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Paul McCartney: DO NOT Compare One Direction To The Beatles

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But he does say concede they are 'terrific.'

Paul McCartney dismisses any whisperings that the Simon Cowell manufactured X-Factor boyband One Direction compares in any way to (arguably) the most influential band of the 20th century, The Beatles.

On the British morning show Daybreak, Paul said:

"(That's the) kiss of death. So many bands, they all get called the next Beatles. It puts an awful lot of pressure on them to be the next Beatles. Oasis were the next Beatles once, if you remember. It's pressure because suddenly you have got to live up to all the things that we did. It was a different time back then. So let's just call them the next terrific band.”

Aw! Well that’s a lovely way to give praise while not really giving praise!

We agree with Paul and think it’s outrageous to call someone the next (insert great band name here) because all the truly GREAT bands in history were unlike anything that had come before…


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28 comments to “Paul McCartney: DO NOT Compare One Direction To The Beatles

  1. 1

    Why is no one talking about your boy band?

  2. tim says – reply to this


    I think that in terms of popularity and fanbase, they are very similar to the Beatles but in terms of music and ability they are very different. The Beatles wrote all of their own music and worked in small venues for years before ever making it big. One Direction, while a great commercial boy band, are not the same artists that the Beatles were. It's undeniable that they make young girls crazy in the same way though.

  3. 3

    This is laughable. Can you say flash in the pan? The next Beatles? Whoever said that should be tarred and feathered.

  4. 4

    in terms of talent and career longevity- Paul is ABSOLUTELY right - but he's too polite to coe out and say that
    he gracioulsy refers to the unfairness/pressure of the comparison
    no comparison now or ever between the 2 groups
    the Beatles formed organically by 4 talented friends)
    One Direction was formulated by a brilliant Simon Cowell

  5. 5

    I don't think any band can be the next Beatles, because like Paul said, those were different times. The only reason One Direction gets compared to them is because they're British, not because they're trying to emulate another band.

  6. boston61 says – reply to this


    F you Paul. No one else except for your nepotistic daughter can have success?

  7. Drew says – reply to this


    Re: boston61 – What are you talking about?

    You sound like some young silly One Direction fan who didn't even bother to read Paul's comment. He's saying it's too much pressure on any band to say they're the next Beatles. He's saying let One Direction just stand on its own and make its own way — without these silly comparisons.

    And since Paul's daughter Stella is not in the music business, WTF are you talking about?

  8. 8

    One Direction can never be next Beatles. They're just another manufactured act that Simon Cowell formed. The only reason why they're getting compared is because they're British. One Direction's music isn't that great. It's just an image thing. The Beatles have great music that will live on forever. Most of my friends are going crazy over One Direction and I am proud to say that I'm not part of that. I'm 18, and I listen to classics, not this garbage that is being "fed" to us. I know this is off topic, but I just think that One Direction is just here to replace Justin Bieber. It's a cycle of manufactured acts that will never end.

  9. 9

    These kids look like 15 years old. You're promoting a pedophile's dream.

    I feel like a creeper even looking at them

  10. bicyclesound says – reply to this


    whoever compared the two should die. You know nothing about the Beatles clearly.

  11. Black Rose says – reply to this


    Here's the thing…I've heard of the Beatles and I still to this very day have never heard a one direction song or whatever they're called…

  12. 12

    These boys won't make it past 3 albums. Anyone with eyes could see the Middle Eastern looking one is flaming and only the one with the bush hair can sing. They are better than IM5 though, but boy bands need to finally die out once and for all.

  13. 13

    *bushy, not bush

  14. andrea says – reply to this


    hahaha…oh my god… this is offensive and funny at the same time! one direc…who?

  15. Sofia says – reply to this


    WTF! No comparison whatsoever, not even their fanbase. Beatlemania was insane! The Beatles wrote and composed their own songs, all these kids do is sing songs that are written for them. The Beatles = Pure Talent.
    @boston61 seriously wtf are you talking about? Stella is a Fashion designer moron nothing to do with music, your probably talking about Paul's son he's a musician.

  16. Zuke Tonz says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who?
    Cause he doesn't have a boy band fucker

  17. 17

    …can any of these guys play chopstix on the piano ?…oh, and lose the beeber helmets fellas………

  18. thelawmaker says – reply to this


    hmmm one direction's debut album went in at No1 in america selling over 176,000 copies in a week, simon cowell works with Syco records the record company there signed to. it only sold 138,000 in the first week in the uk where their known. i wonder how many copies mr cowell bought in america then??? take that another very big boy band in the uk couldnt even crack america, the beatles influenced a generation…one direction will just be a flash in the pan

  19. 19

    what is up with all these little girl/boy bands???? their music SUCKS!

  20. Brandon says – reply to this


    People just compared them to The Beatles because one direction is popular now and they just thought of the biggest band to compare them to. But just like any other musical act now ie: bieber, jonas brothers etc. one direction will soon die out with 1-2 years for sure. But The Beatles were strong during their years together and even 45 years later, their still a big part of pop culture and at 14, they're definitely my favorite band. That's the difference between The Beatles and bands now

  21. Random says – reply to this


    How can you even compare the two?

    The Beatles = Legendary

    One Direction = Another Boy Band like countless others before, Absolutely shit generic crap.

  22. hv02 says – reply to this


    I'm starting to get tired of British boy bands. It's not a surprise that they sell more albums in America that in Britain. America is the only place who buys their trash…

  23. Jag_White says – reply to this


    I think One Direction makes tracks with catchy beats, but I wouldn't call their music original. It's silly to compare them with the Beatles, because I doubt their music will influence generations. They just seem too… beautiful and artificial. Manufactured.

  24. Amber says – reply to this


    Oh my god…how DARE these people compare the LEGENDS THE BEATLES to this shitty boyband ONE DIRECTION…I don't get it…Just because they're British DOESN'T mean they're talented…no one, not any one will EVER be as good as PAUL MCCARTNEY, JOHN LENNON, RIGNO STARR, GEORGE HARRISON…people who made REAL music. One Direction sucks like hell…I'm 17 years old and all my classmates love One Direction and I stood up in front of the class and told my classmates that they will NEVER BE THE BEATLES!!! THE BEATLES ARE ONE OF A KIND!!! ONE DIRECTION SUCKS!!!

  25. The Speaker Of Truth says – reply to this


    Oh great now since when was One Direction considered good. Just a crappy boy band with no real passion for music, but just want to be famous and rich. The reason their famous is becuase of stupid teenage girls thinking they r hot!? Get real!

  26. dickie davis says – reply to this


    my arse is better than one direction. poo

  27. Maren Stylinson says – reply to this


    I think that they should be compared to the Beatles. The Beatles are very good. But in my opinion One Direction is better. 1D doesn't use auto-tune like people say.

  28. Emmy says – reply to this


    Yeah one direction is nothing like beatles cause ONE DIRECTION SUCKS!