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10 comments to “Jessie J Is Bi? Lesbian? Who Cares!”

  1. 1

    Her Perez, if it was brad pitt that turned out to be gay.. you wouldnt be posting it like crazy.. or heck.. Any other guy in the world that was slightly famous.. What about that glee guy that you're in love with.. Who cares about them too right…

  2. 2

    jessie j is annoying and i wish she would go back to the uk :)

  3. 3

    I almost choked on my fucking water! Are you kidding, Perez?! No one cares about this more than you. You have a freaking tag titled "gay,gay,gay" for heaven sake! Although, you may not are as much about Jessie's orientation because whether she's straight, gay, or bi, is won't impact you. However if someone like Zac Efron were to say he was gay, it would be the top story in this blog for weeks!

    As for Jessie maybe partaking in lady lovin, I'm not surprised, but don't see why anyone should care. If anything, I would think her being bi, would help her career more than hurt it. Go figure!

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  5. internetfavs says – reply to this


    Who cares. As long as she's happy.
    Here in the Netherlands we dont make a fuzz about that kind of news stories……
    greetz internetfavs.com

  6. me says – reply to this


    I don't get the point Perez is trying to make. An 'unofficial', repeat 'unofficial' biography made a claim. Jessie J has come out and said the claim is completely false. Now Perez is trying to use it as an example for the idea that we should date who we wanna date and is making out that this somehow ties in to the whole gay discrimination thing. Someone said she's really a lesbian, she said that's false and that she is bi, which is what she has always claimed. She's staying true and shooting down what was a lie anyways. No-one is trying to hold her back or make her hide her true colours, not the record label or anyone. It was a lie, she called it as such. So why do we need to 'date who we wanna date, fuck who we wanna fuck"? Btw classy as always there Mario.

    Oh n Perez starts by saying who cares what her sexuality is, she makes good songs and that's all that should count. He then spends the next 7-8 paragraphs crapping on about her sexuality. Go figure.

  7. 7

    You care, Perez. You're obsessed with being gay - its your entire character.

  8. 8

    yeah because no one likes a hot lesbian. sounds like bad bussiness to me….perez your an idiot.

  9. DesiréeBD says – reply to this


    Perez and Jessie are friends? I though they were when he appeared on 'Dare Jessie J'…
    It doesn't matter if she's lesbian or straight or bisexual… It's ok if she's happy… And if he wants to stand up for her I agree with him ’cause you know what? ”Love doesn't choose a boy or a girl”

  10. Andrew says – reply to this


    Re: myshoethtfelloff – LOL so is justin beiber please take him back we will swap you…