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Tonto Johnny Depp Meets Real Native Americans

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Johnny Depp is almost unrecognizable as Tonto from The Lone Ranger! We're still not full convinced that's him!

When we first hear the news that he was taking this role, we were worried that Johnny portraying a Native American might be offensive to the leaders of the Navajo Nation.

But they seem to be fine with it! Just look at them getting all chummy!

They must be aware that Johnny and director Gore Verbinski (who directed the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) are planning to twist the classic stereotypes and tropes from old Westerns.

The president of the Navajo Nation said:

"We are honored the movie The Lone Ranger is being filmed here on the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation has beautiful landscape and we are glad it is being shared through filmmaking."

We're just as excited about the movie as they are, but because it has many of the same people who made the whole Pirates of the Caribbean franchise so great, including producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Excited as we are? Well you'll have to wait until summer 2013. Dang.

[Image courtesy ET.]

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20 comments to “Tonto Johnny Depp Meets Real Native Americans”

  1. 1

    Johnny Depp is actually like a 1/4 Native American - his great-grandmother was Native American - next time do your research!

  2. 2

    Go Natives~!

  3. 3

    Re: koconnor – Then wouldn't that make him 1/8? If his Grandmother was Native, he would be 1/4? Great grandmother…

  4. 4

    Let's hope this new movie shatters the stereotypes and portrays the real history from a Native perspective.

  5. 5

    OMG !

  6. 6

    Maybe I'm clueless about Native American culture, and I'll admit I don't know a single one, but is he supposed to be so made up? It looks a bit too much, especially the face. I hope this movie is worth all the hype.

  7. 7

    glad he's doing his research, this seems like an interesting set :)

  8. Native says – reply to this


    JD is Native!

  9. 9

    He's 1/4 Native American, so why would it be offensive? More often than not, people who are not Native American at all end up in the roles of Native Americans.

  10. 10

    Re: futuremrslabeouf – Depending on the situation, it is typical face paint. I've seen other shots from the movie and he isn't wearing it.

  11. 11

    Re: ickynicky – Hadn't thought of that. I seem to remember they'd face paint for battle, or something, so you're right. Thanks!

  12. 12

    Oh, I can´t wait to see this movie!

  13. Avi says – reply to this


    I hope is as good as "Rango"…and Pirates too!
    Verbinski and Depp are a great team!!

  14. kim says – reply to this


    real native americans whooooo want to sell out to the whiteman our water rights! tonto is one thing….but the thing is suits on injuns………….whoa sell out!

  15. 15

    Yeah I was p o'd because it is bad enough Taylor "I am not a native american either" Lautner plays one. Depp is a white boy from Kentucky BUT it is a comic book type thing.
    Thay could use Adam Beach or some actor like him who is a real Sioux or Navajo but at least they are using other real Native American's in the film. & all that crap about Depp being 1/4 cherokee is bs its bs when Gary Busy says it too. It took Cher 30 year to finally admit she is half Armenian not Cherokee. Please people. & Even if his great granny was a squaw that makes him less than 1/16th that is like pretty much zero.

  16. 16

    Re: AviRe: Avi – I loved Rango I hope it is as good as that too.

  17. 17

    Re: MzSavvy – Wait just had that 2nd cup of java okay he'd be an 1/8 if great granny was an american indian. I still doubt it though 100 years ago they didn't mix with the white folks at all. I studied at U of A in Arizona & people love to lie about that shit but if you study real Hopi, Navajo, Sioux culture etc you will see it is pretty unliekly that they mixed. People just think if they have brown eyes & high cheek bones. But many ethnicities possess that it doe snot make them part Indian.

  18. Buh? says – reply to this


    Re: kim – How is that selling out? Should they be wearing loincloths and fringe instead?

    Suits are part of the clothing styles worn today, and expecting the Navajo men not to be dressed with our times is like being surprised white people don't wear prairie clothing all the time.

  19. Herbert says – reply to this


    What's all this fuss about make-up Jonny depp is wearing! Long ago the Navajos wear clay as a Sunsreen along with mutton grease on theirface for protection from the sun. The is usually white clay found around my house (I am Navajo and proud of it) For decoration they might even make black strip on their face , so now you know the truth. I love all your movies Mr. Dupp.

  20. Amber B. says – reply to this


    That's my reservation! I'm Navajo!