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Cub Scout Leader Fired For Being Gay! Fights Back!!

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jennifer tyrell boy scouts america fired for being gay

Jennifer Tyrell recently got the discriminatory boot after her local Cub Scout organization found out she was gay.

In March, the Boy Scouts of America told Jennifer her sexual orientation didn't meet the "high standards" so she had to go!!

Pshh… high standards?? Please!! You can't go around acting like you're better than anyone if you're full of discrimination!

The BSA says:

To disagree does not mean to disrespect and we respect everyone's right to have and express a different opinion. Scouting will continue to teach our members to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

Hmm… Now how does firing someone because of their sexuality show respect again???

Since the fearful firing, Jennifer has pulled her seven-year-old son out of the Scouts. She says:

We can no longer support an organization that has these policies and we hope to get them changed. That is our main goal.

Jennifer began an online petition which has already gained 140,000 signatures! She's SO close to her goal!! She just needs a few more, so please…

CLICK HERE to sign it if U wish and spread the word!!! Love is the highest standard!!!

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23 comments to “Cub Scout Leader Fired For Being Gay! Fights Back!!”

  1. joana says – reply to this


    like Julie replied I am alarmed that some one can get paid $4730 in a few weeks on the computer. have you read this web link



  2. 2

    Let them have their policies. It would be better to start a whole new organization and compete with them instead.

  3. 3

    I signed her petition because anyone could look at this woman and see that she is openly gay (even if she has a child), not to mention she is leading BOY SCOUTS. When I was a child, women headed the Girl Scouts and men headed the Boy Scouts. The fact that she was doing her job just fine before her sexuality became a lesser "standard" for the organization shows that the Boy Scouts are full of it. They just wanted someone to pick on. When will the day come where people don't care what other's do in their bedrooms behind closed doors?

  4. 4

    As long as she loves kids and they learn scouting skills I have no problem with her being a scout leader.

  5. 5

    For the love of god, Perez, what part of it's a private organization do you not understand. You're not getting pissed with the country clubs that don't let Jews in. They can do it legally because they are a PRIVATE organization.

  6. 6

    They were probably just mad because she was more manly then most of the male scout leaders. She probably outdid them all in knot tying, rubbing sticks together, and even pitching tents. They were just jealous!

  7. 7

    It's a private organization that wants to protect children from sick individuals. We need more of that in this country.

  8. 8

    She's gay!!! The Scouts are a PrIvate organization. They have the right to have who they want in it. As a straight parent and a straight grandparents I would not have wanted my kids or my grandkids exposed to it. I don't give a fuck what you say, It's wrong. Tolerance and acceptance are NOT the same thing.

  9. 9

    As a mom who's also a Cub Leader, I take a wee bit of umbridge to any "she's with the boys, of COURSE she's gay!" Cub Scout leaders come in all shapes and sizes and genders. And orientations. But as I always wonder, why's it coming up? At that stage of things, there's no point where you should be talking sex within the scope of the Scouting anyway! And that goes for gay people, straight people and everything in between. Why was it coming up in conversation? Because it shouldn't have. Use some decorum, people. And since she's a volunteer and not an employee, it's not firing. There's no EOE for this.

  10. 10

    The BSA has a code of conduct that calls for scouts and leaders alike to live by a certain Christian moral code. Homosexuality does not meet that code. Debate it any way you want, but that's what the BSA has determined, and since it is a private organization, it can pass a rule saying that no blond members are to be accepted, and the rule will stand. When this lady joined the organization, she was made aware of this and, if she had any questions about Christian morality, she should have asked the question about being gay.

    Since scouts and leaders are taught to be kind, they weren't going to ask her if she was gay based on her appearance and it never would have been an issue if she hadn't outed herself somehow. She got the boot because she somehow made it openly known that she was gay. If she wants to be out, which is her right, then the Scouts aren't for her. Sorry.

  11. Kingz says – reply to this


    Re: MyzareeRe: Myzaree – Totally agree! Eff em'.

  12. 12

    Good for the boy scouts. Standing up for what is right.

  13. 13

    I wonder when morons are going to stop trying to get their way. Private organization. Can fire you simply for looking funny. Also, its easy to take sides when the person comes out saying she was fired because shes gay. You know, there COULD be a possibility that she was fired due to being an incompetent idiot. Much like most people. If you're black and get fired for being a lazy worker, they pull the racism card. If you're gay, same thing, if you're a woman same thing. ARE WHITE STRAIGHT MALES THE ONLY PEOPLE WITH BALLS OUT THERE ANYMORE?

  14. LOVINGMEISNTEASY says – reply to this


    thats funny they will take child molesters but not gays they have some nerve I would nevre let my nephew join the boy scouts its just like a all day sunday school camping trip. she should file a petition I know i would sign it

  15. 15

    It's rude but it IS America… They can do whatever they want…

  16. Seto says – reply to this


    Re: Shelah – Exposed to what really? A woman teaching children ways to survive in the wilderness? Oh god forbid those poor children get exposed to that! Its not like she was flashing her vagina or scissoring another woman with the children present. Its people like you that perpetuate the discrimination - by your ideals, values and even your language usage. And just because they are a private organization doesn't make what they did right and by your excusing it and giving it worth, you are, in effect, strengthening the negativity.

  17. John says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – The only sick person around here is you. So what if she is gay I'm a straight male who has gay female friends one of whom I work with. As long as she does her job what difference does her sexual orientation make?

  18. Jen says – reply to this


    How does being gay stop her from doing what is expected of her in her job? It has no relevance. It's the same as discriminating against someone for liking hockey more than basketball. It's irrelevant to the job they do. I'm sickened by people who have prejudice against LGBT.

  19. 19

    Re: Jen – It doesn't. It's just easier to blame your race/gender/sexual orientation when you get fired for being shitty at what you do.

  20. 20

    Re: Mad Dog – You're a sick fucking person. You should be shot in the head. Well no. People like you should suffer. WHY are you on a GAY MANS blog?? You joined a gay mans blog and every comment you post is about how homophobic you are. You are the sick person. Not others. It's NONE of your business who people want to love. I bet you're all alone because no one wants to love you. You're probably just as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside. Get a life and stop putting down the gays.

  21. Crystal says – reply to this


    I am rather aggravated about this and felt that I had to comment. I have absolutely nothing against gay people, if they want to live that way then that is fine. What upsets me is people knowing that an organization chooses not to accept gay leaders and trying to force their way in anyway. Is it not bad enough the government tells me where I can and cannot smoke, that I am not allowed to talk on the phone (even handsfree!) in my car, and that my children are not allowed to pray at school? How is the gay issue any different than the smoking issue? We are told smoking isn't allowed in public places because we are violating the rights of the non-smoker, but yet you are going to tell me that a gay person is allowed to violate the rights of a another by forcing them to accept their lifestyle choices? If you don't like that the Boy Scouts do not accept gay leaders, then go create your own group that has similar activities and does allow gay leaders, but it's not right that you try to violate some one else's right to believe however they want to believe.

  22. 22

    Re: Crystal – Exactly, the smoking bans piss me off..I can understand the whole not smoking in restaurants..But OUTDOOR SMOKING BANS? in a city where we pay taxes to live in none the less? No one doesn't care because they don't smoke and they dislike people that do smoke. But let something ridiculous effect them and they will throw a hissy fit. Lets also not forget how cigs should be like 1-3 bucks a pack at the most. The demand is low, but the supply is high. We're unfairly taxed to hell and back for cigs. No one bats an eyelid.

    LGBT's seem to think they are special. I can tolerate them. But when they try to force their views on others then society cruifies you for not giving in..They will willingly and knowingly join organizations that aren't to keen on LGBTs then throw a hissy fit when something happens? Get the F out with that crap.

  23. Edward Coburn says – reply to this


    I raised six children, 4 girls and 2 boys. All were in the Scouts. I have 15 grand children.
    NONE have joined the BOY Scouts since the BSA has decided to ban Gays. I am very upset after all the time and effort I put into our troop. The Girls don't descriminate.