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Canon Unveils NEW Cameras!

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New Canon 4k

Who here thought the release of the Canon 5D Mark III wasn't enough??

Nobody! That camera looks incredible!

Well, out of nowhere, we're actually getting another TWO brand new cameras from Canon — and some new glass!

The new cameras are a 4K-capable Cinema EOS camera with a (estimated) price of $30,000 and a $15,000 digital SLR camera (also with 4K support). We're DROOLING! Ha!

What we wouldn't give to be at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in Vegas next week when the whole world is going to get a glimpse at these beasts… especially when we hear that these Cinema EOS cameras would be capable of recording 4K resolution with 10-bit uncompressed “Raw” output with no de-Bayering. Also, the 4K and 2K formats can be selected to shoot at one to 60 frames per second.

And like we said about the glass, Canon will also be showing new prototype lenses — the CN-E15.5-47mm T2.8 and CN-E30-105mm T2.8, for EF or PL mounts.

Ridiculous, is all we can say (in the best way possible)!

The question is: do U have that kind of scratch, even for that quality??

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