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Nude Madonna Photograph Expected To Sell For $7,500!

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Nude Madonna photo auction

We. Want. This. NOW!

A New York auction house has obtained this GORGEOUS photo of Madonna in all her glory and is giving it away to the highest bidder next month.

The black and white image was taken in 1990 by Steven Meisel, the photographer responsible for the pictures in her 1992 book Sex, and is expected to sell for $7,500!

And yes, we don't condone smoking, but we're pretty sure Madonna didn't get and KEEP a body like that by sucking down cancer sticks. Judith Eurich, a representative from the vendor selling the photograph, told sources:

"She is a very healthy person and I'd imagine the cigarette is just a prop to make her look sexy and sultry."

Maybe she did partake in the unhealthy habit in her younger years, but she's gotten her priorities straight. If you've seen her slammin' 53-year-old body these days (which looks pretty damn similar to her early 30s body above), then you'd agree that she's done everything she can to stay as healthy as possible!

Either way, this photograph is absolutely FABulous and we KNOW die-hard fans will be clamoring to get it on May 8th!

[Image via Steven Meisel.]

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21 comments to “Nude Madonna Photograph Expected To Sell For $7,500!”

  1. 1

    Wow. She's a goddess!

  2. 2

    i want this now sexyyyyyyyy

  3. 3

    @allaboutmadonna: 30 Years Ago…: On April 24th 1982, Madonna’s first Single “Everybody” was released in the US!

  4. 4

    People put on weight when they quit smoking. and loose extreme weight when on meth right FatHead.

  5. 5

    She looked better back then now she looks like Lance Armstrong…

  6. 6

    I have a 24" by 36" poster that is almost this exact pose..she has one hand partially covering her nipple. One of my favorites. Her body looks the same today.

  7. 7

    She looked decent young. TOO BAD NOW AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 1800000 people who got her tickets and FREE ABLUM never wanted the album so they let it go. Poor Madonna. How sad is she

  8. 8

    Re: Keckielee – she's a monster today. u must be drunk

  9. 9

    Madge still looks great but she's a goddess here. GaGa will never be able to look like this!

  10. 10

    Re: CarrieeMA – you don't have anything better to do than talk shit, what a looser, get a life,take your pills,go to the doctor or …kill yourself

  11. Betopsisabigbottom says – reply to this


    Re: betopsp2
    You claim to be an English teacher, yet you can't spell the word "loser?" I guess Madonna's music really does make her fans dumb.

  12. 12

    Once again, you are wrong WRONG! She smoked like a chimney for years

  13. 13

    what Roger responded I'm in shock that a single mom can earn $4165 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this site MakeCash2.com

  14. 14

    i want it!

  15. 15

    I'll admit she was kind of cute there. But that is the look she is just really trying to hold onto, from 20 years ago.
    Now she just looks like a warn out old hag with an ugly gap tooth and beef jerky arms. she just needs to give it up already

  16. 16

    Anyone that has a body like that, should take a pic of their amazing body! and It would last longer!!

  17. 17

    Beautiful. But what I want even more is the 10 prints of Marilyn Monroe!

  18. Ct1stclass says – reply to this


    Cover her face and it looks like a mans body.

  19. 19

    copycat of Marilyn Monroe….just to show how much she xeroxed several Hollywood legends and called it 'reinvention'. Now, she can't get away with it. lol

  20. 20

    The Queen, nobody come close.

    Even my oldest Daughter loves her.

    Tara Hamdi (Abu Dhabi) Now Denmark

  21. Crasher says – reply to this


    This was also a poster…….I have it.