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Gotye Chimes In On Nasty Glee Remarks!

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Gotye is now calling Darren Criss an a**hole?!!

Oh, we jest! Well, he technically did… but not in a BAD way.

At an intimate radio session in El Lay yesterday, Gotye attempted to explain away his anti-GLEE remarks concerning the Darren Criss & Matt Bomer cover of his mega-hit, Somebody I Used To know.

If you are unaware of the contentious remarks, he essentially insulted the GLEE sound and seemed to call our beloved Darren Criss ‘dinky’.

BUT, apparently (as is so often the case) Gotye insists his remarks were taken out of context:

"This xylophone hook in my song — it's kind of dinky not just in the cover version but the original song. That [erroneously translates into] the Glee cover I hated and Darren Criss is an asshole."

Gotye went on to praise Matt & Darren’s version, stating:

"I thought it was really clever to transpose the song to two guys … It was a great idea."

We’re glad he took the time to clear that silly mess up! Our opinion of the Australian singer was starting to slip…

[Images via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Gotye Chimes In On Nasty Glee Remarks!”

  1. deb says – reply to this


    I just downloaded the song because of Glee. I think that he should be pleased that the show showcased his song. I'm not sure if this artist has a huge fanbase, but I never heard of them prior to this, so I hope that his words were taken out of context. It seems he liked it after all, so all is right with the world! :)

  2. 2

    I thought that the Glee cover was great! I mean, it was Darren Criss singing it afterall. But I think it was out of line for Gotye to bash the cover. He should be glad that Glee is making his music more known to the planet.

  3. sof says – reply to this


    His music was known to the planet months and months ago. It's only in US you need GLEE to get exposure to his music…

  4. 4

    IF it wasn't for Glee, Gotye would not have the fans they have today. Glee helps your music SELL! Plus you gave them permission to use the song. STFU!

  5. 5

    Gotye didn't need the help of a high school musical-esque show to make him 'more known'. Unless you've been living under a rock only watching Glee, you'd know that Somebody That I Used To Know is dominating the charts not just in North America, but internationally.
    Screw Glee. Wouter is better.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Usually,"Glee" isn't better than the original - it does its own version.

    Darren is one of the most talented of the bunch - it was a great cover. Gotye - You don't want to seem like some stupid, arrogant idiot. Bon Iver anyone? Some people can't handle fame.

  8. 8

    the cover was average at best but what bottered me most was the, you know, fact that it was sung between two brothers? Awkward as hell. I find it pathetic that the song was featured because the guest star wanted to sing it. But it's Glee, who cares if the songs don't make sense?

  9. xoxoj says – reply to this


    All of you really only heard the song on glee? I felt like it died away after it was on there, and prior to that I couldn't get away from it

  10. 10

    Re: badnfluenz – that is not even true… he was known well before glee in the US. and 2) glee covers ALWAYS suck compared to the original. Glee is becoming this "untouchable" cult and i you say anything against the cast or their singing you are automatically shunned. It is just a show and the cast has limited range. get over it. It's not that serious. And since it is his song, he can say whatever he wants about the cover.

  11. Chrise says – reply to this


    Wow both Gotye & their fans sound like arrogant assholes to me. No I'd never heard the song before & I loved Glee's cover (which I don't believe was performed by Matt & Darren because MATT wanted to sing it - Ryan Murphy chooses the music & who will perform them not the actors) Glee covers do NOT suck I like most as much as the original & some even better. And like it or not a song being showcased on Glee introduces new generations to music they may never had heard before - that's a good thing not a bad thing. If Gotye didn't want them to do it he could have said no but he chose to let them now he's being a rude asshole about it. I was never a fan before of his work but no I don't care to be! Darren Criss is not just an amazing singer/actor/dancer he's also a nice guy.

  12. Kylie says – reply to this


    darren looks like jake lauckern i think
    and darren could never be an a*h*

  13. 13

    lol at everyone not reading the article. His words were taken out of context, so calm down, he said he liked the cover. And for everyone that hadn't heard his song before Glee, you must have been living under a rock because it had like 100 million views on youtube. I personally don't like Glee or any of their covers, but I do realize that they give musicians more recognition so power to Glee. Don't generalize and say everyone that doesn't like Glee or their covers are nasty people, because we're not.

  14. Chris h says – reply to this


    Agreed. Finally someone has the balls to say Darren is in asshole

  15. Chrise says – reply to this


    Re: kdeleon – Oh excuse me I live under a rock cause I don't troll youtube. I also don't listen to the radio I listen to CD's or my iPod so I was not familiar with his stuff but it's the fact he called Darren an asshole AFTER Darren took the time to tweet him thank you for allowing him to record his song is just rude. I don't think everyone who doesn't watch or like Glee are nasty I have more friends who don't in RL than do. You don't like Glee I don't care for Gotye I'm allowed my opinion you are allowed yours. It's a free country.

  16. 16

    And who cares what your opinion is? People come here to read the horseshit. LIke a dirty rag column. Not for opinions for fux sake. Dude, you guys are worse that Kardashian beleiving she's a talented personality.

  17. 17

    IN additon, you're mistaking your Payola influence on Music and society for something else. Your opinion is far, far, far, far away from being considered. Again, it's your Payola methods that have influence. Keep peddling the Kat Graham GARBAGE that they pay you to peddle. That's the only influence you have. Helping the morons decide which really crappy band to download.

  18. 18

    I'm not quite sure why everyone is dissing Gotye for insulting Glee…after he came out and said he was misquoted. And so what if he did insult it? Just because he gave them permission to use it doesn't mean he had to like the final outcome. I personally found it okay, but a little on the weak side compared to the original. Their voices, especially Matt's, just didn't seem strong enough to me. It wasn't one of Glee's better remakes.
    And Gotye was plenty popular before they used the song. It certainly got him more exposure, but it's not like he was a nobody and they made him big. I was listening to the song before it was on Glee.

  19. 19

    Re: pdrocksmysocks – amen!!

  20. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    He didn't call Darren an asshole idiots, learn to read! Once again Perez posts a stupid article with a title that completely misleads the reader as to what was actually said. Gotye is basically saying "I said something about the glee cover which many took the wrong way and assumed I was calling Darren Criss an asshole, but I didn't mean that". I love Glee, and I loved the cover, but all these obsessed Glee/Darren fans getting outraged at something that never happened is fucking pissing me off. If you can't educate yourself enough to get your facts straight then don't give out your opinion so fucking freely.

  21. jakeyplay says – reply to this


    Re: Chrise – Yea, but the point that is being made to you is that Gotye didn't even call him an asshole, which is your whole reason for acting like a brat. Regardless of your interest in Gotye (and yes he and that song were super famous way before glee just fyi) or your obsession with Glee, you are getting mad, borderline bitchy, about something that didn't even happen. Forming an opinion and then bashing others based on false information that you acquired from an unreliable source without checking if it's even the truth makes you an ignorant person. Educate yourself, you fool.

  22. lily says – reply to this


    I like the GLEE version better..and I'm not saying that I don't like the Gotye version.

  23. 23

    Not every song that glee does is better than the original. Anyone who thinks is stupid. They totally fucked up never can say goodbye. What I don't get is why they constantly have to redo top 100 songs. I think they should delve into more unknown songs or songs from more than 2 years ago. I love glee but it's getting so cheesy, I can't ven keep a straight face 10 minutes into the show. Im liking smash tho.

  24. 24

    Re: carmel1024 – Couldn't have said it better myself! But also glee is the shittest show to come out of the u.s in a long time…can't wait til it gets axed here in aus.

  25. 25

    Re: Chrise – Maybe should re-read the post…his words were taken out of context…who's the rude asshole now

  26. XCHILD says – reply to this


    this one trumps them all!
    Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Xiren ft. Stephanie Graham)