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Lane Garrison Says Surveillance Footage Is Misleading And Maintains Innocence

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Lane Garrison says footage is misleading

Despite surveillance footage showing Lane Garrison taking a swing at his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Mattingly, he's STILL swearing his innocence.

After watching the footage from various cameras stationed around the Beverly Hills apartment complex, it seemed pretty clear to us that he was the aggressor. Not only was he waiting for the Playboy Playmate to come home, but he bypassed a security gate and followed her into the elevator despite her protests. Then after a shoving match began in the lobby, the footage shows what LOOKS like Lane slapping the poor girl.

Still in prison after the domestic violence arrests, the former Prison Break actor says the footage is misleading and he DID NOT strike Ashley. Instead, he insists the slap we all saw was just him reaching for his cell phone that she had snatched out of his hand to get a hold of "incriminating" text messages.

As you can see for yourself here, his story is a possible. Then again, he already lied to detectives about why he was at her apartment in the first place AND the video shows Ashley being launched back after his hand lunges toward her.

It's hard to see through the footage whether or not his hand connects with her body, but based on the blowback, we still maintain that it looks like it did.

Check out the footage for yourself and let us know (below) if U think he assaulted her or if this is all just one big misunderstanding!

[Image via WENN.]

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3 comments to “Lane Garrison Says Surveillance Footage Is Misleading And Maintains Innocence”

  1. KItKat says – reply to this


    So I want to clear something up that you are constantly stating incorrectly. He is NOT in prison. There is a huge difference between prison and jail, they are NOT interchangeable terms to be used at your whim (or to sensationalize a story). Jail = where people go when they are arrested, where they are held prior to trial/arraignment, where they are held when waiting to be bailed out, where people who are convicted of misdemeanors(less than a YEAR as their sentence) serve their sentence and are run by local govt. officials. There are different kinds of programs and securities measures.

    Prisons = Reserved strictly for people who have already been CONVICTED of a crime(people who are on parole do not go to prison if they commit another crime, they sit in jail just like everyone else). While typically run by state governments, there is also a federal bureau of prisons. Prisons are also reserved for people serving felony sentences(365 days or more, the equivalent of at least one year on their sentence). Prisons are for those who have completed the basic judicial process and their only option in the court is an appeal… whereas jail is for both people who have been convicted(of a misdemeanor) or are awaiting their day in court.

    For the love of all that is green, please stop using the terminology interchangeably… it's maddening.

  2. 2

    he is nothing but a MURDERER and a nasty drunk and now a woman beater low piece of shit he is

  3. seb says – reply to this


    Waster of space abuser. He should have died in the car accident that he caused.