it is a medical procedure I'm not sure what's wrong with that… As far as Union Workers rights- I have a conflict of interest and won't comment further.

  20. Wisconsinite says – reply to this


    Learn more at defendwisconsin.org

  21. 21

    Re: WIGal
    This is the perfect example of let the States govern themselves. If the people of this state did not like him they have two options. Vote him out or move.
    if the Federal gov tells everyone what to do you have NO OPTIONS
    Progressive/liberal government does not work people. When will you wake up and see what these special interest agenda mongers are doing to our country. It is time to take it back!!!! Viva La Revolución. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves right now :'(

  22. oblio says – reply to this


    Incredibly slanted article that doesn't tell the whole story. We need more politicians like Scott Walker to set things straight. Like my fellow Wisconsinites I cannot wait until the recall election in June too. It will give us an opportunity to reiterate the direction we need to go and shut you whiny freeloaders up. I STAND WITH WALKER!

  23. Judypants says – reply to this


    Re: Pro-Choice Pro-Women – You're a fucking idiot. A two year old can't survive away from it's "host" parent either. So can we kill two year olds?

  24. 24

    Re: MR Pete – The Republicans demonized so much Health Care (which is a sign of a MODERN society that cares about its people) that a lot of Americans sided with the bastards. Even those that are shoulder deep in health-related debts. Go understand.

  25. 25

    Re: Judypants – YOU are the idiot, you uneducated waste of time.

  26. Pro-choice says – reply to this


    Re: Judypants – Lovely language but don't worry I won't hold that against an uneducated person like yourself. A two year old can breathe on its own and they actually have some brain function; they are viable outside of their mother's womb. Your argument is completely invalid and you are not even doing anything to support it. The only thing you know how to do is lash out with foul language.

  27. Wisco Native says – reply to this


    We're on it. A recall has officially been ordered and will move forward. I did not vote for him the first time around and will vote against him again. I hope enough people do the same! Thanks for spreading the word.

  28. Wisco Native says – reply to this


    Re: Sunny – What world are you living in where women making less than men is a "good" family value?

  29. oblio says – reply to this


    It will be interesting to see what all the anti-Walker folks have to say when he gets re-elected. And trust me, he will.

  30. Lisa says – reply to this


    Oh don't worry, Perez dear. We here in the state of Wisconin are in the process of recalling his ass. Recall Elections coming up within weeks.

  31. 31

    Not to mention that the money the federal government gave to each state that was supposed to be given to homeowners that lost their homes due to the banks' shadiness and mistakes in foreclosure deals, Walker instead used that money to balance the budget. So yeah he has saved our state SOOOO much money because he is taking away money that is meant for the people!!! RECALL WALKER!!!!!

  32. Midwest_Warrior says – reply to this


    How long does it take for comments to show up or does he delete comments he doesn't like because I don't agree with him?

  33. Midwest_Warrior says – reply to this


    Wow Perez… I've been reading this website for a long time and have never commented before. I did this time because of someone who compared a baby to a fungus and I happen to be pregnant so I spoke up and said something that doesn't fit your political agenda so you didn't post 2 of my three comments trying to lay down some abortion facts. It's so funny you cry about freedom of speech and fairness but if someone doesn't agree with you our comments aren't posted. I said nothing vulgar I just posted facts. This is the problem with the left. They can dish it out, protest, whine, cry but when it comes down to the facts they aren't willing to even tolerate differing opinions. The so call "tolerant" left is a joke. You call anyone who doesn't agree with you bullies, small minded, backwards yet you never stop and consider that for not accepting the way other people believe makes you just as small minded and intolerant as you claim them to be. Acceptance means you accept everyone's views, not just your own. You can never convince me that you are open minded Perez. I'm sure you won't post this comment either. Don't do it. I dont mind. It just proves my point further. You have no tolerance for anyone that disagrees with your views and you are too much of a website tyrant to post opposing views so it doesn't threaten your claim of acceptance for ALL.

  34. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: Pro-Choice Pro-Women – first of all, im not american and i haven't dont sh*t to screw up your country and second….i had an ultra sound at 16 weeks and saw a heart beat, moving arms and legs, moving baby….don't you dare effing tell me it wasnt a baby…

  35. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: Midwest_Warrior – i agree….and have you ever noticed most pro abortion people are vegetarians and PETA lovers……they give animals more rights than humans….sickos

  36. Midwest_Warrior says – reply to this


    Re: CanadianMommyRe: CanadianMommy
    At 11 weeks we saw our baby waving it's arms, kicking and moving so much it made the docs laugh and ask if I'd had anything spicy which I had! For something not "alive" those reactions were very human like. I'm 17 and a half weeks now and can feel my little one moving around. To compare a unborn baby to a fungus floored me. Is that how much respect we have for human life these days? Wow… just wow. I suspect my comments weren't posted because I referred to abortionist as anti-lifers. Funny how it offends them but it's actually what they really are… unless you are a baby seal or a whale.

  37. dee says – reply to this


    Re: REAL_Wi_Gal – Amen!

  38. dee says – reply to this


    Thanks Perez…for taking the time to include this and talk about it and get it out there! Thanks from Wisconsin. This loser has gotta go!

  39. dee says – reply to this


    Re: Midwest_Warrior – Settle Down….a little more Midwest a little less Warrior, please.

  40. Midwest_Warrior says – reply to this


    Re: dee
    Comparing an unborn child to fungi is unacceptable in my eyes and should be to anyone else too. I'm also tired of the double standards. For years the left has cried "intolerant, racist, rednecks, backwards" among other things to anyone who leans right. How is that for ironic? So it's called intolerant if you DON'T agree with the left but it's ok to be intolerant of the "right" way of thinking and plus lets add name calling and claims of being uneducated to that list. It's gets really old and the logic to that way of thinking is elementary at best. Agreeing to disagree, presenting facts, and speaking with votes is the adult way to do things. Perez is an example of a name calling leftist. He claims people are bullies if we don't agree with exactly what he does but slings out names if they say something against his political agenda (Kirk Cameron anyone?) I don't hate gays, I'm all for equality but I respect people's religious beliefs too. He clearly doesn't. So that is why I'm more Warrior then Midwest.

  41. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: Midwest_Warrior – i know….how many people when they find out they are expecting go around saying…im so excited, i have fungus inside me!!! it sickens me how little this world has grown to care for the miracle of life….abortion is just irresponsible women avoiding their responsibility so they can continue living for themselves! God have mercy on them…i have nothing more to say on the matter….im going to go hug my beautiful children.

  42. wtf says – reply to this


    screw you perez! you have no idea whats going on in wisconsin! Walker is doing everything he said he would do BEFORE he was elected and he hasn't flip flopped at all! please stick to what your good at and just talk about celebrity gossip!!!! you have no idea about wisconsin and have absolutely no right to talk!

  43. toby says – reply to this


    Re: kirknyc24 – You are certainly in the minority. I also live in Wisconsin and can't see a single thing you speak of. Walker tells us he balanced the budget yet he goes to DC and tells the Feds were still 3 billion in the hole. Walker is a manipulative liar. It won't be long before he's criminally charged with campaign finance fraud and sent to prison.

  44. 44

    …the koch bros bought this guys job……google it

  45. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I'm from Wisconsin and let me tell you, we are trying really hard to get this man out of office. Thank you so much for brining this to you readers' attention. People really need to know what he's doing to this wonderful state and what rights he is taking away.

  46. 46

    Re: CanadianMommy

    As a fellow Canadian, I had to sign up to say shame on you and your ignorance with such a blanket statement. Women have abortions for several reasons; not always because they're all little hussies that couldn't be bothered with a baby messing up their social lives. I will not debate this further, however, as this particular story isn't about pro-life/pro-choice and I've come across your kind before. It's a never ending "debate".

    The more I read about the various states presenting and passing laws that seem to go against the very thing most Americans hold dear (your constitution) the more blessed I feel to live elsewhere. What the hell is going on down there lately? Your rights on being stomped on left and right (no pun intended) and it seems like very little is being done about it. Where's the outrage? If you do manage to recall this guy, will there be another one just as bad, or worse, to take his place?

  47. Gurr says – reply to this


    Re: Judypants – Glad you stand with Walker. You probably have a big old sign standing in your yard too, just to prove your point. There are many people who are outraged over Walker's Actions. Like the people who work for the DNR- seeing as WI was the ONLY state who was not awarded a grant this year as so many funds have been taken away from the projects that they belong to and used instead for other pathetic Walker-driven agendas. Perhaps also mention that you stand with Walker when you look at the next person in your city whose spouse died of lung cancer and was awarded money from the big tobacco companies, but never saw that money either as it went to pay off the states debt instead. So many wrongs will NEVER make a right. Unless of course you are a Republican.

  48. Gurr says – reply to this


    Re: oblio – Sorry. Last comment was meant for you. Hope you enjoy it!

  49. Gurr says – reply to this


    Re: Gurr – Wrong person. Sorry.

  50. 50

    Re: CanadianMommyRe: Midwest_Warrior – You really are dumb.. you're given biological FACTS and still protest (and clearly do not understand what a host is..). By giving emotional responses no less! It kicks and it moves around so it's alive'? What about brain activity? You need a functioning brain in order to be alive, a heartbeat alone doesn't say much (people in a coma have a heartbeat, doesn't do much for them). If you have a miscarriage after 12 weeks, do you believe your child/ a human being actually died or tell future children they used to have a brother or sister? I would think not. But the thing that PO'd me the most was you saying abortion is just irresponsible women avoiding their responsibility. REALLY?! A 12-year old girl gets raped, turns out to be pregnant, then what? A child should have a child? Abortion is a necessary evil, I'm glad many women have the option to abort. You make it sound like some women use it as post-birth control, snap out of it.
    And btw I love meat and abhor PETA's scare tactics

  51. Yep, I'm liberal says – reply to this


    Just to set the record straight, it was the anti-abortion CandadianMommy who first made the comparison between a zygote and a "single living cell on another planet". When the pro-choice person debunked her claim, you all expressed your disgust with HER for making the comparison? I mean, I've seen conservative re-write history, but never quite so soon!

  52. ckai says – reply to this


    he's got dick suckin lips if you ask me

  53. 53

    For goodness sakes, abortion is never a woman's first option. Who WANTS an invasive procedure if they don't have to have it? No one uses it as birth control, where does this myth even come from? Who would choose to have an invasive procedure if it wasn't necessary?

    By the way being pro-choice doesn't mean you're pro-abortion. I doubt I'll ever have an abortion but I'm not going to stop someone else. So an unloved, unwanted child is better than removing some cells? I think all people like 'Canadian Mommy' should have their names put on a huge wheel, and every time an unwanted baby is born, THEY can raise the child because you know, they 'care' so much.
    Are any of you pro gay marriage? Does that mean you intend to marry a woman? I feel sorry for your new child, being born to such an uneducated twit.

  54. notebook review says – reply to this


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  55. notebook review says – reply to this


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  56. perez=douche says – reply to this


    Perez he got the job by being elected in the Democratic system of the state. Do you need that process to be explained? Also just because he doesn't do exactly what you want doesn't make him a bad governor now look at the man before him and what he did for this state and then you would see who really is bad for Wisconsin, not Walker.