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Rihanna & Hillary Clinton Picked For Time 100 Gala

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Rihanna and Hillary Clinton, arguably two of the most powerful women in the world, have been booked to appear at the Time 100 Gala celebration on April 24th.

Rihanna is performing some of her music, while Clinton will deliver a keynote speech. Soooo cool!

They will be joined by a throng of celebrities such as Kristen Wiig, Louis C.K., and Chelsea Handler.

The event is held once a year to honor those chosen as Time's 100 Most Influential People. The hundred people chosen by Time will be revealed this Wednesday.

We wish we could go! It sounds amazing!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Rihanna & Hillary Clinton Picked For Time 100 Gala”

  1. 1

    One of them influences girls to get educated and make a real difference. The other influences girls by taking off her clothes and making panting, hiccupy noises and calling it music. I wish they would change this list for positive influences, and get rid of the negative ones.

  2. 2

    How is Rihanna in any way influential? She dances around in her underwear on stage, got beat up by her boyfriend and later wrote two songs about sleeping with him again, she has thug life tattooed on her hands and her lyrics are praising sex… their is something wrong with this world.

  3. 3

    a chipmonk and a used to be black woman,,, big fucking deal

  4. 4

    of course x black woman is not necessarily on the list,,, just the hired help

  5. 5

    Hoes are always hating on a bad bitch! Rihanna is definitely influential and has come a LONG way - from a small island in the Caribbean with less than half a million people and is the WORLD'S BIGGEST POP STAR today. Why people are sling her name around as if she is nothing when Chelsea Handler (who notoriously effed her way to the top and even has nothing positive to say about herself) is mentioned shows that you hoes are haters. By the way Re: jfkwashot – that tattoo was temporary. Who in the hell do you know that has a tattoo drawn in white ink? Get real.

  6. 6

    I don't think that either women should be on the list, Hillary has more class yes and dresses more sophisticated for sure, but she just married well and never did any work herself.
    While on another note Rhianna has no voice, no style and no class, her fame is based on catchy radio/ clubbing music with a good beat.

  7. 7

    Rihanna, powerful???? Just how deluded are you. OMG, I can't stop laughing. She's a singer…that's it. Talent, maybe. Powerful, not by a long shot. She doesn't do squat for anyone except herself and her slutty style makes her a role model to none. The fact that she's ok with hanging with her abuser, makes her one to be pitied. That's it. Powerful?? Yeah, about as powerful as you!!!

  8. 8

    "Two of the most powerful women"? Mario, you're an idiot. There is no way one can put these two women in the same category.

  9. xoxodior says – reply to this


    I'm Florida Evans Bitch! sorry but that doesn't make her influential

  10. 10

    i love rihanna!!

  11. 11

    Re: xoxodior – Looks like she made the list, whether you agree or not! Her article was written by Stella McCartney. How's that for influential?

  12. 12

    Re: Anabella Smart – Are you joking or just commenting ignorantly? Yeah, a woman with a JD, who did MANY things as first lady and was a Senator for NY(which she got many things accomplished, including healthcare for all children in NY) and you are claiming that she never did any work?!!! Seriously, educate yourself, she did far more than Laura Bush as first Lady and worked for Women's rights internationally. She was wealthy and married well but that doesn't mean she didn't work or accomplish anything.

  13. 13

    A person who was on the verge of being the first lady and a whore who can't sing, dance and steals styles from Grace Jones, Janet, Kelis, Rita Ora, and now Cassie. I will be so happy when the world finally moves on from this pretend artist.

  14. Juwan says – reply to this


    Yeah, Because Only someone Who Dresses And Acts Like a Nun Can Be influential. Please. Those of you saying rihanna does nothing but dance around naked, please google before talking nonsense. Rihanna does charity, rihanna speaks about many things that you should consider influential. Her being a singer isn't the ONLY thing that she does.

  15. Juwan says – reply to this


    You know how she influences people: she influences them to do what makes them happy, how ever it makes them happy, and not let anyone tell them they aren't good enough or wont make it. Thats How she lives her life. Influencing someone doesn't mean that you have to act like you've done no wrong so people can copy you. It means that you live your life and the way you do inspires people, no matter which aspect of your life it is that inspires, some part does. &You shouldn't say she isn't influential because of what she wears and what she says, she's inflkuential because of the message behind her lifestyle. She says it over and over that she isn't trying to tell young people to copy her every word, she wants them to emulate her free spirit that allows her to keep going everyday to do what she loves and not letting anyone tell her she can't.