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Amanda Bynes Wants You To Lay Off The Lindsay Lohan Comparisons!

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True, she may not ENTIRELY be in Lindsay Lohan territory yet, but that still doesn't excuse what she did!

Nor does it excuse her further - and IMMEDIATE - reckless behavior behind the wheel!

In light of her recent DUI arrest, Amanda Bynes is apparently none too pleased with those comparing her to the likes of the aforementioned, hard-pAArtying actress, and wants everyone to cut her some slack!

An insider reveals:

"Amanda thinks its extremely unfair that people are calling her the new Lindsay Lohan. Comparisons between the two are just ridiculous as Amanda has never been arrested for drug possession or for stealing anything. Yes, she got arrested for a DUI, but that doesn't mean that she is headed down the same road as Lindsay. Amanda doesn't harbor any negative feelings towards Lindsay, she doesn't even know her, she just thinks it's sexist that the two are being compared. Men in Hollywood that get arrested for DUI's don't face the same scrutiny that women do and that is what really irks Amanda. She isn't taking the DUI arrest lightly."

Is that really her mentality? She was driving DRUNK and hit a police car!

And she's blaming sexism?

This only makes us MORE prone to believe the reports that's she in the midst of downward spiral and refusing rehab!

Poor thing. We really hope she gets herself the help she clearly needs.

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22 comments to “Amanda Bynes Wants You To Lay Off The Lindsay Lohan Comparisons!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This is like comparing apples and oranges…HoHan looks like a 45-year old Crack Whore who has been rode hard…..really, a truly Fugly freak show. Amanda Honey looks like a girl who had just a little too much to drink…basically a bloated face. IF only that HoHan Tramp could look half as good as Amanda in this pic ! ;)

  2. 2

    Well, the sexism thing is true. Guys in Hollywood typically avoid this sort of attention even when they do much worse things because of that God awful "Boys will be boys" mentality that happens to by utter crap.
    However, Amanda should probably make an effort to turn herself around before her actions get worse. I think she's way more entertaining than Lindsay Lohan and capable of much greater things, and it would suck to see her fall down a similar hole.

  3. 3

    You're bullying her. Lay off.

  4. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Then STOP acting reckless
    Dumb ass!!

  5. tom says – reply to this


    If she keeps going in the direction she seems to be headed then it is hard not to compare her to Lindsay Lohan.

  6. 6

    if the shoe fits…..

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Face the Facts ………………..HoHan is one haggard, tired-looking, smelly ole puss………………her twat is so wide ya could drive a Mack truck thru it ! ;) .

  8. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    If Amanda starts 'dating' Gerard Butler, then I will have concerns ………… Gawd help her and the crack pipe !

  9. 9

    Perez you turn everything anyone says into something negative.

  10. 10

    Once the courts force her into those horrible 12-Step religious cult treatment programs; she'll be doing Hustler spread, stripping on Hollywood Blvd, and worse of all….Dating Wilmer V., he always gets these Train-Wrecks….

  11. 11

    shes got the part!

  12. 12

    I'll cut her some slack when she no longer looks like a pale faced blow-up doll pumped full of senor swanky's bottom shelf swill. All she needs is a twist of lime and a metrocard to the methodone clinic in the east village. Just another boring corpse waiting to happen.

  13. 13

    Re: Katiedora – SEXISM? How is it sexist that it is today's woman who choses to flash her vagina to the paparazzi and reality tv crews? Chris Brown has been destroyed for his sins. As he well should. he is a pig. Charlie Sheen and Shia Labeouf are about as far as the guys go in terms of bad behavior. You ladies have vandessa hudgens spreading her vulva open like a five and dime, lindsay, paris, brittany showing their vaginas, wrecking cars, stealing, kim's sex tape, Rhianna's ass…the young women today are the new idiot men of the 21st century. The reason men don;t get the same coverage, is men behave better.

  14. 14

    Re: Katiedora – I totally agree with every single word you wrote! Hollywood is still a very sexist place and had she been a male, no one would still be talking about it. BUT, if she doesn't want to be compared to Lindsay, prove everyone wrong and stop making boneheaded decisions like Lindsay. Whether she likes it or not, she has put herself under a bigger microscope than she already was for not only being famous, but for fucking up while being famous.

  15. lil ang says – reply to this


    Amanda is messing up her face w filler. Sometimes it just looks wrong.

  16. Yas says – reply to this


    Whoever wrote this article has no ability to analyse statements. She is not disputing her DUI or making excuses, she is saying she shouldn't be compared to Lindsay… and it's sexist to do so. Her point is valid. Read her statement properly.

  17. 17

    I find it ridiculous when magazines, televisions shows, websites etc. quote "an inside source". If it's not coming from the mouth of the person or their direct representative, how can the comment about said person's thoughts even hold merit. I know in my life, I don't like people to put words in my mouth nor do I believe hearsay. I thing Bynes is a good person and I will wait for her actions to speak louder than the words of others.

  18. Iamme says – reply to this


    Perez, you are such a two-faced twat. Your "changed" attitude is clearly just a publicity stunt because this is one of the worst veiled attacks I've seen from you yet. You used to be friends with Amanda and look at the way you're dragging her through your blog. It's bullying. Take your beef with her somewhere else. And chill out on all the ads.

  19. 19

    Both of them are a couple of brainless skanks.

  20. 20

    Fine. Then lay off the Lilo antics & tell your Dad the same thing. He keeps going to the press insisting you weren't drunk. Was he there no? Has he seen the video or police report??? Child stars always end up like this now ALWAYS. It is really sad & their parents are in such denial. Sickening. I hope she gets help.

  21. 21

    OMG… stfu you judgmental IDIOTS! Like everyone that has commented this has NEVER driven drunk - or at the very least, driven when they really shouldn't have. If you say you haven't, either you don't drink, period, or you're a LIAR. Doesn't make her some crazy alcoholic/rehab-ridden wreck like Lindsay just like it wouldn't make you. Only difference between her and you/us, is that she got caught. I don't drive DRUNK at ALL anymore, as I am 27 years old… but at that age?! Yeah, of course I did! I'm not proud of it, but we all did. Even every now & then I drive after a few drinks when, if pulled over, I probably WOULD be above the legal limit, considering how tiny I am…

  22. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    You make me sick ! Drinking and driving…and the excuse is because you are 'tiny' ? !