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Parents Television Council Is OUTRAGED Over The B In Apartment 23

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Parents Just dont understand

We can't say we're shocked, but just an FYI: the Parents Television Council is outraged by ABC's newest sitcom's "offensive content."

We're talking to you, Dawson!

The watchdog group criticized Don't Trust The B**** In Apt 23 by saying:

“The program is a sexist mixed-bag of hedonism, drug-use, alcohol abuse (including the main character plying a 13-year-old boy with alcohol to get him drunk) and explicit levels of promiscuity that are shocking even by today’s broadcast TV standards.”

They can't really do anything about the show being on the air, but the group of concerned parents who don't know how to change the channel will do their best to encourage advertisers like AT&T and Volkswagen to stop buying commercial air time.

We think it's sassy, silly fun, but apparently it's a little bit too much fun for some conservative parents out there.

Do U think Don't Trust The B**** In Apt 23 is too offensive for TV???

[Image via ABC.]

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29 comments to “Parents Television Council Is OUTRAGED Over The B In Apartment 23

  1. 1

    It's hilarious!

  2. 2

    It's just a TV show. It's nothing to be outraged about. This is something to be outraged about>>> Raymond Taavel, an activist and the former editor of Wayves, a gay and lesbian magazine, was beaten to death outside a bar in Halifax.

  3. 3

    All I know is that this show is crap. I tried watching it and couldn't even get through one episode!

  4. BeccaBoo says – reply to this


    Not sure if it's the same for everyone else, but where I am, the show is on at 9:30 on Wednesdays. Why are these parents sooo concerned..? Their kids should be in bed at that time anyways, it's a school night!

  5. auds says – reply to this


    I thought it was pretty funny but not really that amazing. James Vanderbeek carries the entire show with his goofy Dawson's Creek alter-ego. These parents council idiots need to learn to change the channel because no one is forcing them or their kids to watch it! Ugh, idiots.

  6. 6

    The show looks like standard sitcom garbage, so they shouldn't worry too much.

  7. Sole Soul Jah says – reply to this


    Like you said, parents at as if they cant change the channel. I mean Stop the violent Vidoe Games or stop buying them for their underage kids. Dont expect electronics to teach your children life lessons or babysit for that matter.

  8. 8

    relax PTC, the show is on at 9:30. If an 8 year old is up at that time, there are more important things to worry about than what's on the television set in that household. Oh, and the show is pretty damn funny! Most pilots are known for being crappy and boring … this one bucked the trend.

  9. miss_lea says – reply to this


    Good thing the show's not for children, then. Seriously, why are they getting upset when it's a show made for adults?

  10. 10

    i dont get it…and i dont want anyone telling me what i or my children can watch on tv…it aint their business…just leave me the fuck alone and leave the rest of us the fuck alone…go to hell ptc.

  11. 11

    The good thing about living in America is that you have a choice…to change the channel!

  12. melonia says – reply to this


    Well… I haven't seen it! But it would be nice to have some shows that are appropriate for younger teens…I'm not worried about my 9 year old as like you all said, he's in bed. But from what I hear about this show it doesn't really seem good for 14 year olds either, and most of them are up and are very impressionable. Wow, so hard to be a young teen when everything around is like this–makes promiscuity seem normal when most of the time it does not lead to happiness for a young teen! When I was that age I watched Little House or 8 is Enough…what happened to shows that were good for everyone? And yes, I am against censorship and yes, of course what Kinble wrote about is terrible and much worse in the scheme of things…but wow–what is there for a family to watch together anymore? Reruns of Funniest Videos? Wipe Out? I mean an adult can only watch so much Good Luck Charlie or iCarly!

  13. 13

    you stupid americans

  14. CanadianMommy says – reply to this


    Re: melonia – well said!

  15. 15

    I loved it so much I watched it twice!!!! :) If you don't like it TURN THE CHANNEL!!!! Theres thousands of channels people you can watch whatever the F you want!

  16. MustLoveB*tchs says – reply to this


    I loved this show sheerly because of its adult content.. take that parent television!! To be honest if we were more liberal we could air things that would enlighten many viewers. Although this show is very vague and well as of yet their isn't any profound context. It does bring a sense of reality. Yes, children.. Their are people whom will try to bribe you.. and yes their will be someone would would scam you.. So what? Their everyday people whom commit obscene acts on innocent individuals because they were not exposed to social problems. If anything i condone this show.. and many other cancelled racy shows such as us skins.. whom in my opinion was cough way too censored!! If only our television could be regulated by someone with a brain instead of these idiots…

  17. 17

    If you don't like it then don't let your kids watch it… simple as that. Be a f***ing parent!

  18. 18

    the parents television council..seem like a bunch of unsatisfied housewives, with clearly too much time on thier hands!!

  19. 19

    Snap it's funny!

  20. 20

    It's funny based solely on the adult content! My God, the PTC (which is made up of ugly housewives with dumb kids, let's be honest) needs to get a life. Change the damn channel, or put your kids to bed before it comes on at 9:30. It's funny because it's inappropriate, but it's nothing I haven't seen on the TV before. Plus, Krysten Ritter and James Vanderbeek are gold.

  21. BeccaBoo says – reply to this


    Re: sexy geek – I would have to say they are just uptight. I'm a bored housewife with wayyy too much time on my hands, and I enjoyed the show! :)

  22. caroline says – reply to this


    get over it people, don't you have anything better to do, if you don't like it DON'T WATCH IT, i for one loved it, something new on the tv, my kids are in bed so i do not worry about them see it and even if they are not in bed, I am a parent and monitor what they watch.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Re: melonia – There are plenty of family shows and networks out. Change the chanel.

  25. 25

    Not only should parents take more responsibility for what they let thier kids watch but also you should start telling your kids the truth. By 11 or 12 your kids is going to seeing, hearing and being around adults topics. Would you rather educate your kid then TV? Its funny too because the same parents who bitch about these types of things take thier daughters to Rihanna and Britney Spears concerts. Ummmm . . . . waaaaaaay worse. There is nothing like a 9 year old girl dancing and singing to S&M.

  26. 26

    I never side with people like that because it is rediculous. Shatner had S@*t my dad says 2 years ago, so what. Kids hear people say those words.
    As far as the show, I'm sorry but it is STUPID. Not funny at all. Kristen the giraffe Ritter overacts to point of nauseum. her mugging & eye popping just make her look like a cheap copy of Zooey Dechanel. Plus the show is a rip off of 2 Broke Girls and Zooey's show with a different story set up. bring back good, funny original shows like Outsourced. This one is lame.

  27. 27

    Re: CrackaJack – I know it totally sux!

  28. 28

    Watched the first two episodes online. SO fucking funny. Loved it. PTC need to fuck off. People like that need to live with each other on an island far far away. Away from regular people. I am sick of them imposing their ideals on everyone else. FUCK OFF.

  29. 29

    I really despise groups that try to dictate people what they should and should not watch. Just because you laid on your back and had a kid and you don't want that child watching something bad because YOU find it offensive doesn't mean the rest of us have to. ALL tvs come with parental controls. To combat this problem. SIMPLE AS THAT. If you watch the show and deem it unsuitable for your child, then simply block the show or entire station you dumb bunch of bored housewife bimbos. Problem is, these retards use harassment tactics to get their way. They will spam the emails of all of the shows sponsors demanding..I really truely wish someone in the public eye will step up and tell these soccermoms to fuck off. They are a small group of people that literally make up less than 0.5% of our population. What 350 million people in this nation? They only have about 1 million supporters..GO FIGURE. What delusional world are they living in do they think that 1 mil > 350 mil.