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Every GLEE-Tail: Wondrous Whitney

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Admit it:

Whether you were hooked and stayed as such from day one or you’re just coming back to the show now after taking a hiatus, you’re enjoying these final episodes of Glee's third season. These very well may be our final moments with the McKinley kids who started it all and the idea of saying goodbye … hold on a sec, getting choked up.

Since we’re actually going to be a part of Glee’s explosive final storyline this season, we took extra interest in this week’s episode. An hour filled with heartache, touching moments and tears were only highlighted by the fact that the kids paid homage to Whitney Houston, hitting every one of the legend's high notes from the 80's onward.

This was a good one – dare we say, one of their best tribute episodes to date!


We’ll be brief. We have 3 words for you:

Darren FREAKIN’ Criss!

A Blaine-heavy episode makes for a happy us and while things were far from gleeful for the former Warbler, we can’t help but be a bit giddy ourselves since his pain led to one of his FIERCEST performances to date. Seems Kurt and Blaine have hit a rough patch in recent weeks. Blaine is worried about what will happen to their relationship once Kurt goes to college; Kurt feels neglected by his BF while he sorts out his feelings. While Blaine stews, Kurt finds comfort in a boy named Chandler (no relation to anyone with the surname “Bing”) When Blaine finds out, all hell break lose and Klainers started to fear the worst. Thankfully, a pow-wow with Ms. Pillsbury finds the fellas back in each other’s loving arms. All’s well that ends well.

Speaking of doing all right, our girl Quinn is keeping true to her word as she continues to work hard on her physical therapy. If her strong desire to dance and cheer again wasn’t enough motivation to get out of her wheelchair, the love of a new man is certainly starting to do the trick. Teen Jesus – better known as Joe – begins to work with her during her sessions and an attraction immediately builds. If you didn’t feel the chemistry in their duet, you need to examine your own sex drive! Phew! Anyway, problem is, Joe isn’t sure he’s willing to sacrifice his faith for the love of one girl. Okay, fine. But could you at least kiss her! Kiss the damn girl, dreadlocks!

Elsewhere, Brittana and Pezberry fans got an eyeful with two outstanding musical numbers, and Wemma fans finally were clued in on the date of their wedding. Mark your calendars — the date is set for … November sweeps! Ah! How strategic of you, Ryan Murphy. Yes, we see your game. If you lose half your cast by the end of this season, they will all have to come back for the wedding of their favorite teacher. Won’t that episode be interesting – aka SKYROCKET in the ratings! Well played, sir!

So in the end, the moral of this episode was Whitney is great and life is scary, but listen to Whitney and life is less scary? Yes? Oh, who cares what the lesson was. We just want Heather Morris to stay next season so we can get more KILLER dance numbers like THAT!

Next week … WHOOPI!!!

A Few Side Notes:

A. When Darren Criss is sad, we’re sad. When Darren Criss is angry, we’re TURNED ON!
B. Deliver onto us at least one more Santana/Rachel duet before the show is out, RIB! That’s all we’re asking
C. Where the hell did that Irish kid go? Is he out? Is he done? Did Sugar Motta really buy his country? Are they living under a rainbow? HELLO?!
D. The “Bromates” moment was sweet. Puck can be the Starsky to our Gay Hutch anytime!
E. Aww! Kurt and Burt! Never was anything like them on TV before and that moment just added to their greatness.

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17 comments to “Every GLEE-Tail: Wondrous Whitney”

  1. 1


  2. ka2 says – reply to this


    irish kid isn't gone! Damian was sick when they shot this episode and the one before. He will be back for the next one

  3. 3

    I watched this… piece of crap fir the first time last night. Bad acting and a ton of auto-tune. Can Lea Michelle be any creepier? Nice job making a show about a crack-whore.

  4. pinkprinces5704 says – reply to this


    omg last nights episode was epic! every song sung was like a choir of angels!!! loved it, cried when Kurt sung to Blain, such an amazing show! I love my gays:)
    And I loved Birttnay&Santanas performence! omg, i just the show. total GLEEK for life!!!!

  5. 5

    oh my dayz , it was the funniest episode ever, his attempt at being hurt and sad was hilarious. I hate the character Blaine, he is awful.

  6. 6

    Damian was sick when they were shooting the past two episodes… He will be back for the rest of the season (and hopefully next one!)

  7. Mia says – reply to this


    I really AM loving these last few episodes and last night was no exception. It had me dancing, laughing, crying just what GLEE is meant to be. And Darren Criss? Mah. Good. Ness. It's more than right AND ok!

  8. 8

    can you stop talking about Darren in every review? we get it you love him but his acting is horrendous and last night just proved that even further. My dad was hysterically laughing at his failed attempt at acting and every review stated how weird he was that episode.

  9. 9

    So happy Glee is back and loved this episode and most of the songs. Nice to see Klaine working through some issues - both Chris and Darren did a marvelous job. I do wish that when Brittany and Santana were "dancing with somebody who loves me" that they were dancing with each other, not just next to each other…and, Will - you need to make some adult friends. (Where is Bieste?)

  10. Chengnin says – reply to this


    good lord just when I thought darren criss could not get any bette, Wam! This episode is one of my favorites.

  11. Kaite says – reply to this


    You are so right Perez when darren is said we are sad and when darren is angry…. holy hell what a hottie!!!! you have to get a photo with him whilst you are filming your judging episode!!!! it is a must!!!! He knocked it out of the park tonight… I'm hoping they confirm him for season 4 soon

  12. Freddie says – reply to this


    Reviews are in for this episode, and they're good- except when it comes to Darren Criss. He butchered Whitney Houston worse than he did Gotye, and his acting needs major improvement. And the critics agree- see for yourself. Darren Criss is overrated and mediocre at best when it comes to singing. Other than himself, I think Perez is his biggest fan. His character is annoying and so is he. Can we please get a Glee episode without a Darren Criss solo now since 99.99% of the world is sick of him at this point?

  13. eng_mido says – reply to this


    Re: Freddie – you can't just assume that 99.99% agreed that is too much of darren criss because actualy he is the one who sells for glee which mean that people buy his songs and i don't think they forced to it …………… yeah i did my h.w and if u don't like him just don't watch him or comment on a post his name tagged on it …………. and believe me when it comes to the reviewers they only act like fans and they only try to compliment their favourite characters and please there is no bigger proof than numbers so do your search.

  14. 14

    Re: Freddie – thank you! you're right I read them too, I miss glee before Darren Criss took it over, that's when it was a good show. It's always the Darren stans who didn't start watching glee until he joined that think he's amazing

  15. 15

    best episode of the season! which isn't saying much, but still..

  16. Megsy says – reply to this


    Re: Freddie – Umm…I've read pretty much every single review of this episode and not a single one has said a bad thing about Darren Criss's acting. If anything, people were impressed by him. The only negative thing I've seen had to do with his song performance (which was pretty much the least important thing he did in the episode). His song was not my favorite, but not because of him. It was just because I don't really like the remixed version they did. I know you probably hate Blaine for whatever reason, but don't come in spouting false information like it's a fact.

  17. Magsgirl says – reply to this


    perez, I didn't think I liked you…..but your love for Darren Freaking Criss matches mine, and can I just say therefore that I devour every single Darren morsel you provide. Have you filmed your glee moment yet?? If not…YOU HAD BETTER BLOG, PHOTOGRAPH, VIDEO and all round stalk DC when you are on set and then post it for all the rest of us DC freaks!! Especially those of us who do not live stateside, WE RELY ON YOU FOR OUR FIX!!!!!!!!