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How Similar Is Chris Colfer In Real Life To His Character In Struck By Lightning?!

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Chris Colfer's character on Glee, Kurt Hummel, will always hold a special place in our heart, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't excited for him to take on an entirely different kind of role as Carson in the film — in which he wrote and stars — Struck By Lightning, which premiered Saturday night at the Tribeca Film Festival!

However, the actor wants everyone to know that just because he may have been the creative force behind the character — who is a high school senior blackmailing his classmates to write for his literary magazine hoping that it will secure him a spot at Northwestern University — that doesn't mean he's similar to him in real life!

He explains:

"I wish I was like Carson in high school! [Writing his character] was a way for me to vent to people I could not vent to. Carson's a version of me. A version of the way I think of people. But I think Carson maybe handles [bullying] it a little better. I would like kids who are bullied to handle it more like Carson. He just lets it roll off his back and gives as good as he gets. He's a bully by circumstance. He just doesn't let people push him around. I specifically did not address his sexuality in the movie. I feel like whenever kids see a movie with a message, if they see the character's gay, straight kids stop listening. And if the gay kids see a character's straight, they stop listening. It's like, 'Oh, that's not me, I can't relate to him.' So I purposely make him a universal character to both sides. I hope this movie inspires inspiration. In some respects, I kind of live for [his fans] them. In high school, I had so much anxiety. I needed approval! I think I kind of get that through my fans…I would lose credibility if they knew how much I like them."

Well, don't worry, boy!

We like you, too! A LOT!

This project sounds so fantastic on so many levels, but we think we're most excited to hear him promote to his fans how therapeutic and beneficial the writing process can be - especially when working through some of your own personal frustrations and issues!

Congrats again on all of your hard work!

We cannot WAIT to see this movie!

How about U??

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2 comments to “How Similar Is Chris Colfer In Real Life To His Character In Struck By Lightning?!”

  1. 1

    I don't care how similar they are, Chris (21!!!!) wrote this movie when he was 16!!!! and recived a standing ovation when the movie finish. He's a genius and has an amazing future! ANd he's VERY DIFFERENT! to Carson, he already say that! You better continue with ths stupid Darren Criss news.

  2. 2

    OMG, don't give a shit about this article. This is a comment for Perez going retro with his old skool headshot. Why the Comments Off mister Perez? SO, he was thin before he was fat? Who knew?! Also, he spent his life trying to act? Has anyone seen him on 90210? on Top Model? When he is trying to convince American Idol to hire him? Good god, Perez cannot act. And now he is going to ruin poor LiLo's scenes?