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Is The Next Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Coming With The Avengers?

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Dark Knight rises trailer

As if there weren't enough reasons to go see The Avengers on May 4th (Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America, and Nick Fury make seven), we just heard of one more.

A new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises trailer may be released with the superhero flick!


However, that's not a guarantee.


Sources suggest the trailer could also come attached to the Warner Bros. movie Dark Shadows, which hits theaters on May 11. That makes a little more sense given that Batman is property of the same studio, BUT box office analysts are predicting that The Avengers could make more money during its opening weekend than The Dark Knight.

So what we're saying is, EVERYONE is going to see The Avengers, so therefore EVERYONE will see the newest trailer for the next Batman movie, so theoretically EVERYONE will go see The Dark Knight Rises.

We're sure our theory has all sorts of holes in it, but what the heck do we know? We're not in marketing! LOL!

Either way, the newest trailer is coming soon and we can't wait to see it!

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7 comments to “Is The Next Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Coming With The Avengers?”

  1. 1

    My and my 2 daughters can't wait for those 2 movies. My 2 girls have read some marvel books about The Avengers and I am sure the movie will be great!!!

    Tara Hamdi (Abu Dhabi)

  2. 2

    I think Dark Knight will only lose because its not filmed in 3D. Avengers has 3D tckets.

  3. fafashinobii says – reply to this


    I want to watch this movieee…

  4. Jamie11 says – reply to this


    The dark Knight Rises will OWN This year's Box Office Cause Of christopher Nolan's Peace Of Art Movie (THE DARK KNIGHT) ! Everyone is awaiting for the EPIC CONCLUSION !! And Not To be Modest But he's sure Bringing This next movie To An Explosive Level !!!

  5. jmoose says – reply to this


    @Henwii from what the reviews have said, Avengers 3D sucks and it's a better experience in 2D. Also, why would a Marvel movie have a trailer for a DC movie attached to it? Dark Knight Rises being attached to Dark Shadows makes way more sense.

  6. Dan says – reply to this


    Re: jmoose – The Dark Knight (2008) Trailer came with Iron Man, whats your point?

  7. andrew says – reply to this


    Re: Henwii – Nolan's decision to not go for 3D is a good thing. A bit overused these days even if it does create a cool effect. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were strong films and the third installment will be a massive payment. The thing about Nolan is that he's a great filmmaker who's proven himself with the first 2 movies. I'm looking forward to The Avengers but a good film's a good film and Nolan's old school in his filmmaking style and focuses on what's important like a good story and strong characters. He's made 2 blockbuster movies with very little CGI and that says something about his level of commitment of how he wants to tell the story. Rises will kill it this year.