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8 comments to “Anderson Cooper Apologizes For Calling Dyngus Day 'So Stupid'”

  1. Griffen says – reply to this


    Dyngus Day is a day to celebrate Polish heritage. Its mainly celebrated here in Buffalo, New York (a metro region of 1.3 million so I doubt its a "little known" holiday).

    I was kind of offended by Anderson Cooper. The Dyngus Day events draw in thousands of people, and thousands of dollars into a city that really could use it. I almost only hear negative reports about Buffalo in the news, they seem to only focus on our snow and now apparently our Polaks. Sheesh.

  2. 2

    That is NOT WHAT HAPPENED. Do you read or did you see his second mention of it? APPARENTLY not. You just make shit up. He came on the next night and said he was not calling Dyngus day stupid, rather he was saying he was stupid for giggling. I sure wish you'd get your damn facts straight and tell it like it is instead of whatever makes good headlines and reading. Of course most of your followers are stupid and don't know the difference, but guess what PEREZ? Some of us do. If you want to be in the media try telling things STRAIGHT UP. I watched Anderson both nights. You are making it something it just wasn't.

  3. 3

    Get over yourself closetcase….. He also snikered at the Maouri Warriors doing their tribals dances…very full of himself….

  4. Alleycat says – reply to this


    Perez you stink. Perhaps if you did better research you'd know that AC wasn't saying Dyngus day was stupid. Moron.

  5. Irmatrude says – reply to this


    I don't care either way, not to be incencitive to those who are Polish, who do care, and who do celebrate. But he did in FACT go on in this video, in his giggles and laughter and say "this is torture"….so he was making fun of it.

  6. anna says – reply to this


    I wouldn't say Dyngus Day is the same as celebrating Arbor Day or Columbus Day (which are not typically celebrations at all). Maybe if you were Polish you'd have a clue.

  7. 7

    Hey I'm Polish and I live in Poland but I don't feel being offended by Anderson at all. I think the Polish community in Buffalo overreacted. Yes it's true that the Dyngus Day is an ancient, hundred years old tradition and definitely not "an excuse for drinking" but I have to say that Buffalo Poles are making it look like this, the way of celebrating the day with dancing, beer and so on is completely their own invention and it's unknown here in Poland.
    Btw this holiday is dying in my country, mostly because it serves as an excuse for young aggresive males to splash buckets of water on unaware women, if you want to see that watch this:

    Is it nice? Don't think so.

  8. 8

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