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Check Out New Pictures From The Dark Knight Rising!

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A new issue of Entertainment Weekly has arrived and so have more stills from The Dark Knight Rises.

Inside the "Summer Movie Preview" issue, pics reveal Catwoman's costume doesn't really hide her identity that well, Batman has an iPad, and Bane is still pretty scary.

Unlike Tom Hardy's get up, we have to admit that Anne Hathaway's costume is not very intimidating. Since we really have no idea what Christopher Nolan has done with the character, we won't make any judgements until we see the movie.

As you'll see in the pictures (below), it appears as if Catwoman is more of a daring thief than a crime fighting vigilante because we THINK that's a safe she just finished emptying.

The device in Christian Bale's hands probably isn't an iPad in the context of the film, so we're thinking it's a remote control for one of his vehicles or other gadgets.

Check out all the stills and let us know what U think of them!

[Image via Entertainment Weekly.]

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4 comments to “Check Out New Pictures From The Dark Knight Rising!”

  1. 1

    please this woman looks more like batgirl, catwoman is sexy , evil, beautiful , strong something that anne is not what a fucking job , lets bring back michelle

  2. martha says – reply to this


    Re: lukeworrallishot – I agree with you….. anne is cute not hot.

  3. mathaxoxo says – reply to this


    no anne please.!!!! arggg when i was child i dreamed to be a cat woman… and this time my heart is broken.

  4. 4

    Fucking stupid! Catwoman IS a thief, don't you know anything about comic books? Still, I hat the costume and think Anne Hathaway was a terrible choice to play catwoman, but who knows, Heath Ledger was also believed to be a bad choice for Joker's role.