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Lisa Lampanelli Pulled Over For "Driving While Fat"

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Leave it to Celebrity Apprentice star Lisa Lampanelli to make light of everything.

She's always the first to make a joke about herself and we think that's FAB.

She gave an interview recently where she tells a story about how she was recently pulled over for eating while driving!

Lisa said:

"Okay, I was driving from a gig in eastern Pennsylvania and after I picked up a large McFlurry at McDonald's. It was the most delicious dessert I have ever had… it was so tasty that I caught myself licking the inside of it till every last bite was gone. I was so in the zone that I must have lost sight of the road, so a police officer pulled me over."

She's not used to this type of attention; she doesn't even drink!

She continued:

"He asked me if I had been drinking… to which I told him I don't drink, but I had just devoured a tasty dessert and it may have distracted me."

The cop said that she was driving erratically and that's why he pulled her over.

She said:

"He was not kidding around. I asked him if he recognized me from Celebrity Apprentice and he ignored me while giving me a formal warning.

I have heard of people being pulled over for everything, but I think I may be the first person to have had a run in the law for DWF… or as I call it, Driving While Fat."

Oh, Lisa! You're HIGHlarious. We love how you can laugh at yourself.

She's one funny lady.

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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20 comments to “Lisa Lampanelli Pulled Over For "Driving While Fat"”

  1. 1

    Lisa is such an angry beyotch on the apprentice, cant believe she would want anyone to see that on national tv. Yes you are doing all the creative, Lisa, yes you lose every week with your creative, maybe you should just shut your big f-ing mouth so someone else may be able to come up with creative that actually wins. She is so overbearing no one else has a chance to think or speak.

  2. 2

    lisa lampanelli is a big bully. i thought you were against bullying? i guess unless it makes you laugh and isn't against gays right?

  3. 3

    i think the worst thing she could have done for her career was celebrity apprentice . i like her comedy style but now i see it not an act she is a mean selfish women ill never watch her again

  4. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Ugh! This psycho-bitch has got major issues. I kid you not: She's a noisy, belligerent, bullying, arrogant, overly-emotional, trainwreck mess. You're well aware that her crude, vulgar, racist, and repulsive comedy act is NOT an act if you've been keeping up with The Celebrity Apprentice. Her real personality has all the same issues as her stage act. What it is, is she probably said to herself, "hey, I'll get on stage with what is my real-life trashy, trainwreck of a character and call it a comedy act so then I can get away with and people won't think there's anything wrong with me due to it all being passed off as a joke.'" This wretch has made it all the way to the end of The Celebrity Apprentice on bullying and boasting on no basis. This is all despite the fact that she has lost nearly every one of her tasks for team, while playing the biggest hand in all the decisions and disallowing others from doing so. Disgusting.

  5. bzt says – reply to this


    Surprising you think she is FAB, when she calls people SPICS and treated the Latina contestants on Celebrity Apprentice with such disdain..she wasn"t being funny either.

  6. joe says – reply to this


    hahaha she is hilarious. I love her on celebrity apprentice. Hope she wins it all. And to all of you who says shes a bully shes only being honest so shut the fuck up

  7. rocky says – reply to this


    Re: joe
    Ur prolly a bully and obnoxious just like her. sick minds think alike.

  8. 8

    I love her & she is going to win that show I hope. She is ruthless & very talented.
    Her & Penn Gillette are going to go neck & neck or her & Clay ohhhh look out!

  9. 9

    Re: meat in 508 – I'll watch her because she is funny but I do agree with you she has ISSUES and is very much a hater & needs to not do reality type shows or she will lose her fan base. Clay Aiken & Penn Gillette have impressed me the whole time while Lisa does act like a huge bully.

  10. 10

    I still laugh at the "Get ready for an elevator ride LOU!" line. OMG classic.

  11. 11

    Re: bzt – I was shocked by that too since she is from Bridgeport CT which is known as Little Puerto Rico and one of her ex's is latino (& black) but I think it had more to do with the fact that those women are GORGEOUS and she is not. She doesn't treat the other women like that because they are all clowns or dog ugly (hello skanikity kane Aubrey O Day & Tree Ape Giudice).

  12. 12

    @ MzSavvy

    Lampanelli has not dated black men. She only married to white men. In fact, she recently quipped how she was involved with a black man while married to a white man. It's called a shtick. And even if she was dating a black man or latino, it doesn't give her license to slur black and latino communities. I don't understand how dating someone from a particular race entitles one to slur their races. I don't like the comments Lampanelli made about Lou, especially in regards to his disablities. I'm surprised that got no media attention. Lampanelli told Lou that he was skating by in the game because of his disability. Lampanelli's behavior has been appalling all season long. The only reason she hasn't been called out on her behavior is because she's not very popular. If anything, this wretch better lay low and not try to attract anymore attention to her trashy personality or else she will get the ass beating of her life.

  13. christine says – reply to this


    she is a nasty btch.

  14. sandy says – reply to this


    Ugly. Fat. Not funny. Foul mouthed. Who would pay to see this desperate old bitch? She is so jealous of Dayana on Celebrity Apprentice it is ridiculous. Dayana…beautiful, great body, stunning, kind….it reminds her too much of who she is NOT. What an UGLY person, inside and out. She makes Aubrey look nice. LISA must be a desperately unhappy woman. GOD HELP HER.

  15. R Davis says – reply to this


    Our staffe here at Charlotte pest control wwwpestcontrolcharlotte.net watches celebrity apprentice and thinks Lisa is a fat me ugly bitch

  16. Luck-A says – reply to this


    Do you "love" how she called Dayana a "spic" too? (because may I remind you, Perez, you aer hispanic as well!) …or how she said that because she IS a spic, she will be knocked up and popping babies soon? She's a spiteful, angry, jealous piece of trash!! FAKE ASS TEARS — fake and phony, just like hypocritical Aubrey and her "anti-bully" charity, when she takes EVERY opportunity to bash EVERYONE! They are both bullies. Then they cry in front of Donald Trump!!

  17. Mandy says – reply to this


    OMG!!! She is the bigest bully… I can't believe that some people still likes her.
    I will NEVER support someone like her. She is a sour, miserable, cold person. She needs a reality check ASAP.

  18. Mary says – reply to this


    Lisa Lampanelli is a horrible despicable human being. She is an embarrassment to herself. I feel sorry for the Venezuelan girl. Dayana is way to patience with that vicious woman. Lampanelli is going from bad to worse.

  19. O'Flurry says – reply to this


    "It was the most delicious dessert I have ever had…"

    I doubt she ever met a dessert that she didn't think was the most delicious thing ever. haha.

  20. wav sounds says – reply to this


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