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Sheree Whitfield FIRED From RHATL For Being TOO DIVA!

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Is that even possible??

Even though Nene Leaks verbally bi***- slapped Sheree Whitfield on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Sunday night, it seems the real DIVA is Sheree herself!

The producers can’t even handle her wylin’ ways, so they have FIRED HER from the show!

Sheree claimed she is leaving by choice, stating she is:

“…tired of the fighting and the cattiness…and already fielding offers.”

BUT a show insider alleges:

"Sheree was fired. She was demanding more money and that didn't go over well with show executives. They are tired of dealing with her diva attitude and demands."

Sorry Honey Boo! At least you have your fruitful She by Sheree clothing line!!

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Sheree Whitfield FIRED From RHATL For Being TOO DIVA!”

  1. EM says – reply to this


    Sad..I liked her on the show. Bravo is making some bad choices lately…like keeping Taylor on RHBH. I won't watch the show with Taylor on it anymore. I am surprised they did not fire Nene or Marlo…both who have made anti-gay comments. NeNe has changed..big ego now. I guess I will stop watching the Atlanta show too.

  2. 2

    gooooood & not surprising, she has been making herself look horrible on the show anyway.. by creating drama and hating on the other girls for dumb reasons. it was her time!

  3. Wendy says – reply to this


    Why can't people just get along. Oh duh, RATINGS!!!

  4. boston61 says – reply to this


    My impression of her was always that she is not very bright. Dim wit.

  5. 5

    I'm glad she's gone. She's been awful this season. From putting her child support battle on national television (saying Phaedra didn't do her part), to throwing Kandi under the bus with regards to the "black babies" comment (which she agreed with — ON TAPE), to having the audacity to bring up a cast mate's child at the reunion (then twisting her words), she is the definition of an awful, conniving, desperate woman. She is quick to point the finger at everyone else for all of her failures, has no proper job (other than the show) nor successful businesses that flourished from the show, and is downright vile. Good riddance!

  6. 6

    Good. She was fake and not in the entertaining way. I was glad to see NeNe get on her for talking about her son and NeNe's parenting.

  7. E30nie says – reply to this


    Demanding more money?! Why am I not surprised? The bytch is broke so of course she's going to demand more money. I could just imagine how that conversation went," I make the show happen Honey. I'm causing all the drama Boo." Yeah, now she's right where she needs to be..out on her ass. Maybe she could take some stripping lessons from NeNe so she can make some money and buy her kids a bed.

  8. caribbeanblue74 says – reply to this


    if you read any of the gossip sites, you'd know that taylor probably wont be returning and neither will marlo. sheree is broke anyway and hasnt been a housewife in two seasons. she changes her mind about every avenue she tries to pursue…she's nothing but a wannabe. shes a hater, thats why she tattles on everyone else. i hated her this season. cant act, cant "design" clothes. good riddance to her!

  9. Carmelminx says – reply to this


    What an idiot. The show was the only good thing she had going for herself and probably her only source of income. She was boring and bootleg anyway. Deuces!

  10. 10

    Thank goodness she is going, please take Cynthing and her low life loser huband with. Sheree is a broke ass beyotch. Thinks she is all that and she is nothing. She better start applying for a "real" job since her ex doesn't pay her child support. The apartment she lives in is really small so I don't know how she could downsize on that. Oh wait, she could go to the streets. That is the only place she could maybe make some money. Ha.

  11. ER says – reply to this


    Good riddance! She was my least favorite and the biggest poser. Trying to pretend she was loaded after her house was foreclosed on while her kid slept on an air mattress.

  12. 12

    Ha! What offers??? Right. her phoney ass got da boot. That's what you get Mama Boo when you drive a car you can't afford to roll & yo kids be sleeping on blow up mattresses.
    Nene takes care of her kids.

  13. dee says – reply to this


    first of all this is HOUSEWIVES of atlanta right???maybe bravo should have stuck with the shows intentions….sheree and marlo didnt need to be on show to begin with…neither even had a serious boyfriend with potential like khandi and kim did..however as life goes on things can change like the death of khandis b/f.and kims split from big papa ..so they both have got everyright be there as well as nene even tho shes going through a divorce…cynthia and kim both got married while filming…so maybe stick to the shows intention…bravo has made the same mistake on other housewives series too like kim g

  14. donatella says – reply to this


    who cares???

  15. donatella says – reply to this


    she was soo far up the white girls butt thisseason

  16. Lisa says – reply to this


    great, luv the show, but sheree needed to be fired. she thinks she is all that, how is she gonna make believe everything is wonderful when she has no income, what clothing line? what does she talk about, does she think america is that stupid? get to real work sheree and take care of your kids that you act as if that is the most important thing to do. you didn't quit hon u were FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodbye

  17. Dianne says – reply to this


    Bet you wish NeNe Leakes, was your friend now.

  18. mama gwen says – reply to this



  19. tania says – reply to this


    Whatever happened to that so-called acting career that she was cough, cough persuing last season? Was that even mentioned this season? And her ex is so gross to look at a real thug. That doesn't say much for her taste. And she scared her daughter's boyfriend away
    by sticking making him feel like he had to spend a fortune on a ring. What nerve!! She was unbelievable. And I wish Kim would be fired also. Marlo was right she is a whore. There's no damn way she paid for that furniture herself. What a liar. She'll spend all Kroy's money. He's too good for her. What the hell does he see in that fat slob.