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Young Chinese Girl Falls Into Sidewalk Sinkhole While Talking On Her Cell Phone!

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OMG! This is absolutely terrifying!

While casually walking on the sidewalk and talking on her cell phone, an unsuspecting schoolgirl in Northern China fell into a 19-foot deep sink hole!

Fortunately, a taxi driver saw the incident and immediately pulled over to help. As you can see in the video (above), he even climbs into the hole after her!

The brave man used a cable to lower himself into the hole and stayed with the barely conscious girl until help arrived with a ladder so they could both climb out.

Thankfully this scary scenario had a happy ending thanks to the miraculous courage of a man named Wang Wei.

Somebody give this guy a medal. He certainly deserves one!

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5 comments to “Young Chinese Girl Falls Into Sidewalk Sinkhole While Talking On Her Cell Phone!”

  1. 1

    well to her defense its not like the hole was visible. Looks kind of like ground just collapsed. I would sue!

  2. lany says – reply to this


    Yeah. It looks like the concrete just collapse on the girl. it seems everything that's MADE in CHINA doesn't seem to have lasting power. Look at how thin the concrete is. Sue (i wonder who, the government?- they are extremely corrupt).

  3. 3

    Imagine what the person the was talking to on the phone thought after she fell. How scary for both of them. Glad she's ok.

  4. Jess says – reply to this


    Re: lany – If everything made in china doesn't have lasting power, how is it that almost everything in the world is made in China. I guarantee you most of the things in your bedroom are made in China. Don't be so naive and ignorant.

  5. Buddhist Prime says – reply to this


    19 feet, how did she survive that distance?
    Had it been an American, with the obesity factor,
    it would have been a bloody mess to clean up.

    She is probably a Kung Fu Master who
    can jump over the great wall of China.