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Taylor Swift Wants In Harry Styles' Pants!

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Secret crush alert!!

It seems that Taylor Swift has picked her next Prince Charming: the british boyband mop-top Harry Styles from One Direction!

After supremely wylin’ out to the band’s performance of What Makes You Beautiful at The Kids' Choice Awards, Taylor apparently told pal Justin Bieber that she thought Harry was steamy!

One source says:

"Taylor went backstage and was hanging around by the group's dressing room and said a quick 'hello' to the guys….she started dramatically fanning herself afterwards making out like she was overwhelmed which got everyone laughing. She really likes Harry but made Justin promise not to go on the record about it."

Awww, ADORBS! You guys could totally do a cross-continental courtship

BTW…while Taylor is 22 and may be a tad bit mature for the 18 year old crooner, know this: Styles’ last girlfriend was 32 year old TV presenter Caroline Flack!!!

[Images via WENN.]

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28 comments to “Taylor Swift Wants In Harry Styles' Pants!”

  1. LoriC says – reply to this


    Can't blame her a bit. The kid is adorable!!

  2. 2

    oh Taylor, you can do better…lol

  3. 3

    I mean, she's adorable. He's adorable. They're both adorable, but I don't think they would be good together. He seems way too "cheeky" for her squeaky clean image.

  4. auds says – reply to this


    i heard he's already dating somebody who's 25 after dumping the 32 year old. he was quoted as saying he "likes dating women his mums age" commence gagging! taylor honey, you can do better!

  5. lol says – reply to this


    every guy she talks too are immediately dating her lol the media are so funny making things up.

  6. 6

    do people really believe this story created by the media? people are so gullible

  7. HarryLuva says – reply to this


    I think if Harry wants to date Taylor Swift, then i'm very happy for him.
    As much as it hurts that he's not with me, i think that as long as he is happy being with Taylor, then he has made the right decision!!!!!!
    Wouldn't a true 1Directioner want the best for Harry and his love life, to make sure that he is happy and that's al that matters??
    I know i want whats best for him!!!! Luv u Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. anon says – reply to this


    Re: kcms293
    What? Fans saw her at the same damn hotel as these One Direction kids when they were in New York (what is Taylor doing there anyway? lol), and the day after when they left she was staying at a different hotel. Coincidence? Come on, I don't think so. Plus Bieber said himself that he has a friend who is one of the biggest artists in the world who thinks Harry is "so hot" but he won't tell who it is. Most likely Taylor, who else fits the bill?

  9. smileyperfect says – reply to this


    He can not date Taylor Swift!!! He has to date me :)

  10. 10

    they're so cute!

  11. 11

    Re: anon – having a crush doesn't mean they are dating though. she's in london hotel cause every celebrity stays there. she's with emma stone and dianna argon in new york.

  12. Mrs. Styles says – reply to this


    They would make a pretty cute couple but I see Zayn Malik with Taylor more

  13. 13

    Im sorry but this looks like a prepubescent boy!

  14. var says – reply to this


    I can bet this isn't true. That "source" isn't even legit. Chord Overstreet, the guy from Parachute, Zac Efron, Tim Tebow, that actor from Les Mis and now Harry Styles? None of them are real. At most, they're just friends.

  15. Steve says – reply to this


    Funny, 2 days after a blind item that pegged Harry as being gay, he's set up with Taylor Swift. Why is it that most famous people who have gay rumors end up dating Taylor? Coincidence or professional beard?

  16. Jason says – reply to this


    Mature? She is not mature at 22. She's still living in fantasy land, writing lyrics on her arms like a 13 year old.
    I thought she was getting Tebowed by Tim Tebow?
    Man she gets around pretty fast.

  17. kelly says – reply to this


    I think this rumor is fake. I dont think that taylor would fall for harry. She is crushing on tim tebow so i dont think its true

  18. kelly says – reply to this


    Re: lol – thats so true! I dont think taylor would date him (.__.”)

  19. Jackie says – reply to this


    Who is the best Boy Band of all time? And where does One Direction land in the ranking? Check out this article to find out!


  20. Natalie says – reply to this


    God, are you dumb? Taylor wouldn't be like that. Of course, Harry is very cute, but seriously? That picture was freaking edited. This article is a lie.

  21. 21

    Taylor Swift used to like Taylor Hanson so this Harry is in the same genre. I think I'd tell her to run from this one. I have a feeling these boys will end up being in all kinds of trouble.

  22. Joy-Grace says – reply to this


    As long as She Leaves My Baby Tim Tebow Alone - She Can Have Who Ever he Heck She Wants - TAYLOR STAY AWAY FROM TIMMY- HE HAS BEEN MINE SINCE HE WAS 17 :)

  23. Swiftyyyy says – reply to this


    I do see why she would have a crush on him, but I KNOW for a fact that Harry is too cheeky and all that for Taylor. Despite being 22, Taylor is still a good girl and Harry always seems up to no good - relationship wise. I have to admit though…they would be an adorable couple!! Aww, why not? I love both of them!

  24. brianc says – reply to this


    i think its kinda funny people are always tryin hook Taylor up with everbody first shes got a crush tebow now its styles seems she can't do anything without this stuff happenin when in reality its not true i say let her be so she can do her own thing and date who she wants not what the media says. I think the one whos crushin is Selena Gomez not Taylor

  25. Ayanna says – reply to this


    uhm, i loce Taylor… but I love Harry even more. But, in all honestly I don't think they'll make a cute couple… I think it'll be awkward.. O_O but, hey even though it kills me to say this… if he likes her… then go for it,♥

  26. Meghan says – reply to this


    Re: Jason – Could not have said it better myself.

  27. Anon says – reply to this


    She may be a nice person, but all I ever hear from Taylor is that every single guy does her wrong. Uh - why would you want to get involved with that? Next thing she'll be writing a song about this poor lad. I'd love to give her the benefit of the doubt but my advice to any guy is not to get involved with Ms. Swift. Because it will, in the end, be your fault.

  28. 28

    i don't like them together.