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Every GLEE-Tail: Falsetto Fever!

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Ah! We’re starting to feel it again. That indescribable feeling we get when we spend our Tuesday night’s singing and dancing along with our guiltiest of pleasures, GLEE.

Yes, the hiatus is over and for the next six glorious weeks, we will be immersing ourselves in the final days of the New Directions. Last night, the kids were forced to get down with their bad selves as the night belonged to disco balls, white polyester suits and John Travolta (whose presence was ever felt as Cory Monteith strutted!) But aside from the gyrating and hand rolls, some very inneresting decisions were made by many of our favorite characters. Also, a Glee Project finalist finally made their debut (and didn’t disappoint). And finally… JONATHAN GROFF IS BACK!!! And he got a haircut!

While we pick up the pieces of our shattered heart, a word of caution…


Let’s start off with a show of hands:

How many of you Gleeks out there had to ask your parents what Saturday Night Fever was?

Put your hands down! You’re making us feel old!

Anyway, while you may not have seen the movie (yet), the songs from the soundtrack are pretty iconic and they seamlessly played into several major storylines in this episode. First – because we can’t stand not talking about him first – Jesse St. James returned to our lives as the new choir director of Vocal Adrenaline. (DUM, DUM, DUM!) Leading his champion team is Wade Unique, played by the long awaited Glee Project finalist, Alex Newell. Ever hoping to open the world spectrum for it’s viewers, Ryan Murphy and Co. went somewhere that very few shows have gone before: they introduced a transgender teen. While Unique’s screen time is brief, words cannot describe the impact it must’ve had on young teens to watch Alex donned a ferocious weave and killer hells and werk it so hard in a rendition of Boogie Shoes that we thought the shoes would catch on FIRE! She was FIRE! And while certain people are sure to be sh*tting a few bricks this morning like Jesse St. James, we have nothing but gratitude for the show for reaching out to that part of their audience. We can’t wait to see more of Unique … and not just because Jesse won’t be too far behind! (Love the new hair! Yummy!)

Elsewhere, some of the New Directions had some big decisions to make. Mr. Schue asks Mercedes, Santana and Finn to really think about what they want for their future. Mercedes, forever our girl and diva, wants to pursue an inspirational singing career. Santana just wants to be famous. And poor Finn, even after all this time, still hasn’t a clue what he wants to do. Well, actually, we learn that he does know what he wants to do; he’s just afraid to say. But for the sake of moving the story along, he finally confesses his dream to his soon-to-be bride Rachel. Finn Hudson wants to be … a thespian. He’s even applying to James Lipton’s University in New York to pursue said dream. Bet he wishes he had auditioned for West Side Story now! So, barring any more car accidents or amnesia, he and Rachel are Big Apple bound!

As for Mercedes and Santana, their dreams seem more far-fetched than either of them imagined. Thankfully, with the help of the ones that love them most and little site called YouTube, each of them become inspired to take the right path. For Mercedes, that means traveling out to Los Angeles (with Puck?!) after Sam posts a video of her performing and the world resoundingly responds with snaps. Oh, and then they kiss. Samercedes is BACK ON YA’LL!

For Santana, the road to a revelation was a bit more convoluted … and scandalous! Right after Brittana fans quit hyperventilating over Naya Rivera’s version of If I Can Have You, they then had to suffer through knowing there was a sextape featuring the beloved Cheerios, but never getting to see it. In an effort to make her girl famous, Brittany posts their intimate moments online. Obviously, someone doesn’t know our cardinal rule! In the end, Santana realizes that fame comes from passion beyond the sheets and now that she has a full ride to the University of Louisville (thanks to the quick thinking of Sue and Brittany), she’s finally on the right path. We’re thinking that rumor of her taking over for Sue as the leader of the Cheerios might not be that far off at all!

Did we forget anything? OH YEAH! This was by far and wide our favorite line of the night:

“It’s not the broken dreams that break us, it’s the ones we didn’t dare to dream.”

Dare to dream Gleeks!

Next week, we will be dancing with somebody! Her name is Whitney Houston!

A Few Side Notes:

A. There was a set of wheels inexplicably absent throughout this episode. Quinn? Paging Quinn Fabray?! Are you still with us? Is Sugar Motta with you???
B. We may have thrown something at the TV when Rachel said she would give up her lifelong, Broadway aspirations for her man. Love is love … but Broadway is FOREVER!
C. Darren Criss was sooo born in the wrong era. Also, his pants were not tight enough.
D. Hey Beyonce! We think Sue Sylvester stole your “baby bump.”
E. OMG! They FINALLY got to show the footage of Will’s Glee club performing at Nationals! Haven’t you guys been sitting on that since the pilot?! Yay!!

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