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Mel Gibson's Maccabees Film Under Fire!

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mel gibson maccabees

Well, Giblets!

If Joe Eszterhas couldn't write the script for The Maccabees, maybe he didn't want anyone else to have it either!

Because that disturbing nine-page letter he wrote about Mel Gibson was definitely a catalyst for Jewish groups to protest its development!

In a statement by El Lay's Simon Wiesenthal Center, the human rights organization calls for Warner Bros to end development immediately:

In view of the outrageous anti-Semitic and bigoted statements recounted in Joe Eszterhas' letter to Mel Gibson, the Simon Wiesenthal Center calls upon Warner Brothers (or any other studio) to permanently shelve the Maccabee project as long as Mel Gibson is associated with the film.

Rabbi Marvin Heir, founder and dean of the Center, also urges:

It would be an insult to Jews and a desecration to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust to go forward with the Maccabee project.

So far, Warner Bros is keeping their lips zipped!

Smart move! There's been enough word vomit spewed to recreate Braveheart! HA!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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6 comments to “Mel Gibson's Maccabees Film Under Fire!”

  1. 1

    How do you know how much vomit was spewed, because some fat ass dude who lost his job accuses him of it. Your suck a fucking little girl. Besides, this is why people fuck with the jews, if they don't like him, don't go to his movies, but don't try to force all of us to not be able to see his stuff, we like to call that bullying, or have you forgot that gayboy?

  2. 2

    Jewish groups are always up in arms, yet they feel fully empowered and justified in putting out very anti-Christian movies and crap. Hypocrits. This Joe Eszterhas is a reall F*ck. A freak actually. And this Rabbi Marvin Heir sounds like a real a-hole too. People are tired of the double-standard…if people think its okay to mock Christians or to put out insulting things about other religions and cultures, then they need to either stopt that, or be prepared…things ARE changing.

  3. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – amen! Perez just hates Mel Gibson, if Mel saved someone from a fire, Perez would probably say he started it and saved him for publicity….his bullying of people he doesn't like is so effing annoying…..but then he likes someone and shoves them down our throat….like Kat Graham…nasty ho

  4. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – Mel Gibson is trash - any so called man that would talk about the mother of his child the way he did (we heard it on tape) is garbage. He is anyi-semetic and his career in Hollywood is over - as it should be. Joe has a tape and also names names of people - many who are on Mr. Gibson payroll - that were there and witnessed it. You do not do that if you are lying and funny that no one is coming forward defending Mel except a few mis-informed fans - which is expected.

  5. Amber says – reply to this


    Re: Paulie – Paulie here is a hint - Christian groups do not want you. They think you are an abomination and a mistake. Something to be cured. Jewish people welcome and accept gays - and we did not need qa court to tell us we had to. Get real - Mel Gibson probably hates gays too - they go against his religion - dumb people!

  6. 6

    they are just a bunch of anticatholics