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Save Ringer! Execs Talk Exciting Season 2 Plans!

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We know a lot of you tuned in for the season finale of Ringer, and bless your hearts, we thank you for it. Maybe the numbers weren't as high as they could've been, but damn it, we think they were high enough to give the show a second shot of finding it's audience next fall.

While there's been no word yet from The CW if Sarah Michelle Gellar's doppelganger drama will return to us, the execs are planning on a season two anyway and are sharing some of their planned secrets and story lines.

It's called being optimistic, people! Get onboard!

Ringer exec Pam Veasey explains that the real change in season two will be the lack of flashbacks. Since there was so much backstory to explain upfront, Pam felt the first season may have been too "complex" for some viewers. However, should the show come back, the storyline will lie primarily "in the present" and follow the twin sisters as they both deal with their covers being blown and living alone in New York.

But despite the low TV ratings, Pam points out that fans were every present in the digital sphere. Many a time, the show was the most downloaded on iTunes and most watched on The CW online. Therefore, Pam is hoping that this added numbers, combined with the pump in viewership for the season finale, will help nab SMG and Co another go around.

Fingers crossed! We so want to see an epic showdown between Siobhan and Bridget! It's the only thing we didn't get from the finale!

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71 comments to “Save Ringer! Execs Talk Exciting Season 2 Plans!”

  1. 1

    please do season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ringer was soo good, dont cancel it!!

  2. 2

    Hey Mario, please drop the "we" shit and speak for yourself.

  3. MissGee says – reply to this


    This show is amazing! WE NEED TO HAVE A SECOND SEASON!!! They can't stop the show and let us like this! :)

  4. 4

    DO NOT CANCEL RINGER!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. tom says – reply to this


    The ringer is a good show. But just to let you know it found its audience. It is not going to grow.

  7. Jana says – reply to this


    Hey guys, if you love Ringer and I know you do, help #SaveRinger.

    Operation: RingPop! Save Ringer by sending RingPops to CW. Here's a brief tutorial:


  8. 8

    It's stupid and boring as shit

  9. penny says – reply to this


    I love ringer and I really hope for a season 2

  10. 10

    Hopeful news!! I would be really, really happy if Ringer was renewed for a second season. Even it just the initial 13.

    Re: Scatter – Maybe you can share your thoughts and ideas when you have a website with millions of people who traffic it daily.

  11. 11

    The show really should have found a way to maintain Bridget's deception while still allowing Bridget to finally learn Siobhan didn't kill herself. The strongest aspect of the show was Bridget having to juggle deception with her genuine love for Andrew and Juliet. Had Bridget learned Siobhan was alive and wanting her dead prior to revealing herself to Andrew, it would have added another interesting layer to Bridget's plight in impersonating her sister.

    Beyond a Bridget/Siobhan confrontation I really don't see anything to be excited for in a second season…so hopefully the writers start working hard if they're given a second shot.

  12. 12


  13. Ryan Brown says – reply to this


    Please bring Ringer back for another season. It was a good show from the beginning. SAVE IT!

  14. 14

    Sorry Mario but the ratings don't warrant renewal. It's the lowest rated show on the CW. Advertisers just don't want to spend money on a show with so few viewers. That's why the network will ax it.

  15. 15

    In this age of technology, people watch their favorite tv shows in many different ways. Especially young people. An antiquated ratings system can't correctly track the viewership - having low ratings in the traditional sense doesn't mean people aren't watching.

    This isn't a tv show geared towards the elderly. It's not surprising that many people are watching the Ringer online via itunes, the cw website and other internet sources. TV execs have to keep up with the times. All you have to do is head over to E online Save One Show and you can see exactly how rabid the viewers are for Ringer. It's an awesome show and has way more viewers than people initially give it credit for.

  16. 16

    I'm basically going all over the Internet leaving comments and trying to show my support for both SMG and Ringer. She is amazing and this show is fantastic. Must have more!

  17. 17

    I love this show!

    Who is the father of Siobhan's twins?

  18. 18

    I want a second season, but how can they have a show with every one of the cast members sent to prison for life?

  19. Olya says – reply to this


    I vote for season 2!

  20. Siobhan says – reply to this


    I will have to murder the cw if they dont bring back ringer >:/

  21. John says – reply to this


    GREAT SHOW! Ive watched every episode and love it. SEASON 2!

  22. Donna says – reply to this


    Saw the finale on the weekend and although it took me a while to get into this series once I finally got around to watching it on my DVR I couldn't stop. I need more SMG goodness. I hope the networks renew it.

  23. ed69 says – reply to this


    producers love throwing repeats and filler episodes at the audience and when the ratings go down and they are about to get cancelled they expect who to save them? Thisd is not just Ringer but many other shows….

  24. Savahna says – reply to this


    There is a petition for a season 2 on Petition Buzz. Just go to Petition Buzz search petitions and look for Ringer. So far there are over 6,000 signatures but it'd be great to get to 10,000!!

  25. Deb says – reply to this


    ATTENTION! You wanna #SaveRinger ? Participate in #RINGerPOPCampaign ! Send the CW Ring Pops and a letter to let them know you #WantRingerS2 .
    Ring Pops are an implied reference to the engagement ring Andrew gave Bridget when he proposed to her in P.S. You're An Idiot.
    This idea was approved by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, Ringer's creators themselves, when they live tweeted with us during the season finale.
    Check out this tutoriel if you wanna know how to do it:

  26. Megan says – reply to this


    Go to E! Save one show and vote for Ringer.

  27. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: Donna – thanks to u for watching it on dvr and not on tv we had 1 less viewer

  28. Bizarro says – reply to this


    Vote for Ringer as many times as you can on EW's Save One Show Campaign!!!

  29. Moraima says – reply to this


    Do not cancell the show.. what is wrong with you people!!!!… we need season 2 …!!!

  30. 30

    I'd rather have a second season of The Secret Circle

  31. dom says – reply to this


    Hey everyone! Apparently we can vote to save Ringer!
    Give it a go if you want a Season 2!! (:

  32. Ronna says – reply to this


    Ringer was one of this household's best guilty pleasures! We love the show and want it to continue. Don't give up on it. Maybe, if they can't continue it on its current network, they can shop it on another. It wouldn't be the first time a show has been cancelled and then found a home on another network. Anything to save Ringer and keep it alive and well!

  33. Nic says – reply to this


    vote to save Ringer:

  34. Briged says – reply to this


    The ringer is the best show on CW at the moment!! the complexity of the story makes the show fascinating and keeps you hooked! At least something happened in every episode unlike other shows! I can't wait to see the showdown between the sisters!!

  35. Hellokimi87 says – reply to this



  36. haha says – reply to this



  37. Michelle says – reply to this


    I LOVE this show.. My mother in law & I watched every show.. It would be disappointing not to continue the show… I thought it had a great story. There lives are really messed up.. You cant jus leave everyone hangin..!! Please don't cancel the show.. WE enjoy it

  38. matt says – reply to this


    Perez! Love the devotion you have towards Ringer. Just to let you know but Ringer is in a heated battle with Boring of Proof! Like WTF? How is there a competition between this show? Not to mention it already had a second season. We need the Ringlets to vote! Help us out Perez. As Shiv would say "She's ruining everything!"

  39. JMLH says – reply to this


    AMEN! I love this show and watched it every week! I wish things on TV were like they used to be, when shows were given a chance to grow and evolve lasting several years, rather than having so many great freshman shows poop out by their second or third season because they ran out of steam. Give Ringer that chance!!!!!

  40. Angel Hernandez says – reply to this


    I agree wholeheartedly! This show is AMAZING! I believe that with the right promo and guest stars for the season premiere that the show can increase viewership. I also agree that younger audiences rely on things like DVR or CW online to watch their shows with less commercial interruption.

    Please #saveringer

  41. P.J. says – reply to this


    The problem we had in Australia, is they only played 4 episodes at a decent hour, then another 5 or so at 10:30pm then (at the midseason break) they didn't return it.

    My wife and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! We've been logging in each week to watch the new episode, another amazing show, like Flash Forward which could end up on the scrapheap while rubbish is pumped out weekly.

    Give us Season 2 please!!!

  42. Megan says – reply to this


    Vote on E! Save One Show.

    Ringer needs more votes! They will likely renew if it wins this campaign.

  43. babyblues says – reply to this


    Please bring Rinnger back! I truly enjoy and look forward to ever episode!

  44. teteu says – reply to this


    please don't cancel the show.
    Sarah Michelle Gellar are doing a AMAZING job!

    love that show!

  45. Team Bridget says – reply to this


    WE NEED SEASON 2!!!!!!!! I need to know what happens next, please CW can not cancel it. Honestly it's the only show from CW that I watch.

  46. butt plug says – reply to this


    i love ringer.. i followed it from the start and its one of my few favourite shows.. i really hope they bring it back for a second season there is no other shows like this one.. and we have to know what really happend to malcome and will the twins ever confront eachother now that bridgette knows what happend

  47. Jen says – reply to this


    Ringer became my new obsession after episode 5! Please bring it back! The final episode was so intense, my heart was literally hammering when Bridget told Andrew the truth!!!!

  48. Pedro Paixao says – reply to this


    Please don't cancel this series. It's one of my favorites. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL!

  49. bg says – reply to this


    hope to see a season 2. luv the show much!

  50. Matt says – reply to this


    At first I didn't like the show much and could barely see any difference in the two roles SMG was playing, but about mid season I think she did VERY well and you could see how Bridget seemed more insecure and more shy whilst Siobhan felt a little wooden. I watched the whole show in a few days now and could barely stand to wait to see the next episode every time I was done with one - SO MANY TWISTS!

    Hope it'll return for season 2!

  51. shaubtay says – reply to this


    Oh NO!! do not cancel the show!!!!!! Me and my family loves this show!!!!!

  52. megwoman25 says – reply to this


    I LOVE this show. I didn't have a tv because Im moving so I downloaded lots of episodes of it and watched the entire thing. It did wrap things up nicely but I think that a lot more can come from this show now that all the secrets are out. Its no secret too that Andrew loves Bridget so many lines can come from that. I think this show has potential that other shows don't have and I really didn't see Katherine and Olivia having a relationship so kudos for throwing that out of left field. I really hope it stays because it deserves to and the break is what got me off it for awhile but I came back. Thanks. xx

  53. S j says – reply to this


    Do not cancel ringer do Not!! Its a realy gud show

  54. Melissa Andrade says – reply to this


    i am truly hoping that there is a second season. i know quite a bit of people will be verry angry if this show is gone once and for all without knowing what happens next. i dont understand why they would cancel it anyway. You already have aired a first season. atleast finish it. please and thank you…?

  55. music mom says – reply to this


    PLEASE save ringer I really love this show,don't take it from us!

  56. justina says – reply to this


    For those people making bad comments about the show why are u wasting ur time on here if u hate the show lame !!! As for me I love the show and would love the show to make another season please don't cancel I love Sarah michele and was a huge buffy fan for years :)

  57. tbbt&ringer says – reply to this


    Re: penny – your stupid and boring as shit,LOVE RINGER,DON'T CANCLE IT

  58. Chris says – reply to this


    Hey, RINGER is brilliant. The one show that gets my whole family in front of the box every Thursday night. We all want a second season. Hope Bridget gets back with Andrew … after all they've been through!

  59. Laura says – reply to this


    Love it please give us another

  60. Jopaque says – reply to this


    Season 2 has to happen!

  61. Kim g says – reply to this


    Loveeee ringer. Please give a second season!!

  62. alishea says – reply to this


    dont cancel ringer series one was so good

  63. miriam says – reply to this


    Ringer is the best filmed show on the CW, the only way you can't love it is if you don't keep up with it. If Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings weren't complex, they wouldn't be as amazing. Ringer has that similar appeal; it's a well written plot. (Not to put it on the same amazingness as HP or LOFR) Season 2, we need you!

  64. Kelly atkindon says – reply to this


    Please save the ringer

  65. arianita says – reply to this


    Save Ringer, please!!

  66. A says – reply to this


    Ringer was so good. Please do another season

  67. Mariette says – reply to this


    For sure u must have a second season….it was brilliant and without a doubt the best show ever. I watch so many mini series and can i tell u that this one is so well thought of with a lot of suspense and intrigue. Brilliant keep up the good work!!

  68. Amanda 😘 says – reply to this


    Please give us another Ringer

  69. mahogany says – reply to this


    Please save Ringer my fiance and I love the show and look forward to watching it on Tuesdays…Its a great show and we also like several shows on the CW…such as Supernatural and Secret Circle….but we definately need Sarah Michelle Geller to continue playing good twin bad twin on the Ringer….Absolute Love It

  70. Jessica says – reply to this


    I love this show! I'll be gutted if they don't continue it - I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

  71. Cait says – reply to this