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Sheree Whitfield Exits RHATL, New Deets Reveal…

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sheree whitfield real housewives atlanta fired

And the drama continues!!

After being fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta (her camp insists she quit), new information is being revealed on what led to Sheree Whitfield's exit.

CLEARLY things weren't going well between her and the impeccable NeNe Leakes. Just watch the last reunion show… it put Sue Sylvester's cattiness to shame!!

But NeNe wasn't the only person Sheree was "jealous" of!!

Sources dish:

Sheree was jealous of Kim Zolciak and NeNe. She felt like she wasn't getting as much attention, they all started together but it’s been unbalanced ever since. They went out of their way to promote Kim’s wig line and gave her a spin-off for her wedding. As for NeNe, she was allowed to guest star on Glee, compete on Celebrity Apprentice and then played the diva card with Bravo and demanded she would quit if she didn’t get her own show.

[But then Sheree] launched a clothing line and they turned it into a joke about how bad the clothes are. She wants to be a fitness instructor and they didn’t even promote that. They didn’t encourage her like they did the other two. She was not offered the same money as they were. To be offered less money was the final blow, they said take it or leave it – so she left.

And we thought New Jersey had the biggest divas!! Pshh….

Ohh Sheree, guuurrrll, time for you to hop on that honey badger train with Camille Grammer!!

You just gotta keep lookin' forward and not give a shiz!! LOLZ!!

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26 comments to “Sheree Whitfield Exits RHATL, New Deets Reveal…”

  1. Jonathan says – reply to this


    I don't believe she is jealous of Kim. She may wish she had the success that Kim has had. Sheree and Kim are very close! Sheree is even a bridesmaid in Kim's Wedding! Do not try to pit these two against each other.

  2. SouthernJezebel says – reply to this


    Sheree and Kim used to hate each other. The only reason they became so friendly was because they both needed each other after Nene wrote them off. And Sheree still lies to and manipulates Kim. I'm glad to see her gone!

  3. Mike Jones says – reply to this


    I do believe Sheree was jeolous because everyone was successful but her even the gay friends, she is just not that interesting to follow thats why she was in everyone else business she started the show with Nene and Kim but look at the direction there life went in and look hers no extra hustle adn house that never got built get her ass out of there and get somebody interesting in!

  4. Snow says – reply to this


    Goodbye,SHEBEGONE! She was trying to b something she's NOT,ELEGANT N SOPHISTICATED!! She's a joke,liar n started most of the crap herself to try n b relevant!! Go get a job for real now n get ur son off the DOGS COUCH PILLOW!!!!! She's no friend to Kim either,she's just trying to get Kim n Doofus to find her a DOOFUS!!! LMBO!!!! Kim needs to b next!!! Can't stand her fake self either!!! Don't let Doofus get injured because Kim will b out of there,if she waits even that long!! So glad my MOM WAS NOT LIKE EITHER ONE OF THEM!!!

  5. SF Gay Asian Man says – reply to this


    I truly believe that Sheree and Kim are good friends. She saw how annoying NeNe bacame. nene became one of that Huge Ugly Afriacn Man(I still think she is man). Nene thinks that she owns the Atlanta, the way she walks, acts.. but deep inside of Nene, she is one sad and pathelic person. nene is Noboby. Ever since she guest started on Glee, The Glee rathing sinked to the lowest. So why would anyone want to hire Nene. Nene Should simple go away her own before Nene gets the biggest joke on Reality TV shows. ON the other hand, Kim is one Classy lady and she represents a true fun/exciting Atlanta Housewife. She truly can promote and sell her stuff. Her songs are not great but she can sell. Like Madonna, she is NOT the greatest singer but she can sell zillions. Hope bring sheree back by surprising(pleasant) all of us. and nene should her lousy act to BET. Can Hardly wait Kim's new show…. I fast forwarded all Nene's act.. there is not stotu of her anyway other than her son(who wastes his life away… maybe that's how it is in Atlanta). Kroy is one handsome Mand. We Gay Asians Love Kim and even love Kroy more

  6. SF Gay Asian Man says – reply to this


    Was tying too fast… and posted it too quickly
    meant say "Kroy is One Handsome man and All Gay Men love Kroy as much we Love Kim".
    When Nene is going to announce she is actually Man not a Woman…
    Nene lies and put down on everyone.
    She and Marlo should get own show on BET not on Bravo.
    They are just so loud and annoying!
    Hope Bravo sees that and get rid off Nene as we know that Marlo won't be back.
    Do Not Forget to watch Kim's HOT New show(3.5 out of 4 stars per US weekly) on April 26th.

  7. binda says – reply to this


    Sheree is plain B.O.R.I.N.G. Wouldn't be interested in watching ANYTHING she was in…… so Good Riddance!

  8. 8

    Re: SF Gay Asian Man – stopped reading after the glee thing. as a fan of glee, i can tell you that the ratings are going down because the show is getting suckier and suckier. it has nothing to do with the 5 minute cameos of nene

  9. 9

    thank goodness

  10. SF Gay Asian Man says – reply to this


    Re: damedelamour-
    yes, you are right[1/2 .. :) ]. I used to love Glee as well but Ryan Murphy(creator), started to hire un-talented and anyone he knows for the show. That was my point. Yes, as far as I know, NeNe should be no more on Glee and the Glee got to focus on real talented actors like Ms. Cold Play(Paltraw). That was One Good Old Days of Glee.
    Nene is just so loud and her acts are totally annoying.. She thinks that she owns Atlanta. The way she shows up for events… always make big annoucements so everyone in the room can see her stupidity. Her head is getting even larger. never seen that big head in women before! Yes, never been to Atlanta but my images of Atlanta is totally different now in a bad way.. But I will watch the RHOAL since Kim and her HOT husband will be there…. and as always, fast forward for Nene parts(hope she will be fired so I can watch the whole shows)

  11. Forreal says – reply to this


    Re: SF Gay Asian Man – You will not be able to watch the whole show if Nene is fired, because there would be no show. Nene has a much larger following than any of the other women and everyone knows it…. Ratings would plummet!! It's funny, because the people that hate Nene are actually helping her so much. People will follow her and tune in to anything she is on if only just to complain about her… still results in ratings.

    Ok I have to say this… as a gay man I do not like Kim Zolciak at all. Also her husband is certainly not hot. Cute sometimes…. goofy looking on other day… but never hot.

  12. LISA says – reply to this





  13. Centertec says – reply to this


    Re: LISA

    Well said…he definitely has issues!

  14. Mark says – reply to this


    Re: SF Gay Asian ManRe: SF Gay Asian Man
    I actually believe you are jealous of NeNe. If anything, that big and oversized butt Sheree is jealous of NeNe. All Sheree does is go back and forth like a 11 year old girl gossiping and spreading lies. Good riddance! Next, maybe Kim will be fired. One can only hope.

  15. Bogussh!t says – reply to this


    This is so bias and bogus!! Sheree has no reason to be jealous of NeNe. Sheree is prettier and she is more respectful. NeNe is the 1 who seems jealous of all her cast mates. NeNe always has something negative to say about someone. NeNe needs to take her ugly olger looking a$$ & sit down somewhere. I think she has let that blonde hair go to her head. Anyway, I am sad to see Sheree go but maybe it is for the best. I hope she gets a reality show on BET.

  16. krazy says – reply to this


    Believe me Sheers is not Kim's friend. She made no sense trying to explain her court case on the reunion. There's something fishy about her child support case. Sheers have blown all of that bravo money on nonsense. Why is she bringing. Up kids when her kids appear to be so sad. She need to enroll in a speech class. Glad she's not returning.

  17. DEBBIE says – reply to this


    These women put on such a show to show the whole world how RICH they are. I am sorry but NENE and Sheree cannot speak proper Engllish. Drop the 5,000 pocketbook and get a lesson in proper grammer.

  18. Currvalicious says – reply to this


    Sheree just didn't have much of a storyline, she wasn't as interesting compared to the rest of the women. Though I don't find Kim's storyline all that interesting, the fact that she actually made changes & had something going on is what saved her, particularly after she & NeNe fell out. Kroy saved her but.

  19. Mary says – reply to this


    I hate Sheree. I'm glad they fired her. Read her bio–she's passed bad checks and is so stupid that she failed to get her children a good child support judgment. She also is talentless and doesn't finish anything she starts–the clothing line, dancing, acting, house renovations–she used her mother for that shady deal. Throw her in jail!

  20. Idalis says – reply to this


    This season especially, Sheree seemed really uncomfortable and out of place on RHOA. Po thang is sooo pretentious - all that fakeness and trying to walk the talk has caught up with her. She thinks having money is equivalent to having class and she has neither. POOF!

  21. kim says – reply to this


    Re: SF Gay Asian Man – Ne is a woman why would you write something so stupid get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. bitchboobye says – reply to this


    Re: DEBBIE – Debbie honey theres no e in grammar! no shade boo just saying.

  23. Slewis says – reply to this


    SF Gay Asian Male
    What do you mean by the BET remark? Sounds racist to me. Would you want people making disparaging remarks about your sexual preference? So let's not go there! You probably "WISH" you were NeNe. I hate to disappoint you but NENE IS THE SHOW!!!  And I'm sorry but since when did Kim become classy? If you mean being a whore that sleeps with wealthy married men all the while flaunting her actions in front of her daughters or meeting a man, having unprotected sex & getting pregnant in a span of 6 months. YEAH RIGHT! KIM IS A CLASS ACT. FYI  I WILL NOT BE WATCHING HER NEW SHOW!!!!

  24. dai coneray says – reply to this


    did anyone catch that Nene said she has been acting for years and that she goes out to LA for pilot season and has been doing that for years? so this whole buffoon act of hers is an ACT. tHANK GOD WHO ACTS LIKE THAT IN THE REAL WORLD?

  25. ann says – reply to this


    Re: binda – you should'nt say that about NeNe I think she is a good person but when people coming at you like Kim and Sheree you will blowup with bitches so don't blame it all on NeNe.

  26. ann says – reply to this


    Re: Forreal – stop hating on NeNe