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Lindsay Lohan Is Accused By ANOTHER Witness

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Is three times a charm?

A third witness, a friend of the victim who alleges Lindsay Lohan attacked her, has stepped forward and claims that Lindsay Lohan was DEFINITELY at the Standard on the night of the incident.

The new witness contends Lohan absolutely shoved her friend, Marissa Dugas, and has filed an official statement to the Los Angeles Police.

One anonymous source said:

"A woman that was at the nightclub, saw Lindsay shove Marisa, while she was standing with her back to her. She gave an honest account of what she saw that night, there is no doubt in her mind that it was Lindsay Lohan, there is absolutely no way Marisa or her friend would file a false police report, it's just not who these ladies are. Both are fully aware of the implications of filing a false police report, and it's absolutely disgusting that anyone would suggest they are lying."

Lohan denies she was at the hotel and said she was at home eating television.

There are no pictures that prove Lohan was at the scene of the crime.

Our hearts can't believe Lohan would put herself in this kind of dangerous position just two weeks after her court appearance, but as more witnesses come out, it will be harder and harder to suspend our doubts.

Take it easy, Lindsay!

[Image via Ryan FU/WENN.]

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45 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is Accused By ANOTHER Witness”

  1. 1

    Is Lindsay only hanging out with people who other people don't know who the fuck they are ? Like, the lady who Lindsay bitch-slapped because she was talking to her male friend … nobody knows who the fuck he is ? Nor any of Lindsay's other friends who she was supposedly with ? You Mean Lindsay only hangs out with generic not-important and papz-worthy nobodies nowadays ? Geez, i don't know … name names or shut the fuck up.

  2. bostonb61 says – reply to this


    Lindsay has experienced just how hugely people s*ck in her short life. She is justifiably angry. But she needs to go away and stop acting so entitled. And she needs to stay on her meds.

  3. 3

    there aren't 3 witnesses. there are 2, the hotel worker and this friend.

  4. lululuis says – reply to this


    I get shoved at bars and clubs all the time, it's called getting caught in the bustle, you don't see me filing police reports against everyone who comes within three feet of me. Sounds like this chick and her friends are stupid crazy sluts to me. Unless someone's arm got broken or face got punched there's no need to waste police time with the matter. Did this chick even get bruised, or is she just annoyed that someone dared to brush by her?

  5. 5

    Will you PLEASE stop going on about the pictures thing??? It was already explained that she arrived and left through the back entrance, where photographers cannot go. This is common for celebrities to do at the Standard. Furthermore, she's out practically every single night, yet there are very few photos that show her entering or exiting a club. Also, from what I understand, there have been at least two additional people who have also given reports to the police, that are not associated with the woman who made the initial claim. One is apparently another employee. Lindsay lies, plain and simple. She's been caught doing it time and time again. It's highly unlikely that all of these other people are lying. There is nothing in it for them, other than possibly being fired (for them employees) and having charges and/or a lawsuit being brought against them. It will be interesting to see what her delusional supporters have to say once the video comes out and it clearly shows that she was there.

  6. 6

    "eating" television?

  7. 7

    filing a police report because you were "shoved"? i'm shoved on a daily basis by random people on the street. i don't charge them with a crime. calm down and get a life.

  8. 8

    Re: ShoeWhore – You're exactly right, she only hangs out with people that are unknown for the most part.

  9. 9

    Re: lululuis – She didn't just get shoved, Lindsay was throwing things at her and then physically pushed her. There IS a difference and Lindsay need to learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. She's done things like this on more than one occasion.

  10. 10

    Re: ickynicky – Yea maybe, but the sure as HELL hang out in front of her house. This is just a case of a typical money grubbing attorney fishing out people who have no shame and are willing to say what ever he tells them to. That is why the never surfaced until the attorney came into the picture

  11. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    I'm confused. Every single 'witness' has given a different account of what's happened. One guy said he saw Lindsay throw ice at this girl, someone else said they saw someone get hit by her, this girl's friend said she got shoved. Not only do the witnesses have varying stories which should put doubt in everyone's mind, but last time I checked 'shoving' someone isn't a crime. It's rude, but you don't go to jail because of it.

  12. 6of7 says – reply to this


    Does anyone remember her being court confined in a mental health facility (which was not a "rehab") and the mandatory counseling sessions? Her problems will NEVER go away. Her drama will NEVER go away. In other words, she's psycho chick.

  13. lululuis says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – I'm pretty sure her friend would have mentioned her getting seriously assaulted if it had happened. According to this report all she's accusing Lohan of doing is 'shoving' her friend.

  14. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – The friend didn't say she got stuff thrown at her that was the other 'witness'. Get your facts right before you start jumping down their throat.

  15. 15

    She needs to continue her therapy sessions, and maybe take up an agressive sport like kickboxing lol.

  16. lululuis says – reply to this


    Re: 6of7 – 1) Having emotional/behavioural problems isn't the same as being psychotic 2) Antidepressants and other meds can cure emotional and behavioural problems, so your theory that any condition she might have had couldn't have gotten better is wrong 3) Even if she did have severe mental problems like you describe (which she clearly doesn't) anti-psychotic drugs could help and 4) If she was as crazy as you say she'd have been sectioned for life.

  17. 17

    Lindsay needs more help than I thought. Eating one's TV set is a most unhealthy preoccupation.

  18. 18

    Re: jakeyplay – Exactly! I'll bet Marisa's money-grubbing scumbag attorney brought up all these people and convinced that it was in they're best to lie their asses off, only he didn't bother taking into ocnsideration whether any of these dumbshits could keep their story straight. Like you said, every person has given different accounts, Marisa claims Lindsay hit her in the back and left bruises, the employee said Lindsay was with friends and throwing ice cubes at Marisa(which her and her lawyer conveniently didn't mention) police aren't going to believe a word they say if all they're stories contradict one another. This whole story is nothing but a clusterfuck of stupidity, I hope all those idiots end up in jail and that Lindsay sues every single one of them!

  19. 19

    Re: lululuis – Yeah, and even if Lindsay did shove her(which I strongly doubt), that hardly qualifies as assault.

  20. 6of7 says – reply to this


    [re=6050483]Re: lululuis: She has a combination of Cluster B personality disorders; an Axis II diagnosis. Pychosis (which sometimes responds to psychotropic drug therapy) is Axis I, and not applicable here. People like you amaze me. You have no idea what you're talking about, yet you challenge people who do.

  21. 6of7 says – reply to this


    Re: vexer6 – It's called battery (assault and battery)

  22. lululuis says – reply to this


    Re: 6of7 – I doubt you know as much as you think. You sound like some douche who has looked up stuff online to thinly veil your hypocrisy and close-minded opinions about someone you don't even know. I feel sorry for you, I can only assume that your type of personality closes you off from having friends or meaningful relationships. Here's a tip: Look at your own sad life and work on your own mental issues before criticising others.

  23. 6of7 says – reply to this


    lululuis: Your last statement to me is called projection. You are really talking about yourself and your own sad, lonely life and mental issues.

  24. Rela says – reply to this


    Eating television? Really Perez? Do you proofread?

  25. 25

    Re: 6of7 – Actually, you just did it again. What are you? A psych major or something? So you feel like you know everything. Guess what? Without you actually meeting her and sitting with her and studying her.. you will not know anything about Lindsay Lohan's mental state. You might know your shit about mental disorders but the most important factor of actually diagnosing someone is that you have to actually know them. Idiot. Go to class.

  26. 6of7 says – reply to this


    Re: amazziingnxal – I don't reveal anything about my personal life online, but I can tell that people like you protect and enable people like Lindsay because you are the same. And you attack me because you know I am correct in my assessments. And since there's no reason to engage with strangers with the same problems, I'll now leave you and the other one to your childish, uneducated comments.

  27. 6of7 says – reply to this


    reponse to amazziingnxal: You and the other ones who minimize and enable Lindsay's abnormal behaviors have the same problems as Lindsay and I don't want to engage in responding to your childish insults anymore. You know absolutely nothing about the field of mental health/substance abuse/criminal justice. I do.

  28. 28

    They're liars.

  29. 29

    That skank is guilty as hell. If she doesn't get her ass burnt this time, it's ONLY A MATTER OF WEEKS BEFORE SHE SCREWS UP AGAIN!
    Like most Hollywood bafoons, she thinks she can do whatever she wants. Her brain isn't big enough to figure it out. Her pathetic excuses for parents are at fault as well. Her whole idiotic family is a complete train wreck. You couldn't pay me enough money to be raised by animals like that and have a rotten tiny pea sized brain. I know dogs that are smarter…. What a horrible life.

  30. lukeAa921 says – reply to this


    Re: 6of7 – I wasn't going to get involved in this as I usually find commenting on this site beneath me, until I read your comments about the other commenter's mental states and decided I would speak up. I have a Ph.D in Psychology and have been practising in the field for almost 20 years and although you seem to know your disorders you seem to think you can diagnose people through an internet screen, which you cannot. You can speculate, but if you really think you can de-construct the building blocks that make up the human pcyhe from a couple of lines of text with no information about that person then you are either sorely mistaken or just very ignorant. You certainly don't seem to use your abilities to help people, judging by your readiness to criticise others so venomously. I have to doubt you are a professional by your frankly, unprofessional manner. I will say that if you really are a trained psychologist that you should spend a little more time perfecting your knowledge and practice rather then verbally attacking people over a screen. God Bless you, I hope he helps you find a better direction in life, not just for your sake but for the sake of the people you may treat in future.

  31. lululuis says – reply to this


    Re: 6of7 – "You know absolutely nothing about the field of mental health/substance abuse/criminal justice. I do. " In other words you work in social services offering advice to druggies and alchies with your six months of psych ed which is probably government funded and therefore crappy and you think that because the people you see every day are messed up that means everyone is and you're so special and perfect and know everthing because you're SO educated right? You really are pathetic. And by the way if you say you're not going to continue arguing but then continue to argue with anyone who disagrees with your narrow-minded ridiculous garbage, that says a lot about you and what kind of person you are. Apparently you know all about mental illness so I'll leave you do decide what's wrong with you, weirdo.

  32. lululuis says – reply to this


    Re: lukeAa921 – The fact that you acknowledge him as a professional only allows him to continue his disillusion that he actually knows what he's talking about. Don't give him the satisfaction he's nothing but a quack.

  33. 33

    Lindsay, u truly r just a hot mess.

  34. 34

    Re: ickynicky – Physically as opposed to mentally?

  35. 35

    Re: 6of7 – "(assault and battery)". The assault part occurs where the victim anticipates physical force from the defendant. If Lindsay hit this girl in the back as she so claims there wouldn't have been assault as she probably wouldn't be expecting it. Just a battery.
    Now stop assuming you're better than everybody.

  36. 36

    I agree with ickynicky Lindsay has LIED quite siginfcantly before and STEALS. so im waiting to see what happens. I certainly dont automatically believe her anymore after her track record. her habits are ever still the same too just minus the so called not drinking.

  37. anonymous says – reply to this


    This is obviously not true! Damn! Lindsay is a fucking paparazzi magnet. If she was there, she would've been hounded by paps.

  38. 38

    …looks like the hands of a 90 year old woman……

  39. Lisa says – reply to this


    yeah, sorry but I'm not buying this girls story. For once I believe Lindsay. This whole thing just seems fishy and like someone trying to make a quick buck esp after I learned she tried to sell her story to the tabloids but they told her they wouldn't give her any $$$ until she filed a police report

  40. 40

    security footage was she there or was she not there did they know it was lindsay did they see id to say it was her she wasnt there was maybe a lindsay look alike.. no proof from two drunk bitchs

  41. 41

    nice this

  42. 42

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  45. sal says – reply to this


    I was thinkning the same thing!!!! Eating Tv, bahaha!