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Obama Announces Support In Anti-Bullying Legislation!!!

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obama anti bullying bills lgbt

Take THAT slushie facial, bullies!!

President Obama has officially endorsed the SNDA, SSIA anti-bullying bills!!!

The bills seek to end student discrimination with two different methods…

SNDA prohibits harassment in public elementary and secondary schools based on a student's actual or perceived LGBT status, while SSIA requires schools to adopt anti-bullying codes of conduct.

A spokesman for the White House, Shin Inouye, states:

The president and his administration have taken many steps to address the issue of bullying. He is proud to support the Student Non-Discrimination Act, introduced by Senator Franken and Congressman Polis, and the Safe Schools Improvement Act, introduced by Senator Casey and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez. These bills will help ensure that all students are safe and healthy and can learn in environments free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Such a beautiful day!!

We're SO close to finally being able to live in a country where bullying in schools, even bullying regarding LGBT status, will NOT be tolerated!!!

The White House also created a rainbow timeline, chronicling the many ways Obama and his team have worked to help the LGBT community.

U can see that (below) and U can CLICK HERE for an in-depth look!!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Obama Announces Support In Anti-Bullying Legislation!!!”

  1. 1

    Hey! I stopped visiting the site for awhile…but I do really like the content…and hey! It's tons faster! Yippee!! And when you expand a story it opens in a mini-window you can x out of–no re-loading whole pages! And you cover Lindsay–but it's not way overboard at all! Much nicer! And Perez you look great!

  2. 2

    OBAMA IS THE MAN! and 4nikkip, you're delusional! we try to educate Perez, but it's disappoinment after disappointment. we think about beating him up sometimes, but the bitch might end up liking it…

  3. 3

    It appalls me that this whole "anti bullying" thing is pretty much only for kids and people who are gay or used to be a different sex naturally. It should be for PEOPLE who are being bullied/harassed!! Do you know how many straight kids are bullied to the point of suicide and there are not any news headlines about those..sickens me.

  4. 4

    O my god that bafoon finally did something worth a shit?! Absolutely amazing…

  5. 5

    This isn't going to stop anything. Rules at my schools always had punishments for bullying, fighting, and threats but it still happened. The rules and consequences where laid out in packets that every student got. So it was no slap on the wrist punishment. But it still happened.
    Hell, kids break rules that you have to go out of the way to commit, like vandalism. Its never going to stop happening. That's the sad truth.

  6. 6

    Re: Amernie – It's not just for those "kids who are gay", it's to protect every student in every school against any form of bullying, since Teachers can't get involved because they can lose their job if they were to interfere with the students. It's sad that Kids today are taking their own lives instead of seeking help. When a Gay kid takes their life and it's made the news because the ones that have taken their lives have made "It Gets Better" videos and posted on FBK,etc.

  7. 7

    Re: Sick_girl – If Obama puts this thru then, punishments will be quick and severe, no more slaps on wrists.

  8. 8

    anything for a vote

  9. 9

    lmfaooo just in time for election season i see. snaps for obama ;)

  10. 10

    Re: badnfluenz – I didn't say the punishment was just a slap on the wrist, I said ot wasn't. If there were threats or bullying the kid would get suspended the first time for 10 days. Then if it continued to happen the kid would be expelled. Not only that but if the threats were extreme the cops would be called. So some schools DO have strict rules about this stuff but the kids do it anyway. Because like it or not there are always going to be bullies.

  11. 11

    I am a teacher and I am glad something is being done abou bullying. I don't understand what Obama thinks he can do. It should be something that is dealt with in schools and the districts. Also, I am tired of hearing gays and lesbians saying they are the ones being bullied or stealing the spotlight from others who are being bullied. I have never met more selfish or self-centered people. There is more to life than your sexual orientation. Let's stick up for EVERYONE who is being bullied. The kids who are trying to find a place to belong.

  12. Bsmiley13 says – reply to this


    Bullying, fighting, and drug use abound in schools today. The world of today has become a scary place and I fear for today's children. I want to go back to the days when kids were innocents in the world and ignorant of the evils it holds. I want to go back to the time when a kid's biggest concern was what cereal they was going to eat for breakfast or what book to read when their homework was finished. I want to go back to the time when tv showed wholesome shows about family values instead of 16 and pregnant or other nonsense. I want to go back to the days when it was safe for kids to play outside until the street lights came on and they heard Mom calling them for dinner. If only….

    I'm a teacher in a S. FL middle school and was lucky enough to see Obama when he was at FAU on the 10th. Bullying is a MAJOR issue in schools today and it is VITAL that it be stopped for the well being of every child, adolescent, and adult!! Bullying is mean and hurtful, regardless of the type of bullying.

    PS- anyone know how or where I can get the Student's Should be Safe pic with out the words?? I'm actually in the pic in the bright red shirt and white pants with my face covered by the S… My students know I was there and it would be really cool to show them the pic with the words and without so they can see their teacher supporting issues they're facing everyday =) Thanks!

  13. bsmiley13 says – reply to this


    Bullying of ANY kind is harmful. It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, handicapped, or friggin purple. Bullying is BAD!!! There are rules in schools to stop or prevent bullying but they aren't always effective. There needs to be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bullying, period. I was bullied as a kid because I had a severe stutter and a goofy last name. Luckily for me, I didn't let it get to me and when the kids realized that, they left me alone. Kids now a days are bullied in different and more harsh ways. Cyber bullying is a major issue as well. I have several students who come to me with issues regarding bullying and all I can do is go to the guidance counselor, follow up with the student and guidance counselor and hope for the best. A zero tolerance policy would hopefully help stem the flow of negativity from the kids doing the bullying and help protect those who are being bullied.