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Jennifer Lopez Saves Jessica Sanchez On Idol!!

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It's a shocker!!

After America voted Jessica Sanchez off of American Idol last night, Sanchez sang her little heart out, hoping to impress at least ONE judge to use their save card, which would give her a second chance at the AI title.

Her 'final' performance plucked the sexy heart strings of Jennifer Lopez SO much that the judge stormed on stage and…

Check out the video (above) to watch the emotional drama unfurl!!!!

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30 comments to “Jennifer Lopez Saves Jessica Sanchez On Idol!!”

  1. 1

    You must not watch American Idol. That is not how the save works. Each judge doesn't get ONE save, collectively they only get one. To save someone it has to be unanimous.

  2. 2

    It is not a shocker at all. The voting on AI is a reflection of the demographics of the voters - white teenage girls who vote over and over again. Other shows like The Voice, have addressed that problem by having the voters decide who is in the bottom 3, but letting the judges pick who leaves the show. Idol should do the same.

  3. susieserb says – reply to this


    OR….this is all BS for ratings…

  4. 4

    See, I don't think they should have used it on her. Like they said, she is one of the BEST singers in America. If he had been voted off, she would have been singed on the spot. Give the save to someone who is good, but if they got kicked off, wouldn't have a shot in hell without the "Idol" name behind them giving them a push.

  5. 5

    she should've went home! they shouldn't have the save option… jhud didn't have it on her season and she turned out fine… if you were REALLY the best overall you would have talent and would be able to connect with the audience…

  6. 6

    As long as the public gets to vote, AI will always be mediocre in talent. The American public (12 yr old fat girls) will always make this karaoke contest LAME!

  7. jegz says – reply to this


    This goes to show that AI is losing it. It doesn't matter if it's AI season 100, a minority aside from African American will never win the contest. Look at all the past winners: either Caucasian or African American. I bet that there's a lot of Asian, Hispanic or even Middle Eastern singers out there that are better than the folks remaining in the contest. If AI keeps letting this happen it's going to be their downfall. They have to change the voting style 'coz it sucks. Peace out!

  8. 8

    This was all bullshit! Complete ratings ploy. Jessica is a fantastic singer but there is something about her that is not conecting with the audience. There is a prissy quality about her that us a turn off.

  9. linda says – reply to this


    Re: nolachick – Problem is, it is AI's lost if Jessica leaves, that's why they have to save her.

  10. 10

    She is incredible! The bottom three should of been the top 3!!! Glad they have the save…but I hope she wins!

  11. 11

    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – you hit the nail on the head! She can sing, but her whole "Beyonce" act needs to go.

  12. 12

    …should've let her go! She can sing, but she is so obnoxious! Plays to the cameras way too much and seems super arrogant. The voters didn't like her, let her walk.

  13. 13

    How do people still watch this show?

  14. 14

    That's why I only watch the Voice! :)

  15. 15

    There is no doubt that the girl can sing but she's a bit too overconfident and that alone might be her downfall. The judges praise her a little too much and at some point you wonder how the others feel? I do agree that AI tends to have only white and black as winners but to me that doesn't matter. Teenage kids are the only ones voting, that is true. This might be BS for ratings, I doubt they'll let her go that easily.

  16. MRSMOMOA says – reply to this


    I wish all these shows would go away.

  17. yumba says – reply to this


    I really think they should eliminate the save. Jessica is a strong singer but she is very young and does not connect with the audience. I personally find her performances too perfect and too staged. I personally think Colton should win this competition.

    I thought it was insulting to the other contestants to have the judges say that Jessica should not be sent home because she was the best singer. I predict that Jessica will be sent home next week.

  18. jack000 says – reply to this


    Nice one American Idol. Trying to find new ways to up your ratings. FAIL!

  19. kimberly says – reply to this


    used to think american idol was the best talent show in america. now i'm thinking, maybe not. they just let real talent go away like that. i suggest if you're a great singer and you're not a swoon-worthy rock dude, don't audition on AI, you just don't stand a chance on those tween girls voting. join the voice or the x-factor instead where true talent is acknowledged. american idol is clearly a joke. jessica should have joined the voice. she'd do much better there.

  20. guaa says – reply to this


    jessica's been working hard all her life and she don't need american idol. that's right, girl! i was hoping this was her last night on the show so she'd be like jhud who got kicked off and succeeded in spite of american idol. jessica's going to be one of the top 4 successful idol contestants.

  21. cliann says – reply to this


    shes just awesome!she deserves to win!Go Jessica!!! <3

  22. vanessa says – reply to this


    J Lo needs to go.

    She still doesn't understand the concept of ONE SAVE. If it were up to her, Jessica Sanchez would be gone because J Lo made it clear to everyone that she would have wasted the save on DeAndre.

    Hard to believe that Steven and Randy were right, but they were right to disagree with her on saving DeAndre.

  23. Charles Z says – reply to this



    Completely agree. Jennifer Lopez tries to hog all the credit for saving Jessica because "America got it wrong", but she got it the most wrong. If it were up to her, there wouldn't have been a save for Jessica because she wanted to save DeAndre.

    Jessica's great, but for Jennifer Lopez to take all the credit for saving her is laughable.

  24. Cat says – reply to this


    They shouldnt save her.. Just let her go…. We dont need another diva..

  25. joel says – reply to this


    jessica is one of best singer in american idol season 11

  26. joel says – reply to this


    jessica next AI 2012 thanks jennifer your bieng true.

  27. chan says – reply to this


    gud am america.

  28. lee says – reply to this


    Glad she was saved. The best singer ever in American Idol. Will not watch if she was eliminated. Only watch to hear her sing.

  29. SAVE! says – reply to this


    it's not about the look here people, don't just vote about that. Vote who has the full package! hate for those who hates Jess!

  30. warble says – reply to this


    jessica sanchez should try the x factor or the voice where true talent is recognized not american idol which is now known for tween popularity contest. and joshua ledet too.