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Rosie O'Donnell Scribes A Poem For Lindsay Lohan!

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lindsay lohan poem rosie odonnell

She's Hollywood's newest Shakespeare, LOLz!

You see… Rosie O'Donnell has made a lot of waves ever since she called Lindsay Lohan out for accepting the role of Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick.

Rosie just doesn't think Lindsay is healthy enough to take on a role like that… or work at all for that matter!! But Linds is saying she's being too "intrusive" and her rep says she just needs to mind her own business!!!

So what does Rosie do? She gets out that quill and writes LiLo a poem, that's what she does!!

It goes a lil' something like this:

while trying to write this blog
i googled lindsay lohan
looking 4 some facts
and found me the top hit

"rosie trashed lindsay lohan on today show"
says the EW blog team
"rosie heatedly slammed lohans casting …"

i don't get it
it seemed pretty clear to me
"what do i think about her playing liz taylor"
the same thing i think about her playing anyone

to me

working right now seems like a bad idea
it is not about her talent
it is about her health
lindsay lohan needs help

i met her when she was a young girl
smart adorable and full of light
we all watched her this last decade
a true hollywood story

long island memories
stuck in my hard drive
u can never go home again
and u can never really leave

billy joel - howard stern
judd apatow - alec baldwin
bill oreilly - eddie murphy
mariah carey - lindsay lohan

all of us children of the island
robert moses beach
northern state parkway
ej korvettes

long way from there to here
the exact feeling i had
watching whitney houstons funeral in newark
we all should have spoken up for her too

we believe in u
u r not alone
help is available
u r loved

lindsay lohan is worth saving
she is the only one who can do it
before it is 2 late
i hope she can finds her value - off camera

and then - when she returns - on camera
she will wow us all
once more

Good points, Rosie!! Good points.

It would have been nice if Linds had hopped on a plane to some island far away from Tinsel Town. You know, to get any obsession of fame cleared away before taking the chance to further ruin her career with a failed resurrection.

But obviously LiLo decided to stay here with us! Only time will tell if she has what it takes to put in that 100% and be the SERIOUS ACTOR she says she strives to be.

We'll see….

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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9 comments to “Rosie O'Donnell Scribes A Poem For Lindsay Lohan!”

  1. 1

    NICE… and TRUE… even if people want to twisted around what She says its pure true and im sure from a good heart>

  2. 2

    Rosie is so right. People may tell her to mind her own business, but those same people will be saying, 'why didn't someone do something', if Lindsay dies. Lindsay is in serious need of help, she doesn't need people who lie to her and tell her that she is fine. It is too bad Lindsay didn't accept Rosie's offer a few years back and go stay with her - I believe Ellen made the same offer - maybe it would have helped.

  3. omfg says – reply to this


    omfg. she's just saying what everyone thinks. Lindsay needs some good to honest people around who don't kiss her ass when she desires. Get over it!

  4. 4

    It seems to me that working may be exactly what she needs. Aren't we supposed to give people confidence when they are down rather than kicking them in the head. I am sure Rosie is voicing her greatest fears but at the same time, the only person that can help Lindsay, is Lindsay. Keep her on a short leash, remind everyone that if they enable her than when she falls this time, she may just be one of many that are no longer here. You can reach out to people without making a public display of what you, personally feel. In the final analysis, Rosie needs to clean up her own house before she starts sweeping anyone else under the rug.

  5. 5

    Rosie as a person in the same business should be cheering Lindsay on not putting her down .
    Lindsay needs support not negativity Shame on you Rosie . You have children what would you think if one of you kids had people being negative to them . Think before you open your rude trap .
    Lindsay you are a talented actress you can do this part and any other part you want to .
    What you think matters . You are supported ! Go LINDSAY !

  6. 6

    Rosie's right, it's mainly about Elizabeth Taylor and how she's remembered for me. But it's also just wrong to glamorize Lindsay Lohan's antics and compare them to Elizabeth's as if they're one in the same because it's massively enabling of her behavior. Especially since she obsesses over Marilyn. It's all just so wrong to do to Elizabeth's memory and Lindsay Lohan's sobriety. No more fame, she'll have it when she comes back. SHE NEEDS TO RECOVER.

  7. 7

    who cares, let her die.

  8. 8

    Rosie, your show was cancelled because no one cares what you think.

  9. 9

    how about one for rosie

    rosie posie eating pudding and pie
    talk show tanked so made her cry
    rosie always the real big screecher
    had a go at the local preacher (deserved i might add)

    saw cute lindsay up on stage
    thought oh good and threw her rage
    michael caught it and threw it back
    said rosie ur nothing but a fat hack

    rosie not one to lie down then
    still in rage took up her pen
    wrote a poem to lindsay and daddy dear
    her hatred and rage trying to make it clear

    your going to die little one
    drugs and booze and all ur fun
    lead u to a life of destruction
    because u wouldnt follow my instruction

    rosie posie house of glass
    stick ur poem up ur ….a…..

    looked for somewhere to throw her rage
    saw cute lindsay up on stage